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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

RyanYTP (called "Ryan" by his peers) is a teenage American YouTube Pooper. Aside from that, he has a passion for digital art and graphic design. He also wishes to be able to make his own music one day.


About 6 or 7 years ago, Ryan was browsing YouTube with one of his IRL friends. Soon enough, Ryan's friend showed him a couple of Mario Head YTPs as well as one SpongeBob YTP: "The Sky Had a Weegee!" Ryan thought they were the funniest things he had ever seen in his life, and since then he was hooked on YTP.

Years later, in 2013, Ryan joined YouTube and made a channel for let's plays and video blogs. Ryan used two applications on his iPad to edit his content. Months after that, Ryan eventually grew tired of using software with limited abilities and wished for some more advanced editing software for his computer. Also, out of curiosity, he wanted to know how a YouTube Poop was made. He searched online for tutorials and found the late MoBrosStudios's old YTP tutorial. This made him eager to try his hand at pooping.

On his 15th birthday in 2014, Ryan got Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 installed on his laptop. This excited him and he was eager to try out some new editing techniques for his videos. Also, he tried his hand at making a YTP using the SpongeBob 3D Ride as his main source. He thought he didn't do half bad for a first-timer. Ryan eventually created the channel "RyanYTP" as a secondary channel to his gaming channel. He then made one poop after another whenever he would find inspiration. He made a bunch of new friends (as well as some enemies) and he felt happy being among the YTP community.

As for his gaming channel, he abandoned that in November 2014 and made his YTP channel his new home.

First poop seen[edit]

YouTube Poop: The Sky Had a Weegee!

First poop made[edit]

YTP: Spingebill's Quest For a Deadly Pickle


Ryan's style has been described as many things: fast-paced, vivid, loud, etc.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Childeren's TV Shows
  • Odd commercials or public service announcements
  • Anything that contains a lot of dialogue

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Sentence Mixing
  • Scrambling
  • Stutter loops
  • Reversing
  • Ear rape
  • Datamosh
  • Pitch shifting

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12
  • Avidemux
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6


  • Drawing
  • Digital Art
  • Nintendo games
  • Electronic Music
  • Video game OSTs
  • Technology


  • Montage Parodies
  • Memes
  • Spadinner (when just used alone)
  • Attention Whores
  • Modern Pop Music


  • Praised for his talent in digital art


  • Criticised for using ear rape


  • Succeeded with the '90s YTP Collab


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