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Name: Garfield
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Comic strip
Created By: Jim Davis
Year Created: 1978

The cartoon proved to be so exciting that it caused a major child shitting problem.
This is what Garfield and Jon do around the house all day.

Garfield is a popular comic strip series that is syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals worldwide.[1] It features a lonely cartoonist who owns a fat cat that likes to eat. A lot.

Media Infomation

  After Jim Davis' "Gnorm Gnat" character eventually crashed and burned, he then proceeded to work on Garfield, with the first strip appearing way back on June 19, 1978. It also spawned;

  • A cartoon
  • Some TV specials
  • Two theatrical live-action movies
  • A few CGI TV movies
  • And a show called "The Garfield Show", which currently airs on Cartoon Network.


{{#ev:youtube|NYfCPd_n7ao|320}}Jon ponders what he should do for the day. Or ponders what his career should be.
This Garfield strip; published on December 22, 2004; is often parodied in various Garfield edits.


Jon's fat cat. He likes every food, except for raisins and spinach, but especially lasagna. He's also been known to randomly swear at Jon.

Jon Arbuckle

Some cartoonist (no really) who just can't get a girlfriend...until Liz came.


Jon's stupid dog, who likes standing in place and panting to no end.
  First Appearance: August 8, 1978


Some female cat who has a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with Garfield...even though they tend to insult each other. What was Jim Davis thinking?!
  First Appearance: December 17, 1980


A vet. Despite her grouchiness towards Jon at first, Jon and Liz started going on dates from time to time. However, the first time they actually became boyfriend and girlfriend was in the July 26, 2006, strip.
  First Appearance: June 26, 1979

Mountain Man Dan

Binky The Clown

Some really loud clown who appears mostly in the TV series.
  First Mention: March 13, 1985
  First Full Appearance: September 17, 1986

Various Parodies

Many Garfield edits have been created and float around on the internet. They can range from anything to being deep, meaningful edits such as editing various related panels from many different strips in a meaningful way; [2] or just plain absurd ones about Jon threatening to eat a woman's children.[3]

Garfield Minus Garfield

An example of your typical Garfield minus Garfield comic.

Garfield Minus Garfield is a popular meme that involves photoshopping Garfield out of various Garfield strips, and changing around various other things to make the comics fit. It turns Jon into a lonely man with pets to an even lonelier man who likes to talk to himself, put frozen chickens down his pants, and wears his boxer shorts backwards. Various other sub-memes have also deviated from Garfield minus Garfield.

Garfield as Garfield

An alternative storyline of Garfield, when Jon starts dating Liz.

Based off GMG, Garfield as Garfield is a site that replaces Garfield with the 20th president of the United States, "James. A Garfield." Considering that you're replacing a cat with a human, the results are rather...unique.

Lasagna Cat

Lasagna Cat is basically a collection of videos that are live-action counterparts of certain Garfield strips. Currently, there are probably at least 28 Lasagna Cat videos officially uploaded onto YouTube. Additionally, the user mot.def has made some Garfield minus Garfield versions of some of these videos.

Square Root of Minus Garfield

Square Root of Minus Garfield is one of the several webcomics hosted on the website mezzacotta. It is contributed to by daily readers. Since its start in late 2008, it has amassed a total of more than 2,550 strips. Many of the edits involve mathematical-related stuff (such as 'Garfield Plus Garfield') or puns on the name "Garfield Minus Garfield" (such as 'Garfield Miners Garfield'). It has obtained popularity from a YouChewPoop thread. If you search for it on Google, this article is the second or third most looked page around for Square Root of Minus Garfield. Wow.

Garfield Randomizer

The Garfield Randomizer is a website that generates a Garfield edit made from three random panels, which can sometimes lead to hilarious results or strips that surprisingly make sense.

Malice Labs Garfield Generator

This website is basically the same as the Garfield Randomizer, but you can submit your randomized creations to their site.


In this single strip parody, Garfield is chowing-down on a substance in a bowl. Jon questions him on what he is eating, in which Garfield replies "YOUR SHIT!"

The infamous "Garfshit".

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