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Adobe After Effects

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
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The After Effects Logo
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Adobe After Effects CS6 running on YTPMaker1000's Computer
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Adobe After Effects CS6 running on a Mac
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Here's another example of what Ae can be used for. Advanced layering effects and visuals. (Running on Sixtyforce's computer.

Adobe After Effects is a program for the making green screen videos, adding spinning stuff to your mask, and creating advanced effects for your poops. You can create greenscreens or avi's with alpha channels and add it to Vegas with ease. It also has a lot more effects than Vegas, however it is more prone to crashing and is harder to use. It is also usually used in integration with Adobe Premiere. Not many people use it because it's a steeper learning curve (For example, most people when first using After Effects don't even know how to preview their video with sound). It is also great when you are creating videos with text. Like it's brother Premiere, it requires a powerful computer to run it.

It is also a great animation and 3D tool.

Poopers Who Use After Effects[edit]


After Effects CS2[edit]

  • Has no masking, but has compositions and lots of effects. (It's also free.)

After Effects CS3[edit]

  • First to have masking.
  • First to have good animation tools.

After Effects CS4[edit]

  • It's a bit hard to mask in CS4, but with this version they added a load of effects.

After Effects CS5[edit]

  • Added more effects and advanced color correction.
  • Was significantly better than CS4, but a bit bulkier and less user-friendly. It also requires a more powerful computer to run.
  • Introduced the rotoscope brush, A.K.A. masking brush.
After Effects CS5.5[edit]
  • Fixed lots of bugs that CS5 introduced.

After Effects CS6[edit]

  • New black, slick design!
  • Has the same effects in CS5.

After Effects CC[edit]

  • Major improvements.
  • Pretty much easy to use.
  • Easy to mask on
  • Has the EXACT SAME effects as CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.
  • FIRST EVER After Effects to be apart of Creative Cloud!
  • Now you can import and edit Cinema4D files directly in After Effects, allowing for a wide range of 3D possibilities.