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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

Lineofyellow5 is a fairly recent pooper who is known for his ambient scenes, character crossovers, and trippy editing in his YouTube Poops.


Lineofyellow5 made his first YouTube Poop sometime in late 2012, which were two Hotel Mario poops made with Windows Movie Maker. Eventually, he saw his sister using a trial of Vegas Movie Studio (a cheaper and more basic version of Vegas Pro). Lineofyellow5 tried to make YTPs with it, but at first, it didn't work out due to problems with importing footage. His sister then got a new trial of Vegas Movie Studio 12, and Lineofyellow successfully made some Robotnik YTPs with it.

When that trial expired, he used WMM again until he bought some Adobe products with the Student Membership. Lineofyellow has been mainly using Premiere and After Effects ever since.

For his 50 subscribers special, Lineofyellow uploaded "Lisa Simsimp goes to KFC", which received critical acclaim from the community for the LinkOnDrugs-like style, and got noticed by several famous Poopers.

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Lineofyellow5's style has a mix of jokes and various types of ambient scenes. There are also scenes of masking where characters interact in the YTP.

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  • Earned the subscription of many famous poopers, including Paperking99, NKpower, and MassimoV.
  • Has participated in many successful and popular collabs, including EmperorLemon's The Shrekoning.
  • Over 100 subscribers as of March 2018.


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