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Adobe Audition

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
It's said that this editor is golden. HOAH SHIP

Like Adobe Premiere, it won't be found in Kenya's capital city, but it's a great audio editor elsewhere.

Adobe Audition isn't a popular pooping software, as many poopers use Sony Vegas (so their pitch shifting needs are satisfied), and other either use WMM, Final Cut, Editstudio, and even Premiere with the open source audio editing software, Audacity to do more advanced editing. However, with Audition's cross-bridge feature allowing it to be automatically exported and imported live from Premiere, its long line of effects, and with its' advanced and easy to use GUI, it's a great choice for audio editing.

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A screenshot of the Mac version of Audition CS5.5


Over Audacity[edit]

  • Easier audio diagnostics, meaning that you can make a Capella (removing BGM) from your source easier than Audacity.
    • The opposite is true, in which you can remove speech and keep the BGM easier, too.
  • Pitch Shifting/Time stretching is more functional and user friendly than Audacity.
  • More audio effects, such as FFT Filters, VHS Tape, Wobbly voice, presets for Chorus and Flanger, etc.
  • Capable of other methods of Ear Rape, of course.
  • More reliable than Audacity, and has more updates (since Audition is for-profit, and has been out of beta stages for a while, it's been improved upon several times over, where Audacity has not).


Over Audacity[edit]

  • Adobe Audition is expensive, while Audacity is open source. Yar har fiddle dee dee, just fucking pirate it.

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