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Godfrey Ho

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The man with a thousand names.

Godfrey Ho (real name Chi Kueng Ho (何志強)) was a Chinese film director/con man who is best known for his Ninja films, a series of 1970s/1980s martial arts films made with a cut-and-paste technique.


Ho would film footage for one film without sound, and then edit and splice the shots together in a different order, often adding in footage from other films or incomplete footage, and then dubbing over the result to create a finished movie. This allowed him to create four or five films with the budget of one with misleading trailers, though it is often difficult to discern how much of the finished product he actually filmed himself.

Around 40 of his films have the word ninja and often have Richard Harrison as the main star. Ho however is a forceful man who is unstoppable and even made Harrison cry. Despite the known hatred of the man, he really only has two rivals which are RetardedAnimeParody and Cornish Ninja, the former had a conflict and the latter Ho hated since Ho himself is the Master who has the manual that the Cornish Ninja needs to become THE ULTIMATE NINJA. The rest of the people just laugh at his movies for the plot, the choreography and the costumes that have ninja on them. In fact many of his movies are highly poopable.

In 2000, Godfrey Ho quit making movies. Instead however, he is making digital video edits (you know where this is going) and upload them. Ho himself doesn't even know how many aliases that he used or are his.


Godfrey Ho was banned from the Oscars due to his practises, however he won the International Ouskar award for Ninja the Protector.

Known Aliases[edit]

  • Godfrey Hall
  • Zhi Jiang He
  • Benny Ho
  • Chi-Mou Ho
  • Chun-Sing Ho
  • Charles Lee
  • Stanley Chan
  • George King
  • Ho Jeung Keung
  • Fong Ho
  • God-Ho Yeung
  • Wallace Chan
  • Ho Jang Cheon
  • Alton Cheung
  • Tommy Cheung
  • Ho Chi-Chiang
  • Ho Chi-Keung
  • Ho Chih Chiang
  • Elton Chong
  • Daniel Clough
  • Hans Coltman
  • Philip Fraser

Others include Antonin Gasner, Martin Greenfield, Larry Hutton, Benjamin King, Herbert Lam, York Lam, Bruce Lambert, Joel Law , Frank Lewis, Joe Livingstone, Jerry Sawyer, Victor Sears, Felix Tong, Raymond Woo, Robert Young, Albert Yu

As a video editor[edit]

Other aliases include BMATF, Dopply, YTPHaruko, CrazyCouchChristoph, Guysafari and Dr. Strangebutts. It is rumoured that 50 more aliases were used but can not be confirmed at this time. In fact, research was conducted and only about 20 poopers are not Godfrey Ho.


  • Emperor Ing is not an alias of Godfrey Ho, but he is an alias of Joseph Lai who was Ho's bum buddy.
  • Many of his movies are available on either VHS or DVD for cheap prices.