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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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TheChutley is a former Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
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The account(s) TheChutley has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright, but got unsuspended later. YouTube Poop salutes you!
TheChutley is really funty! (Note: This is not actually me. I'm way better looking than this and have nice legs).

In short[edit]

TheChutley is a Youtube Pooper (!?!) who got his start back in late 2007 and came into the spotlight with the popularization of I.M. Meen as a source back in 2009. He is a very frequent player of Youtube Poop Tennis as is a member of the Tennis Cafe Staff. He is known for his heavy, effects-driven style that draws influence from Youtube Poopers like MycroProcessor and GameBop, although as of recently has favoured a more unorthodox style involving "stream-of-consciousness" humor and extensive source pools that are juxtaposed (often with music) in obscure ways. He has a running gag in his new style involving a rubber horn sound.

He retired from the Tennis Staff in May 2016.


YTPsource (better known as TheChutley) first learnt about YouTube in either late 2006 or early 2007 while attending high school. His first account was created under the username TheMajicStump (the name was an extremely old inside joke made when he was about 9 or 10). The account itself was mainly used to comment on music videos or live footage of the band System of a Down, which was a band he highly favoured at the time. He would also watch gameplay footage of games like Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, and Bioshock. He also enjoyed a lot of really popular channels at the time like Smosh.

It can be said that his life would completely change in November of 2007 when he, while searching for "Guitar Hero: Through the Fire and Flames 100% Expert" on YouTube, would lead him to a trap video by a user named MRBUNGFACE777. Instead of interpreting the trap negatively, he found it hilarious, and wondered what other videos this user had on his account, until eventually he learnt about the existence of YouTube Poop. While MRBUNGFACE777 had some of the very first YouTube Poops he would watch, the user "Garbagehead3" was the sort of "skeleton key" to watching more Poopers in the world of YouTube Poop, and after watching a few more videos from various users, he decided it was his turn to try it out.

Around this time, he would also learn of He created an account on the vanilla forums, where it was verified by SeductiveBaz. Although he had an account on the Vanilla Forums, he only ever posted once (new users, at the time, had to post to prove they were human. His comment was something among the lines of "i am the most human out of anyone here").

After creating several of them (With WMM, of course! (There was also one that was created using Adobe Premiere CS3)), he came up with the idea of creating an account that would contain his favourite sources, and act as a data-bank for other people to find YTP sources easily. He limited the source-videos to things that were already found all over YouTube. Many of the users did not catch on that he was simply just ripping these sources from YouTube itself and re-uploading them.

This would be when the account YTPsource, would be opened in March 2008. Around this time, several members of the YouChew community would become aware of his account, and criticize his re-uploaded material. He spent a while only uploading source videos and not creating any YouTube Poops.

In June of '08, WalrusGuy (Whom he had been subscribed to at the time) released a video titled "WalrusGuy Answers Your Questions!" and this gave YTPsource inspiration to create another YouTube Poop using an advanced editing program (at the time, Adobe Premiere CS3). He falsely claimed to state it was his first YouTube Poop ever made, in an attempt to impress people. Interestingly, the amount of obscurity in the poop itself he thought would have been distasteful to the audience he was aiming at. Nevertheless, the viewers loved it, making it one of his most viewed works at the time. A majority of the views came from the poop being favourited by WalrusGuy, so YTPsource received a portion of his subscribers. KroboProductions also favourited the video and subscribed to him. At the time this was a big deal, as KroboProductions was one of his earliest influences. His "second" YouTube Poop titled "Kroboproductions Learns Russian" was a shoutout to this.

Around this time, he also became very interested in the idea of YouTube Poop Tennis, something he would continue to appreciate presently. He began his expansive Tennis career against 3inchhorse in July of 2008. Over the following months, his interest with Tennis would rapidly expand, getting to the point where he would be uploading tennis matches faster than he would be making solo YouTube Poops or uploading sources. There were many subscribers who were highly critical of this new change. Some wished to just have sources uploaded with the occasional YouTube Poop, but were repelled by the idea of watching Tennis rounds.

During his time as YTPsource, he deleted all the sources on his channel because of how easy it was to find them all on YouTube. This is seen as the downfall of this account, leading to a barrage of angry and confused subscribers. They grew an extreme distaste for his new-found affinity with Tennis and deterred away from his videos whenever they were tennis-related. The fear of dissatisfying his subscribers was the reason many of his early tennis matches contained "YTPTennis" in the title.

In February of 2009, he closed his account due to the majority of his subscribers being fans of WalrusGuy - who greatly disliked his new-found (at the time) AIDSless AIDS style and continuing interest in Tennis - or people solely interested in his source videos. He felt as if there was a lack in appreciation of his actual work in YTP, therefore he felt that his account was useless.

The account "TheChutley" came into being while still under the active alias of YTPsource. He decided he wanted to make a video similar to the style of Mr. Tennek without fear of criticism from his fans. This video "THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH VIXS", was upload several months prior to this account becoming active. He left the account idle until he migrated after the closure of YTPsource. In this instant "TheChutley" was born.

There was a purge of his old account life. People who were fans of his previous account quickly re-found him, due to his announcement of his new account of the YouChewPoop Forums, as well as by word of mouth from other users.

In May '09, he reopened YTPsource, but began uploading nothing but obnoxious and annoying videos to piss off past subscribers. He shared this account with rapskallionxyz, Imaperson, MasterGwo, CommanderGwonam, PassStrengthNull, trepmaws, MycroProcessor and GameBop (WiiNutt was also in control of YTPsource for a short time). On a whim one day, to attract attention towards YTPsource, he re-uploaded the most generic YTP sources he could think of. There was still people who thought that this meant he would be returning to uploading sources. However, the idea was quickly scraped and he decided to, ultimately, abandon the account once again.

YTPsource, now under TheChutley, ran his new account for a few weeks with a very small amount of subscribers. However, on February 28th, 2009, this would change. This date is significant because it marks the date when "PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!!!!!" was released onto YouTube and it was the video that caused I.M. Meen to surface in the YTP community (however, it was not the first YTP to use I.M. Meen). Immediately after it was uploaded, people began to love it. In fact, because of it's popularity, TheChutley released a sequel simply titled: "PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!!!!! PART 2". After a while, Imaperson (who is a very good friend of TheChutley) released a third video in the soon-to-come series. Imaperson and TheChutley created a couple more videos that were all part of the series until they decided to let the fans take over. He sees the series to be a complete chaotic mess, and it was probably because of the rapid popularity the series when several popular poopers contributed to the series when it was already experiencing a growth. He does not consider this to be a bad thing. He still plans to create parts for the series (although it might be inevitable that he gets the part number wrong).

Going into 12th grade (and his second committed year in YTP) in 2009, TheChutley continued to experiment with his style, which moved away from the AIDSless AIDS style influenced by Imaperson and MasterGwo, and into a new direction influenced by poopers like Mycroprocessor and GameBop. He developed a more complex style and form as he learned new combinations and ideas over time. On December 22nd 2009, almost overnight, he developed an extreme obsession with Glaceon, and that obsession carried over for the new year. He made the obsession very public and the public recognized it, and over the course of 2010, it became one of his signature "quirks".

Around April 2010, he noticed that he had begun to slow down vastly in his production of YTP, and this is directly due to him being more concerned with university as well as developing other creative interests in this time-frame. The summer of 2010 was also quite slow, but he feels like he produced some of his best works during this time as well.

The year of 2011 was more-or-less slow in comparison to earlier in his career. Film school and just a lack of interest were the main reasons for him.

TheChutley was suspended in the afternoon on May 23rd, 2011, due to false DMCA attack (the same DMCA'er who appears to have hit multiple other accounts as well). TheChutley's account was re-activated in August of 2011.

TheChutley went through a recession of creative output in terms of YTP, although with no plans of ultimately abandoning the interest. This recession was everlasting- with slight creative recoveries- from April 2010 until early spring of 2012. The year 2013 was also an extremely dry spell for TheChutley. Several tennis tournaments came into pass that year, and TheChutley was a part of none of them.

In the later months of 2014, TheChutley began to re-emerge into YouTube Poop, becoming active once again. The main spark for this was a tennis round by the user GabrielCol595. Something about the end of this round turned him on to the idea of making videos that were truly out of the ordinary. This time with a style that is reminiscent of his older styles, although twisted into a kind of "stream of consciousness". His primary concern is to create things in his video he finds funny, and creating moments from those. Currently, his videos have become far more absurd and surreal than usual, moving away from the rape heavy, effect heavy style that dominated the bulk of his active career. TheChutley feels as though he finally creating videos for himself, instead of thinking what would be "cool" to see. Instead, he takes his ideas as they come; not forcing a consistency or a derivative. His videos feature multiple image layering, with a multitude of different sources (usually, he just asks Skype contacts for sources and uses them no matter what they are), and he uses music extensively to help with pacing and tone. He remains heavily involved with YouTube Poop Tennis. He became a co-host of the 4th Tennis League, alongside dewmann, GameBop, theFXexpert and other tennis fucks in December of 2014. He created the host account "Comrade Ebola", as a means of collecting votes and creating announcements in a special thread to help keep everyone in the loop.

In May 2016, he retired from the Tennis Staff.


First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

Youtube Poop: WalrusGuy is a Pagan (Reuploaded as of January 21st 2010)


{{#ev:youtube|CmU9alg2QPI|320}}An example of TheChutley's current style
{{#ev:youtube|4ndh2sRwn5U|320}}Another example of TheChutley's style
  • Pitch shifting
  • Visual and Aural Juxtaposition
  • Surreal/Absurd/Overused Humor
  • Extensive/Elaborate/Jarring source pools
  • Absurd Juxtaposition
  • Musical Pacing/Satire
  • Video Erosion
  • Rape

Preferred Sources[edit]

Due to the recent style change, there is now an emphasis on using sources at random and in heavy numbers. In spite of this, some of his more "classic" videos contained much of the following:

  • I.M. Meen
  • Gaston
  • Monty Python
  • CD-I
  • Safety Dance Music Video
  • Pokemon, focussing much on Eeveelutions and Glaceon
  • Ed Sadler/Fear Zero
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Tunak Tunak Tun

Prefered Tech[edit]

  • Sony Vegas 8
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Adobe After Effects


  • Humor
  • Food
  • Mirrors
  • You
  • Tickling
  • YTP Tennis
  • Interesting stylistic choices
  • Interesting source choices
  • Visual Rape
  • YOU!
  • Carrots
  • Video Erosion
  • Giggles
  • YTPMVs. He likes them the best when they are originally composed (i.e. the works of Kurkop).
  • The list goes on...


  • Short YTPs/Tennis rounds when they obviously should be longer.
  • So many effects used in a video that the source material is unrecognizable.
  • That I can't change my body like I change my clothes
  • Sitting down for too long in an uncomfy chair
  • Dirt
  • Yucky bugs
  • Meanies
  • Idiot Fats
  • Dummies


TheChutley's poops have been received very positively from most of his subscribers. He is often praised for some of the effects he has created in his videos. He has also been acclaimed for putting songs over a few of his videos. His audio poops have seemed to astound practically everyone who listens to them due to their intensity and uniqueness.

The style he currently uses is very well received.

{{#ev:youtube|BIGEGWQ5EDs|320}}An audio poop by him (Headphones are pretty much required)


  • Kicking off the I.M. Meen fad


  • Stuff like having a lot of well known poopers subscribed to him.
  • Kicked off the I.M. Meen fad
  • Co-Creator (alongside vvaluigi) of the Gray Tennis Tournament
  • Became a member of the Tennis Cafe in December of 2010
  • Has played in over 50 tennis matches!
  • Co-hosted the 4th Tennis League that ran in late 2014 to 2015 (currently still running).

In Real Life[edit]

  • Lives in Canada
  • Has a Bachelor in Motion Picture Arts
  • Works in the film industry as a 2nd assistant editor.
  • Is a total cutie :3
  • I am you
  • I am IN you
  • I am WITHIN you


  • Kroboproductions (Oldest/First Style)
  • Nuthead (Oldest/First Style)
  • Terrorist (Oldest/First Style)
  • MilesTaiIsPrower (Oldest/First Style)
  • MasterGwonam (Older)
  • Imaperson (Older)
  • vvaluigi (Older)
  • McMaNGOS (Older)
  • mYZterbattyX (Older)
  • SergeantBacon (Older)
  • panicwiththecrisco/trepmaws (Older)
  • DanielRadcliffe777
  • fiv95
  • MycroProcessor
  • GameBop
  • Radock
  • Robbi/Robyn

To avoid confusion, the "(Older/Oldest/First Style)" side notes are referring to his particular style progression rather than the influence's.

These influences helped shape and refine TheChutley's style throughout the years. TheChutley has become very well-defined with his own style. It may take a single video from anyone to set him off on another inspired style.

Recently, he's really starting to get inspired by a lot of YTPMVers like Robbi.

A list of friends (Some very old, some very new)[edit]

(I took some people off here because I haven't talked to them in years ;w; (I have a lot of friends outside this community too! :3))

Members of the Tennis Cafe Skype Chat (which was dead), including (but not limited to):



  • Him and MycroProcessor were in a relationship for about a year. They separated in early 2012. They still keep in regular contact.
  • Is bisexual, and supports the vast spectrum of the LGBTQ community.
  • Is a furry... you idiot.
  • Is a shit-eating fuckhead
  • Is You
  • Other interests include video games, acting, music, tabletop adventure games (D&D), movies (duh), art, literature, and many others
  • Was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in May of 2014.
  • May or may not eat Clown Fuck.
  • His personality type is ENFP
  • Stop


  • TheMajicStump <= The account that started it all (idle)
  • YTPSource <= YTPsource account (dead for the most part)
  • TheChutley <= Main account (active)
  • Glacoen <= Eeveelution alternate account (idle)
  • Talmiosh <= Inactive Account which will probably not be used for anything ever
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