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Name: Eddy Skipper ███████
Appears In: Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Sex: Male
Age: 12
Nationality: Irish
Occupation(s): Scammer, soon-to-be world dominator
Played By: Tony Sampson

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Eddy plots to take over the world... again.

Eddy is the leader of his group, The Three Eds. He is the guy with the plans. Since the year 1999, he's been trying to take over the world by scamming many people. Because he needs the money for it. He is in no relation to Ed or Edd.

Cultural Heritage: Irish-American


Not Eddy.
Eddy's thinking something devilish yet again...
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Eddy's arch-nemesis.
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Spookyville? More like SMOKEY HELL!!!!!1!0!!one
Eddy loves wearing the Warden from SuperJail's costume on Halloween.
  • Middle name is Skipper.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, he does NOT look like some Popcorn Fairy.
  • Can do the splits in mid-air and expand the size of his mouth... AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Owns a Lamp.
  • Likes Wood. (But not as much as Jonny or Space Ghost.)
  • Has appeared in many yaoi pictures, much to his distress. (Thankfully for him, he's not alone as Ed, Edd, and Kevin are also in this same situation.)
  • Is a short faggot maggot.
  • Hated by most his neighbors, as he wont stop talking about Dickies or Spookyville.
  • Has a green tongue. (Which could be due to all those years of eating only lime flavored stuff.)
  • He enjoys getting high, eating the sun, and melting small children.
  • He wanted to pop the balloon.
  • Donkey Kong wants Eddy to let him get back to his home, because everything's so wrong without him around in the jungle.
  • He may or may not be related to Conker.
  • He thinks that the only way to get it right is to get it wrong.
  • His brother revealed that he was always a little troublemaker. It's evidented by this due to the fact that he sometimes interrupted his time with Guitar Hero.
  • Eddy always knew that brother was a jerk to him all this time. It's just that he wanted everyone to like him if he told everyone that his bro was cool.
    • He also wonders when he's ever gonna learn from his mistakes.



  • Birds
  • Pimples
  • Kevin
  • The Kanker Sisters
  • Dickies
  • His brother
  • Sarah
  • Jimmy
  • Losing his money
  • Being forced to kiss Edd in order to prevent Kevin from telling everybody his middle name

Eddy's Plans

  • Finding that damn fourth chaos emerald (Failed because Shadow the Emo-hog got it first.).
  • Creating the Metal Mama Luigi project (Failed because all of them were destroyed.).
  • Post pictures of a dog flipping a pancake (He stopped this because someone was already doing that.).
  • Create the Death Star (Didn't have enough money.).
  • To enlist all teh Youtube Poopers to destroy Bob Barker and Mama Luigi.
  • Destroying every DICKIE that's ever existed.
  • Sell Korean "moonrocks" to make everyone high.
  • Teamed up with the Dickies In an attempt to murder everyone in the Cul-De-Sac to become the King. Unfortunately Keroro was here first.
  • About 99.9% of the time its just the gang being prostitutes and/or getting jawbreakers for some strange reason.