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Glass Joe in his hometown of Paris.
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Adolf Hitler in Paris, after conquering France during World War II.

Paris is a city in France that is considered to be "The City of Love" to some people (others, though, say that is Philadelphia). It also has the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, if not one of the candidates for them. They mostly have cheese-eating surrender monkeys as citizens of this otherwise glorious city. Claude Frollo wants to burn this place down all because of one person.

Glass Joe is despised in this city, because he sucks so much. Adolf Hitler is also hated there for conquering Paris, but it was France's fault in the first place.

Paris, along with northern France, also happen to be the setting of Pokemon X and Y, which are located in the Kalos region.

List of Those Who Live Here[edit]

People Who Have Vacationed Here[edit]


  • One place that many people visit besides the Eiffel Tower is the building of Notre-Dame.
    • Coincidentally, some people (such as Claude Frollo) have lived and/or visited that place.