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YouTube is the place where nearly all YouTube Poops are uploaded, hence the name. Although it seems friendly, it has a darker side, which was created when Google bought Youtube, and when companies like Viacom, Warner Music Group (WMG), and Colgate began taking our stuff down. The website is also controversial for other reasons (such as YouTube 2.0), but it's home.

What They Can Give You

Basically, space to upload your creative movies (in this case, YouTube Poop). Well, until a major company (like Colgate or Viacom) comes around, claims copyright, and then deletes it. Others might merely mute the sound, ruining the experience (like WMG, who does this when they realize that a video contains some of their audio). There's always Dailymotion...

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An example of what some of the comments on Youtube are like.

In addition, they've also got a number of AMVs, redubs, and other shit like that, as well as free music, legal or otherwise.

It also gives you an opportunity to become famous (examples include smosh, nigahiga, and Fred Figglehorn (that other guy nobody likes).

The Youtube Easter Egg

1) Pause a video. (1.1: Make sure it's one of the videos that YouTube has their updates on.)

2) Unpause it.

3) Press and hold the up and left arrow keys until you see a bunch of dots moving.

4) Enjoy your Snake game.

Other Information

One time, YouTube got hacked by having a completely unrelated picture for their videos. I wonder who did it.
  • It's funny because despite the name, YouTube isn't even the original home of poop. In fact, the home is really Sheezyart.
  • They usually go and update their website to make it look more like bullshit than anything else.
  • Here are the poor victims of YouTube's rules.
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