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Since all the characters of Punch Out!! (from both the Nintendo Wii's version and the famous NES's version that had Mike Tyson in it) finally have their own Chewiki articles, we will all celebrate by having a Punch Out!! Party!!!

Thses characters are from the Punch Out!! games, whether they be from the games on the arcades, the NES, the SNES, or the Nintendo Wii.

All right, we got all the characters from the Nintendo Wii's version of Punch Out!!, as well as the NES' game that had Mike Tyson in it. However, it'll most likely end with what we have here (Unless Nintendo decided to have another new Punch Out!! game that would happen on the Nintendo Wii, if not the next Nintendo console.). Still, I must thank you all for bringing out article for characters in a game in a faster pace than that of Team Fortress 2. Just pick which character you want to look at and we'll just leave it at that.

Here's some proof that Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong (who's really Cranky Kong), and Donkey Kong Jr. (who's really Donkey Kong) all appeared in the arcade Punch Out!! games.
MOAR PROOF!!!!!!!!

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