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Whinefeld is a scene from the game "Stay Tooned!", which has become popular over the last couple of months.


{{#ev:youtube|fgilvh9v2wI|320}}Whinefeld will make out with your children! Whinefeld will cum in their asses!
{{#ev:youtube|Juikf-mLu1s|320}}The Teen Titans' reaction towards Whinefeld.

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Reactions To Whinefeld

Many poopers have reacted very positively to this source, despite it just showing different characters just making (whining) sounds. Though to be fair, it could've just been due to lAMGOOMBA (an alt account of HoZKiNZPooP) uploading it onto his YouTube account. However, characters from the Youtube Poop universe have been mostly negative to it, due to whatever reason there possibly is. One example of a negative reaction was that all of the Teen Titans saw it as if it was like watching a horror movie. But enough of that, lets just see what those people have to say about it.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Eughh"
  • "Aughh"
  • "Ach"
  • "Pop"
  • "Ahh-humph"