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Yu Yu Hakusho

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Name: Yu Yu Hakusho
Country of Origin: Japan
Created By: Yoshihiro Togashi
Year Created: December 1990

First Poop: TBA

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Yu Yu Hakusho is a series which follows Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage brat who, in the first episode of the anime, is struck and killed by a car when he tried to protect a child. He is visited by an envoy spirit known as Botan (sometimes called "Shinigami/Death God" but this is not so pronounced due to other series such as Deathnote and Bleach) shortly after his death as Yusuke is a ghost. She explains his circumstances: His death was unpredictable, and had he not intervened with tying to save the child, the child would only have received one scratch as opposed to two.

As a result, Yusuke is given the option to come back to life after completing some tests. Originally, Yusuke is opposed to idea because he feels life wasn't worth it. However, after viewing his own wake and seeing how much his childhood friend Keiko, his mother, and rival Kuwabara actually miss him, he decides to go through with the ordeal.

He is given a number of tests by Koenma, who is the son of King Yenma (ruler of the afterlife, mainly called Underworld in the manga) and Yusuke is revived. Once he realizes he now has the ability to see spirits, he is appoint the title of "Spirit Detective (Underworld Detective in the manga)", and his first cases involve tracking down Demons in the human world. He also learns his signature attack, the Spirit Gun (Reigun in the manga). Through his early adventures, he meets the fire apparition, Hiei, and a plant using demon who goes by Kurama. Along with Kuwabara, these four eventually work together in future cases.

The manga becomes more focused on martial arts battles and tournaments as it progresses. And later uses humans as villains as well.


'Yusuke Urameshi' - The main protagonist of the series. Yusuke dies twice in the series. Once in the beginning, and once much later on, where he learns one of his great ancestors was an extreme powerful demon, Raizen (who is still alive). In his earlier cases he relied on some of the gadgets from Spirit World to help him find his targets as he had not developed a strong spiritual awareness. He is a powerful, cocky, hot-headed street fighter. In the beginning of the series, he could only use his Spirit Gun once per day. Later on, he can use it up to four times. However, in his fight with Rando the demon, Yusuke himself chastises the way the demon conserves his own Spirit Gun to fire it multiple times as Yusuke believes that everything at once is the best way to use it.

Yusuke likes to act like a lone wolf, but is shown to be very caring of those around him. Especially Keiko.

'Kazuma Kuwabara' - Yusuke's "rival" and one of his best friends. Kuwabara started out as someone who just wished to beat Yusuke in a street fight, and he never succeeded. Yususke didn't even seem to care, but eventually remembered Kuwabara's name. While Yusuke is a spirit he learns that Kuwabara has a strong spiritual awareness. This later aids him to fine the safest paths, know when danger is close, and adapts his defenses to his foe or situation. In Genkai's tournament, Kuwabara manifests a Spirit Sword, his signature attack. He learns to use this in a variety of ways (unlike Yusuke's Spirit Gun) to defend himself or defeat his opponents.

Kuwabara has a love interest, Yukina (an ice apparition) whom he convinces her that together they will eventually find her brother, who unknown to either of them is actually Hiei.

'Hiei' - A fire apparition, and wielder of the Jagan eye (which can give him mental control over mortals). He was born from an ice maiden after she broke the rules of her tribe and had relations with a man. When this happens a fire apparition is born who is thought will one day destroy their way of life. Hiei initially starts off as a villain. After his defeat at the hands of Yusuke, Hiei is put on public service duties from Spirit World and is forced to help Yusuke complete a case. However, he comes to have respect for the spirit detective, and, sometimes grudgingly, helps him in future cases.

Hiei is extremely fast, and in one case was able to cut a demon 17 times before the demon knew what hit him. he uses many fire-based attacks, with is strongest one being the black flame dragon.

'Kurama' - A demon who was hunted, and eventually found refuge by causing himself to become conceived by a human woman, Kurama lives among humans and cares for them, especially his family. Known as Shuichi Minamino by most people, only other demons are aware of his identity. He uses a Rose Whip as his primary weapon and uses various demonic plants and seeds against his enemies. Normally very cool and collected, if crossed Kurama will become more merciless than Hiei.

It is learned he in the reincarnation of Yoko Kurama, and once he regains access to his former power, he becomes a threat to even the most powerful demons.


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Further information

  • The anime and the manga follow the same story, but end in different ways. While the anime showed most of the Demon World Tournament, the manga brushed over it. The manga featured a story after this last arc in which Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama join together once more to stop terrorists from trying to take over the Spirit World.

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