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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

IkwaylxZ is a pooper who is mostly seen as unknown by the main majority of the pooping community, he currently has residence in The UK. His pooping style is inspired by poopers old and new; oftentimes attempting different styles in order to test skills in other areas of the poop genre. On the right is a picture of Ikwaylx, but of course it's impossible to see for 'unknown' reasons.

IkwaylxZ.... Gee, bring a light?!


1v8Azq0kC5s|250}} IkwaylxZ's first Youtube Poop.

Ikwaylx began pooping in early August 2007, but discovered the genre accidentially in May when searching for Futurama remixes on Youtube. Naturally finding a Youtube Poop by early 2006 Pooper DukeofFortuneMan labeled 'Fry's 5th Triassic Adventure.' Around the time of August, Ikwaylx discovered MrSimon (Also known as 'The Electric Cheese today.) later being inspired to create the first poop he made known as, 'Robotnik Wants Silence'. The ideals that Ikwaylx believed was that Youtube Poop is something to be enjoyed and to have fun with when creating, which still is the baseline for Ikwaylx's poops today. A little later on in August, other sources were introduced such as Dragonball or The Volvic Volcano adverts until the point came to do the switch from the obsolete Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Elements.

The first group of videos from this era were average and did not utilise the program to its full potential; only later - which would be around his first ever tennis match - would Ikwaylx become used to the effects it could use such as 'Picture in Picture' or 'Pitchshifting.'

Today, Ikwaylx scarcely makes new videos with around a new poop every 2 months, that of which can take 2 weeks to make half of the video in total. Ikwaylx has been keeping a steady popularity thanks to the Mario Head poops he created in late December known as 'Mario's Head goes on a rampage', and 'The Pizza Pie Side Of Life' respectively. His current opinion is poop is that, plainly: Youtube Poop is fun to create and have fun with; almost an art style which can be interpreted in many ways, and as such, should be viewed with an open mind to everything.

First poop seen

Fry's 5th Fantastic Triassic adventure

First poop made

Robotnik Want's Silence


IkwaylxZ's latest styles appear to be based on using a gag inbetween edited footage. The gag can consist of one word or sound which appears every so often in the video, much to the liking/disgust of the viewer. On the other hand when he began, IkwaylxZ first started using simple WMM poops with little true editing. Mostly sentence mixing.

Preferred Sources

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Clips used include episodes ripped from BMATF. Uses of this include Robotnik poops and going far enough as Von Schlemmer use. However, recent useage has become more of a rarity.
  • Dragon Ball: Hardly used anymore, but they were once used as a staple for Ikwaylx's poops. Example lines include, '"Go to tree!"' '"Taaag, you're it!"' and a counting scene mixed to create the number, '"Sixty Nine."'
  • General footage: Anything can be used for Ikwaylx's poops so watch out for things you haven't seen before.

Preferred Methods

  • Ear Rape
  • Reversing
  • Death
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Stutter loop and Stutter loop plus


  • People who take Youtube Poop way too seriously
  • Poopers who can continue making these shits every single day
  • Old memes such as 'Pingas'







  • The Electric Cheese- Due to making hilarious poops using repetition techniques helped to solidify IkwaylxZ's style.
  • Stegblob - Further inspiration for the same reasons above plus the inspiration to use more Sonic sources.
  • BMATF - Nice clean style, helped to flesh out the style of his poops in order to use more effects.

Other Information

IkwaylxZ is known to be sloth like in tennis matches; not finishing many of them. Therefore, it's suggested to think twice before challenging or give a more lenient game with less matches and more time. Along with tennis, IkwaylxZ has completed 2 matches and attempted 4 others that have failed.


  • Ikwaylx"Z" Is actually an alternate account in which Poops are placed in. The other account is used for video game footage from PS1 era games.
  • The name Ikwaylx is pronounced 'Ick-way-licks'
  • IkwaylxZ's first poop's title is, in a coincidence, almost the same as ShadowWario's early poops 'Eggman Wants silence' replacing Robotnik with Eggman in said poop.


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