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Haruhi Suzumiya

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Name: Haruhi Suzumiya
Appears In: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s): High School Student/Deity
Played By: Aya Hirano, Wendee Lee

Haruhi Suzumiya is an eccentric and lively girl from Japan. She has the astounding and dangerous ability to create and destroy universes at will, but is not allowed to know about it. She also makes very loud noises and believes a large number of things are really well done. She must be stopped. No matter the cost.

She is usually seen hanging around with Captpan6 at the Honker Burger. One day, she was run over by a car, and is currently hospitalized.



  • "CANADA!"
  • "First off, I'm not interested in ordinary people."
  • "I never thought MUGEN would be such a simple battle, we won too easily!""
  • "The commander is the SOS Brigade's holiest and most symbolic existence and cannot be desecrated!"
  • "From now on, you're to swear absolute allegiance to me."
  • "I want to challenge more skilled fighters!"
  • "I am the supreme leader of the SOS Brigade, after all!"

In MUGEN[edit]

Haruhi is one of the most powerful characters in the game. At least in term of cheap A.I. In fact, she could be considered a boss of some sorts. Heck, her A.I. is so cheap, she has been able to MURDER 98% of someone's MUGEN roster. Her moveset is something to truly cringe at. Some of her moves include:

  • Traping you in the SOS Brigade logo and then drop-kicking you, which gets rid of half your health.
  • Knocks you to the ground...and...does something to you.
  • Her and Konata Grab you and drag you into a door, and take pictures of you and...uh...
  • She uses her "fencing skills" on you.
  • She summons one of her slaves

Oh! and all that footage to your right, that was taken using WATCH MODE.

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One of her hyper attacks is PUTTING ON A BUNNY SUIT and using the power of rock.
Remember how we said she was good at spamming? LOOK AT THE GIF!

I really hope she's not as big of a when she's drunk.
Suzumiya's main competition for being the most special.

Things to Note[edit]

  • Power Level: 9001 Uctions
  • Did you know that the anime she's in is an overrated pile of Poop with a deus ex machina filled story with more MacGuffins and unlikable characters then Naruto? Did you also know that youchew is the #1 Haruhi fansite despite this? It's true!
  • Captpan6 and Deepercutt get massive boners over her. That's nice, dearies.
  • She has had a relationship with MetalAcid5 as proven by pictures. This was short lived after a foursome gone wrong.
  • She is a slave owner.
  • She is not to be confused with Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club.
  • She's is into Coprophilia.
  • Whenever the Boob of Happiness is mentioned, she enters ALARM CLOCK MODE.
  • Just before she proclaims something as "really well done", a man in audible distance of Haruhi will often cry, "Oooooh, !" in fear, before his ear drums are subsequently destroyed.
  • She cured Swan Flu, but not Swine Flu.
  • Can be calmed with the universal greeting.
  • Wears prada.
  • She once got KO'd by a Coca-Cola can. Well, that's one way of beating her.
  • According to Antilope Productions, she is the first person with breasts to represent YouTube Poop.
  • Sprites of her clothes being ripped off (and exposing her "you-know-whats") can be found within her MUGEN character's data. NO COMMENT.