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The Triples Cup

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TourneyIcon.png This article is about a site sanctioned Poop Tennis tournament.

The Triples Cup was a Youtube Poop Tennis Tournament that was the last to be hosted primarily by ChrisGendo, but for the majority by trepmaws and later AshcrementVII from February to September 2013. The Tournament was a further extension of RAKninja's original Doubles Cup idea, extending the teams from pairs to groups of three and also incorporating team names for each group. The eventual Winning Team of the Tournament was a team made up of MycroProcessor, Gamebop and eletricalmonkss under the name of The Complex Triangle. This would be signifigant in that it would be the first tournament that MycroProcessor would finally win after having made it to the final match in two previous tournaments, and Gamebop would become the first tennis player to win for a second time.


The Triples concept had been a pet project of Chrisgendo's since 2010, and there was in fact a previous attempt to turn this into a tournament in June 2011, which would've originally been the follow-up competition to The Three-Way Tournament, following a 4 month period of competitive inactivity within the Tennis Section (Gamebop's Tennis Shuffle was put into place to alleviate this wait, but it proved overall to be ineffective as the only matches that really finished took most of the rest of the year to do so). The teams that signed up for this incarnation of the tournament would have been:

MAD MACHINE ZETTAI RYOUIKI, made up of Chrisgendo, AshcrementVII, and djninjalovemistake, potentially the first tournament for the latter two players.

Team Q T Q, made up of Metroid998, superkoffee, and dew, largely organized through skype and potentially dew's first tournament.

TFALL ZONE ACT II, made up of Gamebop, MycroProcessor and TheChutley, which some people beheld as a combination of such power that it could almost be considered a holy trinity; 'The Big Three' if you wish.

The Computer Jesus Refrigerator Tennis Team, made up of all banned members, DoctorEggman, NESfanboi and RobochaoXX.

Splolteon FC, made up of BSP666c, CorruptionSound, and pokruk, regarded similarly in combination to that of TFALL ZONE ACT II, since all three of them by this time had made the tennis community highly aware of their abilities.

Weeaboo's From Hell, made up of CaptainStringCheese, BMATF, and trepmaws, potentially Captain's first tournament as well.

therazoredge, vvaluigi and sanemurzu potentially also formed a team, although a name was never chosen and participation between all three was never officially confirmed. It would have been the first for therazoredge and sane at this time.

The official 8th team to sign up was one made up of members who had mostly been active on other parts of the forum, and had all collectively tennised very little; a moderator, Intermission, and two other older members, RidetheCatfish and cantflyman. Upon realization of two then-recently banned members having joined the tournament Intermission suddenly and unexpectedly became very vocal, essentially ordering them to be removed. His reasoning behind this had largely to do with the Oz incident still having been a very recent occurrance, and this was a time when paranoia and concern of site safety was high and the moderation staff had become a lot more quick to jump onto things than usual as a result of it. They were under the suspicion that both of those people had associated very heavily with Oz during his historic siege of the Youchew forums, and were currently considered still dangerous due to the fact that superkoffee's account had been hacked very recently by them.

Chrisgendo very naturally countered with the notion that this was his Tournament and his section of the Forum and so the decision of what was and wasn't in this case were up to him. He stated that everyone involved was here to "play some damn tennis and have some damn fun, and i'm not gonna take that away from anyone who wants to have some fun. they haven't done anything wrong yet as far as the tourney is concerned, so i see no reason to kick them out. " He would also bring up the fact that banned members have played before and not being able to post or interact much with the forum itself would keep it from being under any attack. It was at this point that RideTheCatish, who wanted no association with them, decided to leave, to which Gendo famously remarked "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, then. " In which tensions began to escalate.

Further arguementing took place about their participation with Chrisgendo stating that tennis itself had absolutely nothing to do with the forum in this case, that all it was just making videos and having fun, which many people in this case sided with. Intermission however refused to back down from where he already stood, stating that as a part of the Cafe Staff, working in conjugation with the Writing Staff, Mods, and Admins, that this was a site-supported activity, which recieved much criticism due to the fact that nothing that was happening was what was desired to happen for this event, that it was essentially being hijacked ironically by those who had severe ill will toward banned members. Eventually things came to a heat in which lordbababa suggested that it just be a regular tournament on another site, in which Ride replied as if to say that whats what should happen, when really Intermission and Ride both didn't want this happening, that they wanted to continue on and still make videos despite the bias already established. Eventually the thread was closed down following magmalord posting a video of King Harkinian saying "ENOUGH" for 10 minutes. A number of noncontributive posts were deleted right before.

The dispute carried over out of public sight and it was at this time that some tennis regulars/staff members left in protest towards the way the moderation staff was thinking, creating a social divide between the two staffs. This would go on for a couple of months, and during that time the tennis section would return to business as usual, although with a noticeable amount of less people present. A settlement would eventually be reached, in which DaftPunkYoshi, then still a Cafe Staff member, would be promoted to Moderation status in order to provide a positive link between the two staffs and help to resolve the differences and effectively end the feud, which would later see progression in the regular presence of some moderators in the Cafe like Probo, Whelt, and to-be moderator Smonge. The original Triples Tournament thread would however never be reopened, and in it's place a Doubles Cup II, with primary input from a recently returned RAKninja, would unfold, followed by the Tennis Cup IV that further pushed the Triples Cup to a later date.

Finally in February 2013 the Tournament was officially reannounced for signups, starting with a clean slate due to the community having majorly evolved, with a number of players having either left or gone on a competitive/complete hiatus from tennis. This version of the tournament would see success through its end, though at this time be hosted majorly by trepmaws.

The creation of the new thread held the following as the official rules:

- Members sign up in teams of 3, and must choose a team name, with 8 teams in total.

- Each and all players will require to confirm their places before the tournament can start.

-During the Tourney, two teams will play against each other, with a single round from everyone and a collaborative round from each team,

Matches will play out like this,

Team 1: Player A, Player B, Player C

Team 2: Player D, Player E, Player F

Player A will make round 1

Player D will make round 2

Player B will make round 3

Player E will make round 4

Player C will make round 5

Player F will make round 6

Team 1 will collaborate altogether on round 7

Team 2 will collaborate altogether on round 8

Each match will have team members in different orders, during each set of matches i will list who does which round.

- There will be a 4 day turnover for non-collaborative rounds, and a 5 day turnover for collaborative rounds. Being late will result in a 10-percent deduction in the team's total score.

- After 4 consecutive late-round penalties for a player's single round, it will be counted as a forfeit. the same applies to collaborative rounds after 5 consecutive late-round penalties. In the event of a forfeit, it is up to the opposing team to decide to either end the match and take the win or request the match to continue if a replacement is found.

- If during the event that a teammember cannot be reached, the team in question reserves the right to look for a replacement after the 2nd penalty was given. The opposing team also reserves the right to either continue or restart the match in question if this happens, after the new player is chosen. (Penalties will restart if the match itself restarts. if the match continues with the new player, the penalties given during their absense will be removed.)

- No source restrictions.

- Each round must be 0:30 - 3:00. Collaborative rounds can be 4:00 however. Making rounds too long or too short will result in a 10-percent deduction in the team's total score

- Voting will simply be done by voting for the team you wish to see progress, no percentage voting this time around. you must send your votes to the voting account "Gendo Ikari", or trepmaws on youtube.

- If you are unable to finish the round in time, you may request more time with provided reasoning. If you request a deadline extension after the penalty was given, it will not count.


The first team to sign up had dubbed themselves Super God Masterforce, and in addition to Chrisgendo and trepmaws, would also be the first time since The Three-Way Tournament that RAKninja would take part. The second team to officially join was The Aphotic Trio, made up originally of therazoredge, CreepahWeegie, and MattVariety, formed together through skype. Gamebop, JacobketronCT, metroid998,eletricalmonkss, AshcrementVII, Cornflakes, Rillion, MAZZ0Murder, ZACHTOMCAT and CorruptionSound would all sign up unnassigned, and out of this group of people would eventually form the teams of Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream(with AshcrementVII, Cornflakes and MAZZ0Murder), the original lineup of The Complex Triangle (Gamebop, eletricalmonkss, and an off-site player named LoveForLogos), and the original lineup of The Superb Optimistics (JacobketronCT, metroid998, and ZACHTOMCAT). imoutofideas would join in his first tournament and team up with CorruptionSound, who would eventually select cyclejunkie, also a newcomer, as the third player, naming themselves Fredryx's Caremel Gang. dew at this time was originally taking a hiatus and didn't plan to play in the tournament or any tennis for a time, until approached by Bloodis on Steam about the opportunity of finally forming the team Triple Baka, concieved by the two of them under the vocaloid concept of dew playing Hatsune Miku, Bloodis playing Kasane Teto, and a then unknown third player being Akita Neru. trepmaws was approached first and sanemurzu was considered, but Rillion would eventually become this third player. Magged Rat signed up mentioning the possibility of him and ArsenioGut forming a team, eventually selecting FishTitan64 as their third player to form Fox Box Ang Clan, the only team made up of entirely newcomers. lordbababa would sign up as replacement for later on.


Set 1[edit]

Fredryx's Caramel Gang vs. The Superb Optimistics (with cyclejunkie, ZACHTOMCAT, imoutofideas1, JacobketronCT, CorruptionSound and metroid998 volleying in that order) was the first match up to be listed. cyclejunkie had an initially humorous reaction to finding out that he would serve for his match, but then seemed to completely forget about it, apparently getting distracted with school. The serve was as a result already delivered late, and was of his usual display of mostly static colored visuals throughout the video. trepmaws described this video jokingly as "jumping straight to the final round" and adding that it added to the interesting variety of serves that the Tournament was starting out with. ZACHTOMCAT's Round 2 presented a considerable effort to try to volley this video which was of such a strange variety, but only really succeeded in giving the round some more movement, as much of it only really touched the surface of the previous round. imoutofideas1's Round 3 was reminiscent in part to pokruk's early style, being that much of the previous Round went untouched except for slow gradual After Effects movements topped with a variety of color alterations. The audio was also unusually muted, which further served to hurt the video's overall presentation.

JacobketronCT seized an opporutinty with Round 4 in that both many new sources and a distinct atmosphere were now added into the match which made his performance come off incredibly strong. Comedic elements such as sentence-mixed segments involving David Bailey were also introduced, as well as a segment reminiscent to the "mini-games" of superkoffee's work. This began with two images of Nintendo Power magazines being distorted in two different ways over the edited previous round, which was then interjected by JacobketronCT's own voice proclaiming:

"Congratulations! This is the YTP TENNIS QUESTIONNAIRE. What will happen in Round 5 to the Nintendo Power Magazines? Will it be:

A. Issue One will Defeat Issue Two

B. Issue Two will Defeat Issue One

C. Hulk Hogan Will devour Both Issues

D. The Issues will perform the "Harlem Shake" and annoy everyone who hates 4chan memes

Tune in next time to Round 5 of this exciting tennis match!"

{{#ev:youtube|as3ECh75YR4|320}}Fredryx's Caramel Gang vs. The Superb Optimistics, Round 5

The actual Round 5 as made by CorruptionSound first responded to this questionnaire to by having Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka loudly interject with "NOTHING!" and proceeding to a distorted clip from a skit on adult swim. It then responded in a more serious way by going with option C, in which the Nintendo Power magazines were masked onto a hamburger that Hulk Hogan promptly eats during his Ultimate Grill infomercial.

The rest of the round was done in the style that CorruptionSound had become known for, beginning with a VHS tape intro that has characterized nearly all of his work and a Milton-Bradley "Gong" logo video that was absurdly distorted for comedic effect. Everything else was proceeded in his quick destructive style with static-like audio and intersparsed with a sequence from the Benny Hill show throughout amongst other small appearances by added sources. Metroid998's Round 6 had its own take on what happens to the Nintendo Power magazines, having them beaten to a pulp by The Escapist in a video titled "The Jimquisition Story". The following rest of the round was also edited in Metroid's own usual style.

Round 7, the collaborative round by the Fredryx's Caramel Gang, maxed out in the time limit but while visually very impressive, suffered from being drawn out for so long and in places feeling monotonous. Audio from the previous round was only heard for less than a minute(from mostly Corruptionsound), while the rest was either incredibly low or mostly silent (from imoutofideas1) or completely different audio entirely (cyclejunkie). Much of the video also did not respond as well to the previous Round although presumably in CorruptionSound's parts it responds to the fate of the Nintendo Power magazines by now having them hit out of the park within a NES baseball game, in addition to making the previous added sources the most recognizable. Due to the lengthy time spent by both cyclejunkie and imoutofideas the round was also delivered very late. The variety of approaches the round took however was praised by some viewers, TheRazorEdge calling it his favorite round of the tournament so far along with djninjalovemistake's serve. eletricalmonkss called the round "relaxing", saying that he "let himself drift off into the visuals".

Round 8 by the Superb Optimistics finished the match with lots of energy and better responded to many of the areas of the previous round, although the Nitendo Power magazines concept was surprisingly not continued. Much of ZACHTOMCAT's parts continued in the similar atmosphere of the previous round while both Jaco and Metroid's parts worked to give the round some more flavor by their addition of music into many areas, including Jacob's readdition of Scott Pilgrim versus the world, which he had first used when playing TheChutley. The Round once again was proved to be a much stronger effort than that of the opponant, which was reflected in the matches final results, where the Optimistic's beat the Caramel Gang 7 to 6, or 7 to 4.2 when adjusted for penalties.

{{#ev:youtube|db80DyrfDOk|320}}The Complex Triangle vs. Fox Box Bang Ang Clan, Round 1

The Complex Triangle vs. Fox Box Bang Ang Clan (with eletricalmonkss, Fishtitan, LoveForLogos/lordbababa, ArsenioGut, Gamebop and XxRobotchaoxX set to volley in this order) Would have a rather interesting turnout in that it would be the only match to have failed in this tournament due to the unstable organization and eventual collapse of the volleying team, amongst other errors that occurred. The match began with a serve by eletricalmonkss, who was now using a much different editor outside of Vegas resulting in a style radically different from what he had done in The Grey Tournament, his most recent previous competition. Rillion commented that he loved it on the basis of how nostalgic it felt in how more basically edited it was, using primarily an adult swim source through most of the video.

HollowTheGuy/Magged Rat, originally slated to make Round 2, ended up leaving without making a single video and was replaced by FishTitan64, which responded with a very musical Round 2 that worked really well in following up the pace of the previous round expertly. At this time, LoveForLogos would now step up for Round 3, responding very quickly with a video that almost immediately was discovered to actually be Round 9 of Luioigi vs. Funnaccceptable vs. NESfanboi from The Three Way Tournament with a generated title intro stuck into the beginning. Gamebop as a result would give LoveForLogos a stern talking to, in hopes that he would be would be able to get him to make something similar to what he had seen him do before, which he was now just discovering may have also been stolen as well and sadly nothing more than a false representation of LFL's actual video editing skills, or lack thereof. Lordbababa would now step in as a replacement player for the real Round 3 of the match.

Round 3, which he has said he made while drunk, took the match in a radically different direction from the first two rounds, beginning with the intro song that was barely edited and ending in an explosion, then transitioning to a segment which treated the title of the video "Automated Scat from the Bunghole!" as the name of a TV show featuring voices overdubbed by himself, primarily those of the announcer and the Pony character which appears prominantly throughout the video. 3 or 4 frames from the Adult Swim source of the previous round would appear here digitally redrawn and colored and would be the only part of the source used aside from the audio, which was used in seemingly random amounts a-la RAKninja. The video's ending segment would feature the previous round edited slightly more, with the aged woman from the intro masked onto the front and cookie-cut-animated to sing, before ending one again, the entire pace of which was starkingly slow. Opinions on this round were incredibly mixed. Some regarded it as a daring experiment, while others didn't have any idea what Bababa was thinking, as he commonly would advertise his rounds in-progress as something rather phenomenal and upon presentation would almost always be something MLP-centric, usually very detracting from the previous round and the match itself. ArsenioGut's Round 4 however would serve to in the self-opinion of it's maker to further detract from Round 3, as it added a lot of new sources and also served to be greatly shorter. He would end up incredibly late with the delivery of this video, and it was reported that on tumblr he had subsequently publically expressed a very scathing opinion towards competitive tennis in general, essentially saying "Don't EVER play in a Tennis Tournament". This created scorn amidst a number of tennis regulars.

Round 5 would be finished and be another strong response from Gamebop, doing such things as turning the Pony into a 3D-layered object and also featuring a sequence in which a character from the Adult Swim source would have the head masked onto Mario from Super Mario Bros. gameplay footage, and upon gaining a "Yu-Gi-Oh powerup" would chroma-key out the screen featuring a visual segment using the singing masked head from round 4, which had now become an extensive rave segment, while also adding in bits of the previous round as additional instruments. The round from then onward would be excessively corrupted, which would be positively noted.

At this point everyone now wondered what was to come of the match, as no third player had still been found yet, although initially the match had progressed far beyond the others and was therefore ahead of schedule. Eventually Fox Box Ang Clan selected XxRobotChaoxX as their third player, a user who was known to be a famous MeiAIDS impersonator. As time went on however, all the other matches of the first set eventually finished, and still no Round 6 for the match was ever made within the deadline, and it was eventually verdicted that The Complex Triangle automatically advance, which formerly dismissed what was left of the other team from the tournament.

By complete surprise, several weeks into the next Set XxRobotChaoxX would famously finally upload Round 6 of the match, then long since declared failed, much to the bemusement of many. Lordbababa and eletricalmonkss would vouche for a proper completion of the match, but this sadly was never undertaken.

The Aphotic Trio vs. Triple Baka(with djninjalovemistake, Bloodis, therazoredge, Rillion, CreepahWeegie, and dew volleying in this order) saw itself following an interesting concept of roleplay with Triple Baka playing under their vocaloid guises and The Aphotic Trio playing under the guise of a number of clown-faced children from a self-image film titled "If Mirrors could Speak", dated from 1976. The serve displayed a trademark example of djninjalovemistake's hybrid of a both atmospheric and musical style, making prominant use of a drum loop sample that had come to characterize several of his videos. Featured in this video was a source of a man welcoming you "to the Wonderful World of Tennis" for what would appear to be an instructional video on the actual sport, and this would become prominent as an ongoing derivation throughout the match. Bloodis's Round 2 was relatively minimal, though did have the interesting gimmick of running djninjalovemistake's song from the previous round through WubMachine, remixing it into a dubstep version of the original. therazoredge would respond very strongly with Round 3 with the addition of a section of songs by Radiohead and Boards of Canada, with an audio selection from a video called "Drugs Are Like That". The reimplementation of IMCS and the Triple Baka visual made another appearance, and this was considered overall to be the best round of the match as of that point.

Rillion's Round 4 would cycle back methodically to the beginning of the match's concept, and be a rather contrasting take on the previous round that was nevertheless positively noticed by AshcrementVII and RAKninja, who mentioned that the way it was edited was in his favorite style. Much of the round was taken up by an anime sequence involving tank warfare, in which the previous round was cut into it to simulate a beam of energy being blasted out from one tank into another. Aside from this part of the round, much of the rest of it edited the previous round very minimally, with Rillion making mention that he didn't like working with "flashy tennis rounds". due to having difficult with adaption. Round 5 was much longer and edited in a very bizarre way that almost seemed like a hybrid of the last two rounds being neither too simple or too complex, extending many parts and adding in numerous audio sources for an interesting presentation. The end of the video would have the Triple Baka faces (of Miku, Teto and Neru) pasted onto three of the characters from an inside view of the tank in the anime source, which would become a key factor of the round that was to respond to this.

{{#ev:youtube|l8dmnKCHFyY|320}}The Aphotic Trio vs. Triple Baka, Round 6

dew's Round 6 saw them scaling back noticably from the approach they had used for the bulk of the previous tournament, using this round to mostly experiment with new sources and new approaches. Prominant throughout the round was the song "Dogs a Best Friend's Dog" by Tears for Fears, at the time one of their favorite songs, with the appearance of "Going for the One" by Yes also making an appearance and a documentary of Steely Dan's album "Aja" also making an appearance, very clearly marking their musical tastes at the current time. They would employ an instance of "window-phasing" by using the three vocaloid heads as the windows to the various sections of the round, which eletricalmonkss described as if it was "a look into each of their minds".

Section 1 which peered into the "mind" of Akita Neru featured largely of footage from the PS3 game Journey, with also a snippet from Mulan with the previous round cut into the background. It then proceeded to work with specific instances of the previous round following it in a wide variety of different tricks. Section 2, which now went to Kasane Teto, chroma keyed another source onto a clip that had a source from previously chroma keyed onto it, which here was the Thief and the Cobbler, then cutting to working with the tank anime footage which a few considered to be the round's strongest moment. Section 3, now at Hatsune Miku, was almost entirely musical, making YTPMV's using the previously mentioned added songs and then featuring a scene with the previous round chroma keyed into more Journey footage. The round would then end zooming into the manwith10toes frame ("I DID IT!") signaling the round 7 that would then take place. While reception of this round was not clearly identified, it was suspected that it was very likely mixed.

Round 7, with CreepahWeegie, therazoredge and djninjalovemistake altogether, provided a powerful fusion mix of of slow and heavy editing with ambient and harsh noise driven paces that overall was an excellent combination between the 3 of them. djninja's parts were by far the most standout, working primarily in his use of free-frame plugins and his continuation of the "Wonderful world of tennis" source and its musical alterations. therazoredge and Creepah however fused together particularly well and worked through the round splendidly, implementing an audio source that said "Were listening huh? Alright, well listen to this...this is FUCKING CANCELED(partially indistinguishable at the end, could use clarification)" and proceeding to carry out a mixture of atmospheres that made the round present itself very strongly and coherently.

Round 8, from the other team, was more a video where the sum was less than its parts, as all three players went more in their individual directions and all were for the most part not inherintly a stronger response to the round that they were presented with. Bloodis had the smallest contribution, appearing mostly only at the beginning and end, and for the most part only worked in surface texture editing with pieces of the previous round in his heavy usage of displacement compositing, though did make interesting use of a peice provided by dew that he made for the intention of being overlapped on different parts, as they rendered that with his other footage with a green screen. dew contributed the video's beginning joke and proceeded to volley with the most direct approach, using unique audio filters on djninjalovemistake's parts and also contributing a small YTPMV segment set to "I.G.Y" by Donald Fagen(using the "LISTEN TO THIS" from the previous round as its intro), and also adding in Mickey's Trailer over the parts of the previous round that featured music without visuals. Featured in this video was game-play footage from OFF, one of their new favorite games, and an animated frame from Homestuck, which they was also greatly into at the time. Rillion's parts edited the previous round very minimally and mostly added over it mostly unedited anime footage (from a such one about tennis in fact) with distorted audio and satirically pointing fun at the supposed excesses of tennis that were a common opinion among most outsiders ("layers and effects fucking EVERYWHERE"). His parts rather surprisingly seemed to make up most of the video, which didn't help it much. The round ended with "do you still remember which round is whose?" showing brief snippets from the first 6 rounds, as if to poke fun at the match's progression to becoming unrecognizable from everyone's individual input. The Aphotic Trio would win the match by only one vote, with 5 to Triple Baka's 4. This would ironically be the first and only non-Season competitive match that Rillion would ever complete, and at the same time this would also be dew's 50th match.

Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream vs. Super God Masterforce(with MAZZ0Murder, ChrisGendo, Cornflakes, trepmaws, AshcrementVII and RAKninja volleying in this order) began with a serve using entirely Godfrey Ho's ninja's along with Power Rangers Footage, which immediately set the tone for the match, especially among the list of players, that was to unfold. Chrisgendo in his Round 2 unveiled a noticeably stripped down version of the style he had become known for, breaking away from the density of his earlier videos in favor of something more simplistic, only selectively using more than one layer to proceed with his edits throughout the volley. His musical abilities, which had also undergone considerable development over the course of his last few competitions, really shone at this time too, making for a video that worked off very well from MAZZ0's style and continuing to prove his strength even under new tactics. Cornflakes' Round 3 would edit the previous round sufficiently at the beginning of the video but then some time in the previous round would become mostly lost under a destructive visual, which made much use of chroma-keying and light rays with a Newblue earthquake effect with classical music set in the background.

trepmaws' Round 4 was much shorter and utilized a lot of added peices and was naturally much heavier, made in what trep referred to as "late spurts of inspiration". The "I love Anime" bit was expanded upon to now include "I love TURTLES I love CANDY I love TRAINS" which would be further continued in subsequent rounds, in Ashcrement's Round 5 it became "I love ANIME I love SNAKES I love NINJITSU ASS I love *cheap keyboard music*" (borrowed from the serve). The round also acted both as an enthusiastic anticipation for RAKninja's forthcoming volley, which would be his first tennis round after a number of years hiatus, and seemingly as an ethusiastic reaction to the opprotunity to volley a round of trepmaws' again, as they both had been itching more or less unsuccessfully to play each other in the past. The addition of Metal Gear footage, the theme from "Ninja Protector", Sailor Moon and the famous Godfrey Ho "Silent Asassin" dialogue furthered the notions of the former, while also featuring the sentance mixed dialogue "It's quite an honor to meet the legendary RAKninja...","That's just a code name""Then perhaps I should call you.....Megatron" which served to help bring a close to the video.

{{#ev:youtube|6ZPsFZo-Qow|320}}Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream vs. Super God Masterforce, Round 6

Round 6, in characteristic fashion of RAK's work, was a drastic departure from the rounds that preceded it. It served to be a very quiet, slow, and in some aspects meditative round that focused on a darkened mirrored background of bits of the previous round with small clips of other parts appearing in minimally edited forms on top of it in a somewhat repeated cycle. An interlude in the middle of the round features Transformers G1 footage of conversing deceptagons with overdubbed dialogue from Ninja: Silent Assassin once more, ending with a golden Megatron emblem with the phrase "You're Welcome" printed on it which became the videos thumbnail, almost completely identical to that of his previous video which was simply the film SOLAR ADVENTURE with commentary from himself. Barely visibly appearing throughout the entirety of the video was a thin outline silhouette of the Ratigan image from Round 5.

{{#ev:youtube|duIXq5E0aak|320}}Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream vs. Super God Masterforce, Round 8

The Collab Round 7 for Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream was presented rather cohesively as if all the team members made the same video at the same time, with each persons contribution still signifigantly present. Cornflakes's part was mostly relegated to background visuals as his was the most visually intense while Mazz was apparently a combination of source addition of more Ninja footage as well as a middle peice involving some editing of RAK's megatron segment. Much of Ashcrement's contribution appeared to be a series of further dialogue segments this time including Haruhi Suzumiya and Black Lagoon, with a thin silhoette of Megatron this time appearing over the video on at least one instance, along with a brief musical segment hinting towards that of Chrisgendo's response. Round 8 was more classically organized; RAKninja largely worked in responding to the conversational segments while also providing oblique visual and audio bits, trepmaws worked similarly except used animated touhou characters to contstruct the entirety of his scenes, using the previous round to create backdrops for the setting(in once instance the players of the match entirely were given their own characters. Ashcrement's was given mouse ears and tail, MAZZO the signature red hair and eyepatch of his avatar, RAKninja in a silver robot suit, Chrisgendo as essentially a recreation of Hitagi Senjōgahara as close as was possible, and trepmaws as his own character, sporting a very devilish grin and expression). Chrisgendo handled the majority of the heavy editing and also created the videos ending altogther making the round diverse in its pacing and atmosphere and to many a great conclusion to one of the best rounds of the tournament so far. This would however be the only time that the lineup of RAKninja/ChrisGendo/trepmaws would ever be present in one video during this tournament. Due to the nature of the match voting was definitely considered a tough choice, but in the end it was Super God Masterforce that took the win with a score of 8.1 to 1(MAZZO later admitted that the one vote was his own), making it the first tournament match that RAKninja had won since 2009.

The Complex Triangle vs. Fox Box Ang Clan

Cornflakes Murdering Ash Cream vs. Super God Masterforce

The Aphotic Trio vs. Triple Baka

Fredryx's Caremel Gang vs. The Superb Optimistics

Set 2[edit]
{{#ev:youtube|B291GurUqOk|320}}The Complex Triangle vs. The Aphotic Trio, Round 1

The Complex Triangle vs. The Aphotic Trio(with Gamebop, djninjalovemistake, lordbababa, CreepahWeegie, eletricalmonkss and therazoredge set to volley in this order) began with a serve that was a callback to Gamebop's serve in the Three-Way Tournament against BSP666c and MycroProcessor, using an entire half of the original YTP chain(25 videos) and the thumbnails of the entire YTP chain (51 images, one per round) as its starting sources. Th intense visual aspect of the round featured as many as 12 or 13 of the original rounds being seen at the same time, beginning with the enigmatic "TURN BACK [TIME]" to symbolize the rewind to 2007 when the Chain took place and dedicating a few sections to the most well known running concepts from the Chain, including "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF"(only present in the first few rounds) and the ever familiar Viking Alan, ending on a montage of all the original thumbnails with glitched audacity audio in the background. djninjalovemistake called it "one of the most incredible serves I have been ever able to volley" and lordbababa requested an estimation of time due to being incredibly busy with outside responsibilities as to when he would be able to make Round 3, reasoning "it will be both metaphorically and literally more colorful than what I had to edit last match which means more effort will be needed to do what I wanna do."

After prolonged rendering problems and plugin crashes djninjalovemistake finally uploaded Round 2, which was visually incredibly elaborate and featured extensive use of Wax NewBlue and freeframe plugins to drive the round with all the audio being treated with excessive reverb and delay effects, giving off the effect of heavy wind or air with "TIME" being repeated throughout the round's length. The video's cherry-on-the-cake was a lengthy YTPMV segment using unique sounds from the serve in connection with the Amen Break that together with the applied audio effects provided a song with a very interesting sound while not breaking away from what else was established within the video. The added sources were described "Most of the current chain(with the "Cheesy Pie man being seen at some parts). Me(lordbababa) resigning and quitting from any more tennis. Fat chihuahuas!(referring to a segment in which a Mama Luigi image on the coast of an ocean with green dots in the sky from the previous round is changed with Mama Luigi having lordbababa's head and the green dots being replaced with a rain cloud hailing fat chihuahuas to the ground)" It was very well received, even the host account gave +1 to the post containing the round. lordbababa felt embarrassment at the use of the video with him in it saying " God damn it Ninja I removed that video in hopes that nobody would download and would therefore forget what a complete faggot I was ;__;". He apparently did finish Round 3, but due to it continuously crashing while rendering was able to post it, and later claimed that a recent IRL occurrence prevented him from being able to continue along with personal struggles, explaining "I'm actually more upset with myself and to be honest it's less about the round and I really don't know what the hell's going on anymore. I can't bring myself to fix the rendering issues much like how I can currently not bring myself to do just about anything right now". Rather conveniently MycroProcessor appeared around this time mentioning that they now had free time and that Gamebop and eletricalmonkss's team was one he wanted to join, mentioning he would be more than happy to act as a necessary replacement, which was confirmed two days later.

Mycro's resulting Round 3 surprisingly directly continued the ambiance of Round 2 in a greatly effective way, with the length of the video having Dream Theater - Regression as backing audio, with alternately panned clock sounds working greatly with the further repeated "TIME" clip and the talking in which was slowed down which also greatly fit with the surrounding elements. In continuing with the ongoing concept of adding rounds from Chain's into the match, MycroProcessor would add the entirety of the second Chain, with the most significant usage going to Gamebop's round, his own round and Herbert Spatula(known now around this time as mot.def or simply mot)'s round, along with adding in the game Lighthouse, the "Clockout" theme from Alter Ego: Dreamwalker, the "Castle Bleck" theme from Super Paper Mario, the "Temporal Spire" theme from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and Hiromi - Time's Up(the "Time's Up WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and following audience noise at the end of the video). Another YTPMV segment made an appearance in this video to follow up on djninja's as well using a border image with six openings where bits of the round were used in each with the whole rendered segment appearing in each of the six frames giving off a slight recursiveness to the section. It became the most well received round of the match, with Bloodis exclaiming "holy damn this is perfect" and ZACHTOMCAT calling it "absolutely stunning", while eletricalmonkss proclaimed him the "Greatest tennis player of all time", adding "It's 2013, and years later you still blow my mind away my friend". 

Creepah's Round 4 was deemed a worthy effort in responding to Mycro's Round, being a much more visual round but continuing the ambient elements and contributing two YTPMV segments as opposed to one, while throughout the rest of the round focusing largely on a combination of faster edits and slow more distorted edits all with extensive color curves and alterations lasting through the video's length. A lot of different audio sources were added throughout the round though their specific source is unknown, an additional anime source made a brief appearance along with an Emergency Broadcast System recording, but other than this there wasn't too many added visual sources present. Creepah noted in the video description "This video was rendered into 6 parts, the shortest being 6 seconds, longest being 1:18. There are 2 errors, but since the veg is unusable now, I can no longer fix them. The pitch shifting with Putt Putt at the end does have wrong notes, I didn't notice them until after render." eletricalmonkss's Round 5 deviated from the previous direction of the match, visually obscuring much of the previous round under unusual effects and a choppy frame rate along with a lot of added source of WWE footage disrupting the old ambient atmosphere, however much of the previous round's audio was still clearly heard, and as a result the "TIME" clip remained one of the sole elements still surviving from the match's serve, along with the 6 frame setup from Round 3 still being relatively visible. No YTPMV segments were included however in addition to no chain rounds being added, similarly to the round before it. therazoredge's Round 6 combined the best of both djninja's Round 2 and Creepah's Round 4 into a blend of both ambient and heavily destructive editing, with - Porcupine Tree - Baby Dream in Cellophane (audio), Pneumonia, Kitty - Dead Island (live at gabe's iowa city, 4.28.2013), a Boardinghouse trailer and a video called Learn PC: The Power to Perform serving as added sources throughout the video. Among other things was the reduction of the 6 frame formation to a mere outline against a salmon colored background, with the first part of the round featuring a similar visual, and a later 5 frame formation given a 3D treatment against a more prominent background.

{{#ev:youtube|zJ3zJWosGc4|320}}The Complex Triangle vs. The Aphotic Trio, Round 7

Round 7 would be the first collaboration between GameBop and MycroProcessor in roughly 4 years, the last one taking place in the Doubles Cup I in 2009, and the first time that eletricalmonkss would collaborate with them but the second time working with them in a tennis setting since 2009(he and MycroProcessor had played a game of tennis in 2009 additionally). The round started rather a abruptly, a layered segment that started slow and eventually build up like a machine starting noise before going into the Round which was created with great cohesion, with various parts overlayed onto each other or otherwise edited in a transition sort of pattern, in a combined method that featured an emphasis on the more heavy side of editing but kept the ambiance of the entire match as an undertone. monkss' contributions interestingly contrasted with those of both Gamebop and MycroProcessor, providing the unusual anomaly of Spongebob appearing as an added source in a video alongside and hosted on the accounts of the other players, with the large amount of their parts being made up of added sources, which was used as a pacing buffer between the more visual work of Mycro and Gamebop(a particular example of this working best was monkss' "TO THE INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY" immediately followed by an extensive layered segment of the internet peices of thrazoredge's round with a Freecell animation taking place in the computer desktop screen layered behind it, like contributed by Gamebop), which as usual excelled in this field and served to provide the main strength of the round. A YTPMV segment was reintroduced towards the beginning and the ending of the video was exclusively dedicated to the salmon colored footage from Round 6, using the 6 frame formation in an extensive cycle of recursive layering and rotating on a 3D axis with reverbed audio and ambient noise, serving a calm and mysterious ending to an incredibly strong collaborative round.

The Aphotic Trio was plagued with problems when working on composing their Round 8, taking a total of 10 days to respond and having to request numerous extensions in order to make up for lost time. CreepahWeegie despite being in ill health managed to create three and a half minutes worth of material for the final round although due to the video having serious corruption issues only 40 seconds of it was used in the finished product. Creepah in addition experienced excessive IRL occupations taking up more time to complete his videos while djninja requested an extension due to personal problems out of his control. The resulting video took the inverse approach of Round 7, here putting the ambience up front with the heavy editing towards the back and more towards the end of the video, while still opting for a largely visual approach to the round. A total of three recognizeable YTPMV sections appear in this round, effectively making up for the rounds in which these did not appear with one left over, one by djninjalovemistake and two by CreepahWeegie, using the intro of the previous Round as the basis for one and another section of Gamebop's part with buzzing noises for another. Excessive color curved visuals were the prominant feature of the round throughout, working as a strong response but at the same time having less variety wise to offer than the rounds from the other team, with Gamebop, MycroProcessor and eletricalmonkss all having contrasting elements while therazoredge, CreepahWeegie and djninja all shared many stylistic things in common, with them all coming together once again in a strength of its own kind. therazoredge upon posting the finished round commented "This video is best viewed on NetscapeNow! or Mycrosoft Internet Explorer in a 800 x 600 resolution(using Windows 95 era icons for both platforms)". ZACHTOMCAT called the match his favorite of the second set, and djninjalovemistake, eletricalmonkss and Creepah all expressed enjoyment in playing it.

Votes for this set were relatively low which made the outcome for this match very close, with The Complex Triangle managing the win with 3 votes versus 2, with no penalties on either side. As a result, this would see The Complex Triangle advancing to the final round, the 3rd time for both Gamebop and MycroProcessor and the first for eletricalmonkss, who had by now played the farthest he had ever played in a tournament setting.

{{#ev:youtube|PBIlHhBTQ-I|320}}The Superb Optimistics vs. Super God Masterforce, Round 1

The Superb Optimistics vs. Super God Masterforce(with JacobketronCT, trepmaws, ZACHTOMCAT, ChrisGendo, metroid998 and rakninja originally set to volley in this order) began with a serve that was dedicated to celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Tennis Cafe and the Tennis Cafe Staff past and present, which ended with an onscreen declaration of this notion featuring two banners dating two different eras of the staff(the top image featured the heads of the avatars of the Tennis Staff circa 2009 pasted onto the figures of the Last Supper painting, with RAKninja, NS2(?), RabbitSnore, Nuthead, Moogle, Crash2991 on the left, strong414bad in the center on the figure of Jesus Christ, and Gamebop, (????), theHappyFungus(?), DaftPunkYoshi, MycroProcessor and conradslater on the right, while the lower image featured the staff circa 2011, with MycroProcessor, TheChutley, Gamebop, Moogle, DaftPunkYoshi, NS2, RAKninja and ChrisGendo shown from left to right; AshcrementVII and trepmaws, the two newest members of staff at this period, were pasted on top in between both images) and featuring frequent usage throughout his serve of images of his Tennis Staff opponants, with ChrisGendo depicted as an IRL image of himself dressed in a kimono, trepmaws as Touhou character Koishi Komeiji and RAKninja as Megatron, often keyframed to dance with the backing music of the round (a combination of The Skull Fortress - Sixto Sounds, Over Hill - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Soundtrack, In Memories “KO-TO-WA-RI” - Taku Iwasaki and the audio from Achcrement's Tennis Fuck Multi Way round, used extensively in the video). JacobketronCT described the video as "a giant clusterfuck sandwich by adding a variety of sources", including Transformers G1, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Ultimate Teacher, The Flight of Dragons, Pokemon: Season 1 Opening, Steins;Gate, his own Round 3 against trepmaws from the Tennis Cup IV, DmC: Devil May Cry, Star Trek: The Original Series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, The Spoony Experiment: Final Fantasy XIII Review Part 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the music video for Queen's "Breakthru" and the game Nightmare/Atmosfear. eletricalmonkss called the round "fucking glorious" and it was positively praised by a few other spectators.

Due to finals on trepmaws's end which not only ate up a majority of his free time but also greatly deprived him of energy, a decision was made on the end of Super God Masterforce to switch the order of the volleying players to be able to allow trepmaws a window of breathing space, resulting in ChrisGendo stepping up to deliver the first volley. Round 2 was less than half the length of the serve and featured prominent usage of Dangan Ronpa throughout the duration of the round with Crystal Castles as the backing music, featuring visual bits that were closer to his older style but still retaining a much less produced feel, with the last 9 seconds of the video being a single 3D layer with no background and handling the sources from the serve in brief second-long segments, with some like Monty Python being passed over. "I NEED PROTECTION" was emphasized among these single minute treatments. ChrisGendo said in regards to the shortness "i didn't properly judge the amount of free time i had, so sorry about the considerable drop in length from the prior. ALSO I TOOK A SMALL PIECE OF AUDIO FROM A GBT VID AND DIDNT ASK PERMISSION I AM SRRY".

ZACHTOMCAT's Round 3 was shorter and took a completely visual approach that seemed disconnected in presentation, only adding in brief source additions towards the end with Mama Luigi (YEAH WELL I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS SO FUN-) and an unnamed source of someone saying "You Suck Youtube-" and distorting the previous round's audio beyond recognition with reverb and distortion/vibrato while video effect-wise didn't do much beyond inverts, simple color curves and an attempt at layering. RAKninja who was set to make Round 4 ended up becoming occupied with the demands of a new job which left him very little time to be able to respond, in addition to a later hand injury hampering his ability to respond more quickly(he refused to ask for an extension until he absolutely couldn't respond) resulting in trepmaws now stepping in to create his response, which took an additional couple of weeks to deliver, resulting in a total of over a month waiting time for the next round. His round greatly increased the pace and intensity of the match, adding in a flash-animated Mario cartoon among a number of other sources that weren't identified, with the tail end being an .swf animated Touhou character screaming "MANUALLYYYY" excitedly. Metroid998's Round 5 took an additional 11 days to get out, adding in slower elements in response to trepmaws's Round while not adding any sources, focusing mainly on being an overly visual Round much in the style of ZACHTOMCAT but with more even execution.

RAKninja now responded with Round 6 in only three days, and was once again an abrupt veering into unexpected territory, making for a round that was possibly among his most minimalist and ambient videos in his entire output. At over 2 minutes long the video seemed dedicated to a total of two layers, with the top layer being unspecific footage of outer space and the bottom layer being various bits of the previous Round, slowly rotating with occasional small swirl effects appearing on top of it, with an array of visual filters being applied to it, with the volume of the audio greatly subdued and stretched out to the video's length giving it an eerie and spacious sound, quiet and concentrating and seemingly endless. Triple_SsS likened it to "2001: A Rak Odyssey" and MAZZ0Murder also commented positively on the round; it would be the last tennis video to date that RAKninja would release.

ZACHTOMCAT ended up around this time with no internet access sans the cellular data on his phone, resulting in him departing from the tournament for good and in need of a replacement. It was here that a newcomer contacted by JacobketronCT known as SaturdayNightCleaner made his first appearance, announcing that he would be replacing ZACHTOMCAT for the match. Their resulting Round 7 was a rather straightforward combination of the three parts of each player, with SaturdayNightCleaner's first, Metroid998's second and JacobketronCT's last. The first part edited the previous round in a very cyclejunkie-esque style, which in this case proved to be very effective, using multiple layers and masked out shapes throughout its duration and continuing the ambiance introduced in the audio, being perhaps the most interesting contribution to the collaboration due to the contrast between both the previous player and the already existing contrast between the other two players. The second part added in Sonic 1 playthrough of the Death Egg Zone as its main added source and served to volley it largely in the same fashion as Round 5, keeping in time with the slow ambient pace of the previous round and the first section of the round that it was part of.

At the third and final part there was a sudden change in tone with lively rock music appearing in the background and a sentence-mixed source appearing off to the side, with the RAKninja and trepmaws pictures from the serve appearing opposite from it, including a scene where the members of the Superb Optimistics, with Jacobketron as his combination of a Simpsons character and Foghorn Leghorn, Metroid998 as Samus Aran, and SaturdayNightCleaner as an old cell phone confront that of RAKninja, who is seen fleeing from the frame. ChrisGendo in this round is also represented as a "platinum mad" anime illustration appearing within a layering segment between these scenes. At the end of the video JacobketronCT announced "The return of the YTP Tennis Questionnaire", asking the question "What will RAKninja do in the final round of the Triples Tourney Semifinals?

A. Offer Fujiyama Gangsta Breaks(the name ChrisGendo was going by during this period) as a blood sacrifice.

B. Use Zardoz as an added source.

C. Unleash his Secret Ninja Empire Technique.

D. All of the above."

He then concluded the video telling viewers to tune in against next time for the conclusion to The Superb Optimistics vs. Super God Masterforce.

The final round was delayed another two weeks due to RAKninja running into more trouble and this time being unable to contribute to the match's final round, forcing ChrisGendo and trepmaws to compensate for lost time and finish the match with what they had, resulting in a unique one-off collaboration between the two players and being the last tennis round in a tournament setting that ChrisGendo has made to date. Round 8 was similarly combined, with trepmaws's part first with ChrisGendo's part second, lasting for most of the video. trepmaws talked through the length of his video with "So, what is RAK going to do with this round, you ask? Fuck I don't know. You think I would spoil the surprise even for myself by asking him? Of course not! I don't even know why I'm doing right now! You think there's some kind of plan to all this? 75% of the time I just do things and they work somehow! You use this source?(referring to the inclusion of Sonic 1) Well how about I use this!(adding in a similarly stylized platformer) You make this joke? (referring to the previous round being seen in a window of a spaceship in Round 7) Well this seems like an appropriate response!(Adding in a different source looking like the seated character is looking from the spaceship window into all of the previous setting) Hey, I've always wanted to use this joke, now seems like a good time! (Switching to Godfrey Ho's Ninja Silent Assassin and sentence mixing the joke "Tiger's been a Harbor!") well enough about my accord specifically, let's talk about Tennis theory in general, shall we? Now, to start with-"

Here there would be a bit of empty space before transitioning to ChrisGendo's part, using dark monochrome visual filters and reverb on a reusage of trepmaws's part before going into a musical segment lasting towards the end with Monogatari footage as the chief added source on top of the previous round edited underneath with an accompanying strobe. The final results of the match saw the Superb Optimistics win the raw score with one additional vote, and when adjusted to penalties won the match with twice their opponents score due to their multiple penalties, a final score of 3.6 to 1.8. This would see Metroid998 advance to the final match for the first time in a 4 year tennis career and JacobketronCT surpassing his previous highest competitive placement of semifinalist in the Tennis League IV, SaturdayNightCleaner marking the beginning of a trend of newcomer tennisers becoming finalists in future tournaments.

The Complex Triangle vs. The Aphotic Trio

The Superb Optimistics vs. Super God Masterforce


{{#ev:youtube|Pp3HBiC036U|320}}The Complex Triangle vs. The Superb Optimistics, Round 3

The Grand Finale of the Triples Cup was drawn for the two remaining teams as The Complex Triangle vs. The Superb Optimistics, with eletricalmonkss, JacobketronCT, MycroProcessor, SaturdayNightCleaner, Gamebop and Metroid998 individually volleying in this order. As a positive turn of fortune monkss would find himself in the perfect position for the match per suitability for his more simple style, kicking off with a serve using the singular source of Beavis and Butthead, using the same "TO THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY" scene from the collab round of the previous match. JacobkretonCT immediately brought more life into the match, beginning with editing over the Beavis and Butthead title card from the serve to make it "Beavis and Butt-head in Cyber-[PORN] *Tennis Cafe Edition*" with the avatars of his opponents to the left side. He continued it with the additions of Digimon, old Disney and Looney Tunes cartoons and Scott Pilgrim with the small additions of Transformers G1, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and "Beat it" music videos, Apocolyse Now, Star Trek, Monty Python, Filthy Frank, Nostalgia Critic, Angry Beavers and various bits of anime and other films, ending the match with an Ashcrement inspired musically driven segment with visuals to match it. MycroProcessor began his Round 3 accordingly, featuring visual edits of the avatars of his three opponents while also adding those of his team, and following up on the visual bits of the previous round by advancing them considerably through a mixture of 3D effects and transition layerings. The use of the computer screen in Round 2 to feature new added sources was furthered to a great extent in this round also, using not only this screen but many newer screens, including those from The Magic School Bus("You mean HE gets to go inside the COMPUTER??")Obsidan, a Mega Man cartoon, Serial Experiments Lain and the Street Fighter cartoon (none other than M. Bison's Gameboy Pocket-esque screen) while utilizing the already existing screens to create greatly recursive effects. SaturdayNightCleaner who was set to volley the next round exclaimed "Mother of god. I have seen some amazing things today" upon seeing Round 3, and it was also praised by others such as Sid(who noted the use of Lain) and therazoredge.

{{#ev:youtube|Jz_XQqlvN6s|320}}The Complex Triangle vs. The Superb Optimistics, Round 4

SaturdayNightCleaner's Round 4 was made during a period of illness leading to the title of "SNC fights the sickness as he butchers his round", which was considered to be a surprisingly good round with terrific visual edits in a way that matched him up well against that of Mycro's output, with Alfonzopancakes commenting "I feel as though I'm in like second grade again and you're one of the cool fifth graders who everyone wants to be friends with. I mean that in the most positive way." The ongoing screen concept was continued here with the addition of a flash animated source of a stick figure literally crawling inside of a computer, then ending with the perception of the video being watched in the computer from Beavis and Butthead, with half of the Waldorf/Statler duo in attendance responding with "I thought it was DUMB". SNC's voice appears for a brief second with "I'M READY WHEN YOU ARE Gaaamebop". dew was also impressed with the round, putting forth the idea of the two of them playing tennis against each other at some point, SNC agreeing to it also, which to date still hasn't happened yet. Gamebop's Round 5 followed up with the title "GB knights the sick butcher"(making for a rare instance of self-reference) and included a visual gag involving SNC's avatar, which was a Nicholas Cage-esque person with a phone against their ear, by featuring a clip of a phone ring and having SNC's avatar appear as if to answer it, with Kotkoda on the other side. The exchanged conversation is represented with a long line of text swiftly moving at the bottom of the screen which says the following:

"welcome traveler the sacred chamber that lies ahead contains an ancient phenocryst column for centuries travelers have journeyed throughout the planet of strata by means of these columns connecting the worlds within worlds phenocrysts are able to transmit far more than mere light through the use of erresdy powder discovered by tor the first in the early unity period people now have instant mobility so step aside and enjoy the latest in phenocryst travel"

A number of further continuations were used for the screen concept, with the small TV-like powerups from Sonic 2 appearing with frames of the previous round inside, an animated music video called "The TV Show" by Sugimoto Kousuke, and a computer game with a movie creation section where the character within was dupicated three times while the previous round was edited within the screen itself. The video ended with the last line changed to "I thought it was TELEVISION"(the last word being King Koopa's voice).

Metroid998's Round 6 was largely structured around the addition of Shin Megami Tensei 4 into the match, constructing visual edits around it while continuing the screen concept by having a screen appear in a gauntlet as the "mystic script" from the same game. Much of the previous round was however obstructed under these new visuals save for some peices, with little other ideas being continued in the same way as the previous rounds. The collaborative Round 7 from the Complex Triangle utilized these new additions extensively, organizing the parts by what seems to be largely input from Gamebop and eletricalmonkss with the sequencing and additional layering of the parts being done by Mycro himself, with input using the previous round on his own end reduced mostly to backgrounds throughout the video. It features another unusual clash of source tastes and editing methods with monkss' usage of Charles Manson and Spongebob, both things that were unlikely to turn up in a video that was uploaded by Mycro in this case, which in turn delivered some interesting humorous moments with "NO THIS IS PATRICK" and "I'M NOT A KRUSTY KRAB" both immediately being followed by "NOW COME, SAM-(which at this point sounds like son). The gauntlet "mystic script" was replaced by a clip for "Cheese Girl" from the game The Journeyman Project, and the round's ending coda after several seconds of silence featured a joke done by MycroProcessor back in May 2008, with the dialogue "the internet is not something that you just something on it's not a big truck, i-it it's MOORE POOOORN".

The final round of the Triples Cup featured two sections by Metroid998 bookending JacobketronCT's section, with SaturdayNightCleaner's section finishing off the round. Metroid's sections added in more Shin Megami Tensei 4 while serving once again to be largely visual peices, this time with considerably more added onto it to provide for a more final presentation, while Jacobketron's contribution was less visual but much largely musical, adding in once again several small bits of added sources including Freakazoid, Gurenn Lagaann, Rocko's Modern Life, Wander Over Yonder, more Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons, Dingo Picture's Aladin, Popeye the Sailor, Sonic SaTAM, Darkwing Duck and Power Rangers amongst its mix. SaturdayNightCleaner gave the match a definitively odd end with his contribution, featuring the Spongebob clips from the previous round literally cracked in half, with odd visuals over delayed audio taking up the majority of the video with lots of interesting visual tics being done over it's short length. The match and tournament finally ended upon the simple sentance-mix joke by Patrick, "I'm not a Krusty; I'm KRAB." Both teams had at one point garnered at least one penalty, meaning that they would be unaffected with the final results for the tournament.

With The Complex Triangle scoring the win and subsequently the victory of The Triples Cup with a score of 3.6 to 0.9, two historical events had taken place. The first and most apparent one was that MycroProcessor, having built a reputation as an "unbeatable" tenniser yet in actual competition settings had yet to actually win a tournament, making it to the final match on two occasions before this one, had FINALLY won. The second was that Gamebop had now become the first tennis player to win a tournament for a second time, as his last victory occurred in The Grey Tournament in 2009-2010, and he once again had a chance to try to catch up his old record winning streak of 7 matches in a row, initially gained during his match with BSP666c and MycroProcessor in The Three-Way Tournament in 2010, which followed The Grey Tournament. eletricalmonkss had only played competitively in The Grey Tournament, losing in the first set to McMANGOS and then not playing competitively again for 4 years, so this was a greatly considerable turn of fortune for the player, enthusing that this was "the first tournament [he had] ever won." The concluding of the Triples Cup saw the almost immediate beginning of signups for The Multi-Way Tournament, which would keep the tennis section of YouChew busy in the competitive scene for the next 14 months, essentially keeping the section active competitively for a total of 21, a length of which hadn't been experienced since the early days.

The Complex Triangle vs. The Superb Optimistics

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