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YouChew Writing Staff

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This article is related to the YouChew Forums.

YouChew's front page has many news articles on it, which is contributed by many news writers such as Nozdordomu, SkyBlueFox, Malkmusian, and many more. The current Editor-in-Chief of the YouChew Writing Staff is Crazy Luigi.

Writing for the front page is a great way to express creativity and spread attention about Youtube Poopers you find are cool. Your articles can also benefit the audience - such as motivating them to create good Youtube Poops, and noting whether a certain video game or movie is good or not. So writing for the YouChew front page is a win-win situation!

How to Write For the Front Page[edit]

Occasionally, the Writing Staff will be looking for new members to join them. During this time, you can submit a sample article on almost any subject to a senior Writing Staff member via private message. If a majority of the staff approves of the sample article, they will interview you about your availability, experience, and subject areas you wish to write on. The staff then decides which applicants to hire.

However, you can still write for the front page without being a full-time Writing Staff member. You can do this by submitting a freelance article. Send a private message with your article to one of the senior Writing Staff Members, and they'll probably let you know if they has accepted your article or not. Please note that the YouChew staff is likely to be busy, so they probably may not reply right away. Also note that they have the authority to reject or revise your work. Additional details are here.

If you have had an article posted on the front page, then congratulations! Use this news template on your Chewiki page to note that you have written at least one article. However, if you've made one that especially significant, or made at least five; instead use this one for your page.

What are you waiting for?! Grab that pencil and get to work!

Tips for Writing[edit]

In addition to this page, Yoshi also likes many of the awesome news articles that have been written for YouChew.
  • Be creative. YouChew is all about having fun with creativity, and the Front Page is no exception. The more creative you can make your writing, the more fun it will be to write and to read. Explore new ideas; discuss new things; or at least discuss old things in a new way.
  • Articles should not be excessively long, nor austerely short. Try to strike a balance between full explanations and succinctness. Shorter articles should be 250 to 500 words, while longer articles are 1,000 words or more. Articles longer than 1,000 words threaten to lose the reader's attention, so they should be well paced and interesting. When writing shorter articles, be careful not to leave too much unexplained. As much as you can, be direct with your writing; that way, every word will count, and a short article will naturally be succinct and informative while a longer article will be rich in-depth.
  • Make it witty and humorous if you can. And don't try to imitate Chris Bores' humor, because 85% of the time you'll fail. A small amount of comedy alongside the information of your article will probably make viewers glad that they read your article. Articles should entertain as much as they inform, but remember to stay on topic. Don't use humor when it deviates too much from the subject at hand or when it seems haphazard or forced.
  • Use appropriate language. This does not mean that you should avoid vulgarity like it's some kind of infectious disease, but rather that you should select your words carefully for the purpose at which your article aims. If you are writing colloquially, your words should match your casual tone. If you are writing formally, then your words should suit your probable pretentiousness.
  • Use descriptive language. News Articles are essentially narratives. You didn't think we were robots who were lifeless and wanted you to use dry expression in our writing, did you? Your descriptions can bring life to the details and nuances of your subject, and good descriptions will make your article enjoyable and appealing.
  • Consider your audience and your purpose. When writing an article, consider for whom you are writing. If you are writing for members of the Forum, it is likely you can make references Forum-goers will understand. If you are writing for all viewers, including those unfamiliar with the site, then you should avoid inside jokes and obscure references. Furthermore, consider what and why you are writing. If you are attempting to convince your reader of something, insulting or condescending the audience may be unwise. Likewise, if you are trying to be a giant asshole, then being sarcastic and snide might be the order of the day.
  • Don't just rehash old stuff. News Articles should allow readers to either find something they may otherwise have not discovered or view something in a way they may have not otherwise done. When reviewing a game, movie, or other media, bear in mind the age of the media: if it's new, your article should present a review that will inform the reader what to expect; if it's older or downright ancient, then you should not only tell the reader what to expect from it, but also offer the reader an innovative understanding of it.
  • Make sure to have fun while doing it, since the quality of your article can be dependent on your feelings toward the subject and your involvement with the material. If you're bored while writing articles, then you may lose the motivation to continue on. And we don't want that, do we?

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