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From Chewiki Archive - YouChew: 1% Funny, 99% Hot Gas
COOL STORY, BRO.   Insert name here is a major contributor to YouChew's news page.


How do you to use this template? I'm glad to show you how! You can add the following parameters.

  • extranotes1=anytextyouwant Basically, just type in some notes. If you want to type in something in the template that the below ones won't easily allow, do it here.

  • regularnewsstaffer Put this if this guy has not only wrote an article, but is also a regular person.
  • regularpoopreviewer Add this parameter if you're using the regularnewsstaffer sub-template, and the News staff person you're writing about is a reviewer of Youtube Poops.
  • regulartennisreviewer Use this if (s)he reviews Poop Tennis Matches.
  • regularartreviewerIf he/she reviews art.
  • mostrecentarticle=linktoanarticleIf you want to put this in, type his/hers most recent article, and make sure to make it hyperlink to the article.

  • extranotes2=anytextyouwant Same thing as extranotes1, only it goes after the main text.
  • past=yes Include only if the user was a former member, such as JimPaladin.

Credit goes to The Electric Cheese, since his pooperbox template served as an inspiration for this template's programming.