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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Closed.png The account unknownartiste1 has been Closed.

'Sup, Foo?[edit]

unknownartiste1 (now MechaWeegee91) is a female YouTube Pooper (which she honestly doesn't give a shipt about.) She is the creator of the Link and the Hyrule Gang series and is also known for her Michael Rosen poops.

Short History[edit]

Mecha joined YouTube on July 1st, 2010 as unknownartiste1, just to upload an animated music video made with MS Paint. It was only on for about half an hour and was taken down after, due to copyright issues with the audio. Her next shitload of videos were just of music instrumentals and of her brother rapping. In March, 2011, all her music-related videos were deleted from her account and her hard drive, never to be seen again.

Unknown/Mecha entered the magical land of Poop after watching a series of 'Spongebob Edited' videos, and eventually finding Youtube Poop: Pride Patties. This got her interested in YouTube Poops, but a Volvic Revive poop inspired her to make one herself. Her first poop, Cum For Breakfast, which was mostly "I'm fillin' mah water with X," and at the end some stutters and stuff. It was shit, and she knew it. It was also made in Windows Live Movie Maker, which sucks worse than WMM. Anyway, the video was uploaded, taken down intentionally when she started getting better, then put back up without the enabling of ratings or comments. She finally enabled them in July, 2011.

After making her first poop, which she knew was a piece of shish, Unknown was thinking about not making anymore, but sucked up the tears and started finding a better editor online. She only found two editors she tried out (Corel VideoStudio X3 and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate v14 as a trial) before finally purchasing a watered-down version of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 on Christmas, 2010. In mid-2011, thanks to an awesome friend, she finally learned how to get Sony Vegas Pro 10. She upgraded to Vegas Pro 11 on October 18, 2011. She found the way she got it very interesting and cool, so she decided to get Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection 15 the same way on October 26th, 2011.

As far as images go, she used MS Paint up until March 14th, 2011, when she finally switched to GIMP. Why not Photoshop? I really don't know.

Link and the Hyrule Gang[edit]

Link and the Hyrule Gang (or simply, Hyrule Gang,) premiered on YouTube as Incredibly Long-Titled YouTube Poop on March 6th, 2011, under the unknownartiste1 account.

It originally was going to be the last time Mecha used the Zelda CD-i source, because she was bored with it. After making the video (which will eventually become the pilot episode,) she no longer felt bored with the source, especially since she started coming up with better ideas. So, she decided to make it a series. The series started running under the current name in episode 4 (premiered May 6th, 2011.)

It, like about any other CD-i plot poop (or whatever you wanna call 'em,) revolves around the semi-ordinary life of the Zelda CD-i characters. This series is best known for having the originality that most CD-i sentence mix videos don't have (which means no sex jokes, lotsa fighting, or overused words like 'dinner,' 'mah boi,' 'die,' etc.) Hyrule Gang used to somewhat contain some of the listed things. Since then, she's been trying hard not to use those unless it's to make fun of those who still do or of people who are popular for doing so, or she's making a point about certain things.) It's also known for showing Mecha's sentence mixing skills. The show is still in production through the MechaWeegee91 account. The first episode (episode 10) since the move premiered on November 4th, 2011, and is currently up to Episode 12.

Lol, Michael Rosen.[edit]

Today, you would know Mecha as a pretty decent Rosen pooper, but would you believe that she almost didn't want to touch the source at all? Well, after watching her first Rosen poop and a few others, she thought about it, but she didn't think she would do well on making those poops. Then, a poop made by a beginner pooper she was subscribed to at the time made her want to try it out. The reason was because it was his first poop with the source, and it sucked, so she wanted to see if she could do better. However, she didn't want to go make a full poop, in case it bombed. So, she tried to make a very short one and made it a part of episode 7 of Hyrule Gang, and acted as if King Harkinian was making that poop. That way, if that bombed, then she could say it was part of the whole plot, that all the King's friends like stuff that isn't necessarily funny, and that he sucks at pooping. However, that part of the video had some positive responses, which gave her the confidence to make a full poop, known as Michael Rosen Escapes From School Prison, which turned out to be a'ight, and it was the first of her videos to make over 1,000 views under the unknownartiste1 account. On September 14th, 2011, Unknown announced that she would stop making Michael Rosen poops, but changed her mind days later (after the account was gone, lol.) She is still making Michael Rosen poops today. Yay.


On September 14th, 2011, the account unknownartiste1 was closed for reasons the person behind it can no longer speak in public about. However, she has decided to continue pooping through her alt account, MechaWeegee91. Her first original poop under the current name (uploaded September 27th, 2011) was Michael Rosen Misses School Prison, which was a collab entry for MamaLuigi005's The Great Big Rosen Collab, which was the first collab she ever participated in.

My First-watched Poo. Still Okay...[edit]

Youtube Poop: Pride Patties

My First Poo. Aww.[edit]

As unknownartiste1: Cum For Breakfast (September 16, 2010... or was it November? No longer on the web.)

As MechaWeegee91: Michael Rosen Misses School Prison (September 27th, 2011)

Check My Style, Yo.[edit]

Favorite Rape Victims[edit]

She'll occasionally make a poop of a different source, but these are the sources she's usually making poops of.[edit]

Preferred Methods (heh.. meth.)[edit]

Weapon(s) Of Choice[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11 (for visual junk)
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection 15 (for sentence mixing, because I'm used to doing that with this)
  • GIMP 2.0 (image work)

I Like This... DON'T YOOOOU?[edit]

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Weegee, but not as much as she used to...
  • Brussels sprouts. Yeah.
  • Drinks and drink accessories
  • Anything retro
  • Making people smile, which is partly why she likes making videos in the first place
  • Michael Rosen (obsessed with him, actually. Probably more so than she was with Weegee about a year ago.)


  • People who can't read the video descriptions
  • Poop watchers who can't explore and find more underrated but awesome poopers
  • YouTubers (all of them, not just Poopers) who don't put enough effort in their videos

Additional Shish[edit]


Minor criticism, like finding cleaner GIFs of the CD-i characters, disabling the resample on video clips when I edit, etc. Otherwise, criticism's alright.

Influences (this list contains lesser-known poopers)[edit]

Did'ja Know..[edit]

  • Mecha is also a visual artist. Her expertise is abstract, pop art, various forms of designing, such as cd/album covers and t-shirt designs, and cartooning. Her inspirations are the environment, various poops with the colors and the flashes, and the hip styles of the '60s-'90s, for some reason.
  • Mecha is a retro/nostalgia fag. She mainly likes stuff from the mid 1960s-early 2000s.

Links. ACTUAL LINKS.[edit]

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Here's some Links.

Her YouTube Account

Her Dailymotion account

Other Links. ACTUAL OTHER LINKS.[edit]

Her deviantART account