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YouTube Poop

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YouTube Poop is the most important thing in the poop community. The community literally revolves around it. Without it, there wouldn't have been a YouChew, no YTPMania, no poopers, and this very wiki would not exist.


What is YouTube Poop?

  To put it quite simply, "YouTube Poop" is a method of video editing, which became more popular as the success of the video portal, Youtube, grew. As it became the most popular video-uploading website ever, it was only natural that these strange creations would be posted, and though they are now created for humour, they were originally uploaded as an in-joke between a group of friends. To make them, all one really requires is some downloaded video and a video editor, although other things can also be added such as music.

  The definition of "YouTube Poop" is often disputed amongst fans of its creations and creators. For example, in Rocketboom's "Know Your Meme" series (Weegee episode, 7th August 09), they stated that "YouTube Poop are clips of cartoons and other assorted junk strung together to form nonsensical moving images on Youtube."

  For many, YouTube Poop is an art-form, which utilizes the editing of video sources to create humor, new context or more bizarre emotions and meanings. Unlike regular video editing, however, "YouTube Poop" utilizes a number of specific sources, ranging from advertisements to classic cartoons, and even video games, movies, and music videos have been used to make these videos we know and love. There are a number of fads and subtypes of poop out there, but many of them revolve around these principles.

  It is generally agreed, however, that "YouTube Poop" does not refer to YouTube Poop sources set to music a la AMVs.



    YouTube Poop has also been known to unite many people of all ages, genders, and races who simply love making these humorous videos and people who love watching them. Though it began as a little in-joke created to confuse YouTubers by SuperYoshi and his friends in their home country of the United States, it has since gone worldwide. YouTube Poopers now come from Australia, Canada, Britain, and even non-English-speaking countries such as Portugal, France, Mexico, and Holland.

  Though it was first obscure, YouTube Poop's popularity has expanded to the point where it can be considered a meme itself. It is now impossible to find anything Robotnik-related on the Internet without a mention of "PINGAS", and it could be argued it's the only reason why anybody remembers Billy Mays or the Legend of Zelda CD-i games. Surprisingly, YouTube Poop has made itself into pop culture, as a recent Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic has slipped in the infamous PINGAS and the "It's from the show!" line in its #205 issue.

  Know Your Meme has an article about YouTube Poop, as does TV Tropes. Even wikiHow has an article on how to make one, plus one on making a good one in Windows Movie Maker, and one on how to make a short. YouTube Poop has even been a topic of an article written by a Yale University law student.
YouTube Poop finally got a proper Wikipedia article after numerous unsuccessful attempts. Humorously, many of these videos which mention YouTube Poop have become poop sources themselves.



  The name "YouTube Poop" was coined by Yaminomalex, who described the things he did with his friends as "uploading poop to YouTube". The name has been criticized by a few members of the community, such as quax94, who does not title any of his videos "YouTube Poop" because he dislikes the name. Some people have even attempted to change its name, but it is quite simply so popular it'd be difficult to get everybody across the Internet to stop calling it "YouTube Poop". If it does get changed, however, suggested names have included "YouChews", "Remixes", and "Harrison Ford". Though many people formerly titled their videos "YouTube Poop: Something something", nowadays many people do not place "YouTube Poop" in the title, and it is generally newcomers who do so.


  Poopers are the backbone of YouTube Poop. They create it and are either loved or hated for it. Some create poops for their own enjoyment, and others create it to entertain others, sometimes a combination of both. Though many poopers are unpopular in terms of views/subscriber count, other people in the community consider them "criminally underrated", especially in comparison to giants such as KroboProductions who amass over 10,000 views per video. Regardless, a poop's quality is variable and does not depend on its view count (case in point: Toys Gone Wild is one of the most popular YouTube Poops of all time and even Boogidyboo, the creator of the video, isn't that fond of it). Much like YouTube Poop itself, the name for poopers has also been questioned, with the name "poopist" being rejected by some for being "too artsy". The other suggestion, proposed by TangerineImpz, was "Anthony Anderson".

An expansive list of YouTube Poopers is available in this category.

Pooping Styles

  YouTube Poop is also known for it's various "styles" -- such as YTPMV's, which involves synching clips to a certain song, original or otherwise; YouTube Poop Tennis - where one person makes a Youtube Poop, then sends it to their opponent for them to Poop while adding new sources, then again and again until a set number of rounds; and YouTube Poop Soccer, which is a combination of the previous two styles. In addition, there is the ever-popular YouTube Poop Collaboration; a collaborative video made by several poopers contributing poops based on a specific subject.

  Flash Poops, made popular in late-2007 and in 2008, are famous for utilizing special effects, such as chroma-keying and masking; making it possible to composite entirely new scenes. Some famous Flash Poopers included WalrusGuy, Link123456, and Titleinlarge.

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