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Link: The Faces of Evil

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Name: Link: The Faces of Evil
Country of Origin: USA
Created By: Animation Magic
Year Created: 1993

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The front cover to this gem of a game.
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The back cover relates an undying legend.
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The nigh-mythical disc itself, seen only by kings.


Like Hotel Mario, this is a good bad game made for the CD-i, and made by Philips, who invented the CD-i. It's story is that at a peaceful day in Hyrule, Link got bored, because there is nothing to do. King Harkinian, king of Hyrule said that that is where all true warriors strife for. Then Link wonders what Ganon is doing at this moment. Right after it, Gwonam the carpet guy is coming in the castle, saying that Ganon has attacked Koridai. The king asks how he can help. Gwonam is saying that it's written that ONLY Link can defeat Ganon. Link is happy to hear that, and goes on another adventure. He first asked a kiss to Zelda, but she declined. After Link got on Gwonam's carpet, Gwonam says: "Squadallah, we're off!", and they fly away. Link askes what the heads are he points at. Gwonam explains those are the so-called Faces of Evil. Link has to defeat them each before he can battle Ganon. But at first, a location is needed. Gwonam let appear the Map and asked Link where he goes first.

It, along with Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, are quite possibly the most frequently-used poop sources. Because they have been used so many times, poops using them are usually considered repetitive. However, CD-i videos can be amazing if done correctly.

Made by[edit]

Philips/Animation Magic

USA (voice acting,storyline, programming)/UK (backgrounds)/Russia (animation)


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops


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Disliked by[edit]

  • everyone.....except maybe Cleveland and most definitely the person who made this article.
  • Nintendo, because it's an ugly stain on an otherwise great franchise.

Further information[edit]

It is proven that THIS, is the 7th best game ever made.

It is still better than Twilight

Link: Faces of Evil can be downloaded here.

Main Source for Poopers[edit]

YouTube (high quality cutscenes)