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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.

YouTube Poop Fads tend to come and go these days. In most occasions, they are started completely by accident, and are encouraged by some poopers in order to make YTP more popular. They are started when a flock of responses are made on a video one after another, all with the same basic principle of the original, and more often than not, the first response to these videos is from a notable pooper, which not only advertises the video, but also encouraged the fans.

Fads were once a fad themselves, in the YouTube Poop world. After the notable fads came into being, attempts at fads popped up. All of them failed, and were either made by people who did it for a laugh, or by noobs who wanted to be popular.

It is said that like many internet memes, YouTube Poop is a fad itself. However, this has been questioned by many people, as most internet fads only tend to last for several months. YouTube Poop has lasted over a year now, and although some things are getting old, whether or not this "fad" will die any time soon remains a mystery.

There are also many sources and clips used in poops which are considered fads. A notable fad in YouTube Poop is the Volvic advert, which was seen as a fad among poopers after it was first used by The Electric Cheese.

Stuart K. Reilly hates fads. Execpt for one