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Ren Snaps

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  The Ren Snaps fad is an infamous fad involving a scene from the Ren and Stimpy episode "Stimpy's Fan Club."

{{#ev:youtube|FT4YbO_1mvA|320}}The original scene used in the fad.

Original Scene

The original scene involves Ren on the phone with somebody, which he replies to the person saying "What do you mean you don't agree with me?! Do you know who you're DEALING WITH?!" Ren then proceeds to slam a button labeled "The Button," which causes part of the world to blow up. Ren then proceeds to laugh manically.

Fad Variations

What do you mean my pizza delivery will be here in over an hour you don't agree with me?!

You Dare Not Agree with X

In this sub-fad, Ren is digitally replaced with another character. In these fad responses, even though Ren is usually replaced with a rather crude static frame made in Microsoft Paint as opposed to Sony Vegas-style special effects; these videos, nevertheless, are usually met with high ratings.

Ren Imitates X

This relatively smaller meme usually simply involves reuploading the original scene, but with a title such as "Ren Imitates a Sonic Fanboy."

Ren Imitates X% of (Y)

This fad is basically a spawn of the Ren Imitates X fad. The original video may be Ren imitates 95% of the Jonas Brothers Fanbase by Jonnothehedgehog.