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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


From Gmobob's page

Without doubt LUIGI WINDS A TOY WHILE I PLAY UNFITTING MUSIC has thus far defined Gnobebob's poop making career, resulting in over 6000 views and over 100 derivative video replies plus countless other unofficial replies. However, unlike the similar Volcano fad which proceeded it this fad was not creation as an act of situationalism but rather because of it's own merits. Unlike looping poops before it, the addition of the soundtrack (which in turn lends itself to YTMND loops) makes LWTWPUM an extremely appealing poop, arguably even relaxing, as the viewer seems to voyeuristicly (as if seen through the eyes of a CCTV camera) look down on a Luigi whilst he works. As the beat kicks in of the Queen soundtrack (the implication being - despite the title to the contrary - that it is played on the radio in the room) Luigi's winding seems to increase, in time with the music, perhaps even his foot (unseen) tapping to the beat.

With the YouTube Poop community divided into traditionalism and experimentation this work or purely minimalism came at a perfect time. Without effect of surprise the complete absence of gratuity is reneforced by the apparently stark scenery. Where's is Mario? or anyone else. Why is he doing this, is it a secret fetish (an early theme poops never realised to this extent)? This forces the viewer to look carefully and perhaps even think. Therefore, it could be argue that every reply or copy of this film is in fact a suggested answer to conundrum that Gnomebob dicovered: "WHY IS LUIGI WINDING A TOY WHILST LISTENING TO UNFITTING MUSIC"?