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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.
{{#ev:youtube|26TIFnFslcU|320}}The original masterpiece (No longer available)

"This fad is among one of the most annoying ever." Stegblob

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A short YouTube poop created by EspionStar. Whilst unremarkable in itself it has entered the chart of most responded to videos of all time on youtube making it the most prolific YTP fad yet.

The fad was kicked off when mrSimon (posted a video response and then encouraged others in the forum to join him.


The video is currently the 38th most responded to video this week.

Lets make Youtube Poop history, and make this ashgiojosagjsjoigsjaigas-esque.

Jul 29th 2007

At first many dutifully joined in. Both because it was fun to be part of fad but more significantly because the replies were very easy to make.

It was only after the video received 40 responses that it's author spoke out posting the 'youtube poop rant' (subsequently removed). In this video EspionStar begged that she not be the brunt of negative feedback and whilst she had no objection to people posting videos she didn't want to be blamed for causing the fad. Making her video purely because she was bored and not motivated by raising her own profile. (At the time she had not made any other poops and was more interested in hi-fi animation.)

This rant spawned a handful of parodies, once again instigated by mrSimon but rather surpringly this not result in a fad itself. Instead it result it the birth of a new one liner "I WAS BOOOORED" which is still popular as it never became over used.

By the end of the first week of August the amount of video responses had to died down; though by this point it had entered the all time list at 132th. Regualr poopers were fast begining to tire of watching them and it was viewed as becoming a old meme.

However, with no knowledge of the situationalist context, the same appeal as it had for poopers spread to new potential poopers - namely, video response are so easy to make. A single clip repeated a number of times and the rotated at the end. It's popularity made it the ideal recruitment video for poopers because unlike many other poops at the time it favoured method over content.

This resulted in numerous new responses and the birth of a whole new generation of poopers.

Meanwhile, whilst the fad had been rejected by many a number of hard core pooper continued to keep it topped up these included Glitchboyadvance, This account is closed (under his new name RetardedAnimeParodyX), Conrad Slater, sobmic, plex14alt and TheGizmaluke. To these poopers it became common practice match any normal poop a quick (warm up poop) for either this or another fad.


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