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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN was a YTPMV created by McMaNGOS that consists of the popular "Gourmet Race" music from the game "Kirby Super Star", "sung" using Dr. Robotnik's "Pingas" line, which is said at various pitches and speeds throughout the video to match that of the song. The visual consists of an animation cel of Robotnik from "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".

The video spawned the incredibly popular "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS" fad, the videos of which either:

  • Use a different voice clip with Gourmet Race in the same manner as "Pingas" in the original video, with the face of the character whom that line comes from put over the face of Robotnik .
  • "Sing" a different song using the "Pingas" clip. An image associated with the song used, such as an album cover, movie poster, or screenshot, is shown, with Robotnik's face, ripped from the image used in the original "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN", put over the face(s) of one or all characters in the image. This variation is not quite as popular.

A sub-fad of this variation uses songs from the James Bond series, mixing it with "noun replaced by X". Rather than constantly saying "Pingas" in rhythm with the song, these videos instead replace certain words of the lyrics with "Pingas", with humorous results. This sub-fad started with "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A RIPOFF OF A BRITISH SECRET SERVICE AGENT WITH A GOLDEN PINGAS" by itwontcomeout5678, which uses the song "Goldfinger" from the film of the same name.

The original "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN" was effectively removed by McMaNGOS: the title was changed to "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS AUDIOSWAPPING", and, as the new title implies, the audio had been replaced with an unedited, unrelated song. However, the original has since been reuploaded by multiple other users. McMaNGOS incredibly dislikes the fad because it will just never end. Disappointingly, many responses to the fad have become various poopers' most viewed videos, rather than some of their more original work.

After McMaNGOS got suspended, he did not reupload "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN", or many of his other videos for that matter, but still.