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This Video is Better than the Godfather

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


"I dont know whether to love or to hate you people" - Stegblob

This Video is Better than the Godfather is the third notable YouTube Poop fad to be started.


On the 20th August 2007, Stegblob, the brain child behind to video, was making a new poop video for his fans to enjoy. Unfortunately, it froze before he had a chance to save any of it, and everything he had been working on that day was lost. In a sort of rage, Stegblob made a video using footage he had on his camera of an episode of Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 which he taped over. He came across this particular scene, and decided to turn it into a video. The original idea was to mislead his subscribers and disappoint them all. Then he realized, they would have seen how long it lasted, and therefore decided to upload it as a joke to his alternate account, KingStegBlob.

He uploaded it in the space of a few minutes, and it was surprisingly popular. He never intended for it to become a fad, but simply a random video.

The Fad Begins[edit]

When DIS IS A VOL-CAY-NO and LUIGI WINDS A TOY WHILE I PLAY UNFITTING MUSIC started to become more and more popular, it seemed that the creators of those fads were getting pretty fed up with the popularity, though whether that's true or not remains a mystery. Stegblob then announced in a topic that he was relieved he hadn't made a fad out of his "Godfather video". And then it began. MilkR0und came along, and kicked the fad off.

It was going along normally. There weren't too many responses to begin with. And then along came The Electric Cheese. He discovered the video, and grasped the opportunity of getting the 69th response on September 8th. By the next day, the video had 18 more responses, thus giving it 85 responses in total.


The highest honour the video reached to begin with was the most responded of the day in the UK. Ever since that honour was given to it, it has always had an honour since. It has been giving a lot of publicity of YouTube Poop in the UK, as it is commonly seen on the first page of the Most Responded lists of the UK.

It is currently on the front page of the 'Most Responded (All Time) - United Kingdom' list. It is also on the most responded of the day, week, and month lists for both the UK and Globally.

Movie Deal[edit]

Stegblob made a movie deal with Pspimp to release the said film in Bollywood. Not much has been confirmed so far.