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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

This is an undeniably cool Poopism of sorts where a clip or entire video has its audio changed to match the pitch with the notes of a G major guitar chord (as summarized by Gallers). The result is a distorted and often scary sounding piece of audio, usually to accompany a color-inverted or tinted video. Few editing softwares allow for G Major usage, so it is a less common effect to find. It is also sometimes known simply as the original video with a word replaced with "scary." For example, Rick Roll in G Major, which started the "Scary" fad, can be found as "Scaryroll." Many songs, sources, and fads can be found in G Major. The fad was started off by Gallers with his video, Hotel Mario in G Major. They are usually made with Audacity, although Sony Vegas can also distort sound.

for G-major in Sony Vegas, click on Ignore event grouping, duplicate the audio into 4 by making 4 audio tracks, select each audio track and adjust the pitch to a different level for each track by pressing the plus and minus keys.

In Audacity, it is easy.

G down to G set the percentage to -50

G down to D

3rd one as it is

G up to B

G up to D

G up to G set the percentage to +100.

here's in sony vegas

pitch shift press + 12 times

pitch shift press - 12 times

pitch shift press + 7 times

pitch shift press + 4 times

pitch shift press - 5 times

The "G" is occasionally said to stand for Giygas.