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Sonic's Hot, Sticky Fluids

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


Sonic's Hot, Sticky Fluids is a fad video kicked off by Waldfield, originally uploaded in June 2008. It is simple in concept: Sonic the Hedgehog masturbates and blows his load all over Robotnik's face. He then says "Sonic says" in a calm, soft tone, which to many people, sounds like "Sonic's ass", or "Sonic sex". What really made the fad successful was the fact that Waldfield and others continued to upload exact copies of this video under different titles (something that Waldfield himself endorses and encourages). Even electricthecheese jumped onto the bandwagon; his "sequel" to ROBOTNIK WANTS KFC is really just Sonic masturbating. He also created a high-quality version using a DVD source, and numerous parodies, successors, and counterparts have been created, with TRMario's "Chowder's Hot Sticky Fluids" and NinjaCoachZ's "Scratch's Hot, Sticky Fluids" being among the most successful.

People who aren't in on the gag will often accuse others who upload the video as Poop Stealers, thus missing the joke entirely.

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