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Sagan Blob

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

Sagan Blob Enterprises is an Indonesian logo uploader and YouTube Pooper.


Sagan Blob first heard about the YouTube Poop thingy in 2015, where he saw a Thomas The Tank Engine YTP called "Tomax is really a Useless Engine" by a fellow logo fan TrickyMario7654. But it wasn't made Sagan interested until one day, Sagan's friend Paperking99 offered help for my now-scrapped webseries "Teh Cookie Jar Epik Adventures". Sagan then took a look at his stuffs, which most of them are YTPs. Some of his are really funny, and finally, he got Sagan interested at YTPs (and making them).

Sagan Blob also first joined YouChew in December 14, 2015. But he wasn't that active until May 2016 or so.

First poop seen

Tomax is really a Useless Engine by TrickyMario7654

First poop made

Papper's Static Diary


Sagan Blob's early style is mostly 3D, with some acid trips, few ear-rapes, and jokes thrown in. Starting with the release of (YTP) yutub poopoo untitled, Sagan tries to fast-pace his poops. Within the release of The A-Nerd, his poops are mostly focused on visual jokes (with minimum sentence-mixings).

Preferred Sources

  • Closing logos
  • Commercials
  • CD-i cutscenes
  • Comedy Entertainment
  • so-bad-its-good stuffs
  • music videos
  • YouTubers
  • Obscure sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

Magix Vegas 14 (with BCC 10, Genarts Sapphire, NewblueFX, Hitfilm and Red Giant Universe plugins), Adobe After Effects CS5.5, and Avidemux 2.5 (for datamoshing).


  • Movies
  • Video games
  • Drawing
  • Chess
  • Cats
  • Anything weird or insane (or both!)
  • Quirky
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  • Smooth husky voices
  • Wizards
  • Lightning-paced YTPs (with high-laugh jokes)
  • Acid trips
  • Animation
  • Rock music
  • Star Wars prequel memes


  • Lazy editing
  • Overused Ear Rape
  • Overused Memes
  • Poor maskings
  • Unorganized effect spams
  • YTPs that have too much YTPMV sequences
  • Attention whores
  • Bad grammars (and grammar nazis)
  • Uninspired jokes
  • The New YouTube System
  • Billion Dollar Boy
  • AdRev
  • Viacom
  • eOne
  • People who brag too much
  • Hunter 23
  • Procrastinating
  • People with baseless and lazy statements
  • Hypocrites
  • Modern Blockbusters (except for a few occasions)
  • Smart-ass wannabes
  • Cancerous fanboys/girls
  • Intolerants
  • Homophobics and Transphobics
  • Sexual predators
  • Overly-sensitive and unforgiving millenials
  • Clickbaits (in any form)
  • Modern music in general
  • People dictating me what to do with my own life
  • Self-entitled people in general


Sagan Blob's poops met with mixed reviews. Some people called his poops as "weird", yet "choppy", while in the other hand, he received compliments such as "Good job!", "Hillarious!". Lately, Sagan Blob received subs from some YouTube Poops veterans.

His poop "The A-Nerd" is a star-making turn for him. Thanks to it, he gains more respect by the YouTube Poop Community, and becomes an inspiration of some. But it's nothing compared to when he hosted The Steamed Hams Collab. During the opening sign-ups, he gained subscribers drastically from estimatedly 600 to 1100. Not to mention, more of the famous poopers subbed as well, including NationofOranges696 and Lulu Luvcats. The collab itself is the longest (and biggest collab) one he ever hosted so far.


Sagan Blob received two awards from the YouChew Spooky Poop Contest, one for participating in, and one for winning the 3rd position on the event. Sagan Blob also managed to get subs from some YouTube Poop veterans, such as theadventuretimefan and RyanYTP.

His AVGN poop was featured on the Recommended Poops article for July and August 2017, as well as his Steamed Hams poop in March 2018.

Upon the public release of The Steamed Hams Collab, he gained more than 100 subscribers in less than a week. The collab itself have received critical acclaim, having most people labeled it as the "best collab of the year/all time". He gained 3 awards from YouChew as well: Rabble Rouser, Riot Inciter, and The Revolutionist; something he couldn't receive from his previous collabs. It was praised mainly due to the amount of great entries featured (as well as famous poopers like Yoshimaniac and PizzaPieOverlord made an entry), as well as the editing as a whole. However, it was also criticized due to the long, over-bearing 4-minute intro (which was done in purpose), as well as the repetitive pacing, specifically during the doorbell and Seymour's greeting parts. He was also accused of favoritism by certain users due to their entries were cut very short in the final product while keeping other entries he liked for the most parts.





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  • His favorite films are 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012), Brazil (1985), and Spirited Away (2001).
  • He prefers RTS as his favorite game genre.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd (Cinemassacre) is his favorite YouTuber.
  • Favorite musicians are Sparks, Bjork, Pink Floyd, and Boards of Canada. He also likes Aphex Twin, but they aren't quite as favorite.
  • He suffers from Attention Divided Syndrome (ADS).
  • He's really awkward when it comes to real-live conversations.
  • He's also a very moody person. His mood can changes constantly without anyone aware.