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Morshu's Dinner Palace

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Morshu opened the Dinner Palace in 1967, attracting over 9,000 customers. Business boomed in the Seventies, reaching its peak during the disco craze in 1977. Business was slow in The Eighties, though. Computers were the next big craze, but Morshu refused to modernize because he feared a computer/robot uprising. He sold the Dinner Palace to Rick Astley in 1983 for 200,000 rupees and 50 cans of lamp oil. The Restaurant was renamed "Rick's Rolls", but closed down 2 years later when Rick made his one hit wonder. Many forgot Morshu's Dinner Palace, often confusing it with King Koopa's Coney Island Disco Palace until 1986, when it was destroyed.

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King Koopa dancing at the Dinner Palace in 1975

Famous Customers

  • King Harkinian (He ate there every day from the opening to the closing. He tried eating at "Rick's Rolls" once, but was fed up with being Rick Rolled every time he ordered)
  • Duke Onkled (Stopped eating there when he became Duke of Gamelon in 1977)
  • Gwonam (He eventually built two failed eating establishments where the Palace used to be)
  • The Baker (Worked there as head chef between 1977-1979)
  • Mayor Kravindish (Started working as a Maitre D' there in 1972. He eventually had the same job at Gwonam's Pizzeria)
  • Ganon
  • Impa
  • Mario
  • Link
  • Mama Luigi
  • I.M. Meen
  • Doc Louis (Mostly for the dessert.)
  • King Koopa
  • Goronu


In 1986, after sitting vacant for a year, the building was blown-up by Wolf O'Donnell, just for the sake of destruction. The '60s-era building was completely demolished. Wolf would later be arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department for arson and destruction of private property.Gwonam's Pizzeria (which used to be Squadallah Burger) was built on the site after the original building was demolished, though King Harkinian hates the place. However, he tends to go there anyway and reminisce the good old days.