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In Brief

Former maker of basic joke-y YTPs, now creator of more elaborate story-based ones. Likes to use Michael Rosen and CD-i as main sources for stories, alongside various other sources as side characters.


Nintendom64 started making pretty terrible spadinner YTPs in June of 2012 aged 14, and got nowhere. These were made using WMM, and were mostly of the Super Mario World cartoons, with some CD-i sources thrown in. Towards the end of the year he started to expand to sources such as Billy Mays and, significantly, Michael Rosen.

In early 2013, he acquired Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and got minor recognition for making Michael Rosen YTPs using it, mostly thanks to entering the Clean Rosen Collab. Despite these rendering poorly, they were liked by the community, including by several people who went on to become significant and well known figures in the community such as DylanCliff111, RootNegativeSixteen, and RobGBA. In spite of this, he interacted very little outside of a few YouTube comments and the entering of collabs. He continued to make videos in much the same style into 2014, gaining the modest amount of 400 subs, when he briefly decided to quit to focus on undertaking GCSEs. This didn't last long however, and he instead chose to put his channel on a sort of hiatus until after they were over.

In 2015, after the Michael Rosen 69th Birthday Collab, he decided that he was no longer interested in making Rosen YTPs as he had before, publicly announcing this in the form of a video. This was around the time he had started using his Twitter account to interact with the community more. From then until the end of the year, all his YTPs focused more on obscure sources, and were typically multi-source, as a few of his later Rosen videos had been. It was during this period of interaction that he started to improve his editing abilities, and managed to solve the picture quality issue which had plagued his previous work. These, though less memorable, were seemingly still liked by the viewers and his newfound friends in the community, and allowed him to pass the 1K subs mark (something of minor significance).

In late 2015, he hosted his first collab, the Classic Sources Collab (released in January 2016), which focused on the older 'Spadinner' sources he had used heavily in 2012. This was received quite well and, thanks to the animated entries of 256Pi, Mighteyes and MeleeMario720, got him interested in pursuing animated YTPs himself. This lead him to revisiting Michael Rosen as a source, since Nintendom thought that he was a good source to start with for a protagonist, and from there he created a short animated entry to the 10 Seconds of Rosen Collab 3, which he intended to lead itself into a full length animated story for the Michael Rosen 70th Birthday Collab. The video in question was "(YTP) The Quest for Forehead Rosen", which he made in collaboration with another Rosen YTPer with an interest in making animated videos, AlyxOrSomething. This was received excellently, being praised as the standout of the collab by many, including its host ThePlamzJoker. During its production, he got a new computer and switched from Premiere Pro 2.0 to Adobe Creative Cloud software.

In late 2015, he released "YTP - The Rosen Venture [Part 9]", the ninth installment in an episodic series of story-based Michael Rosen YTPs started by DrHotelMario. This has been met by largely positive feedback, and from here he has gone on to make more of his own story YTPs, primarily centering around Michael or Zelda CD-i characters.

First YTP Seen

Unknown, but most likely a CD-i poop.

First YTP Made

"YouTube Poop: Mama Luigi Rescues Gay Luigi" (now deleted and lost forever).


Nintendom64's typical style is relatively simplistic, employing a heavy use of sentence mixing, stutter loop, sus jokes/palindromes, and other standard poopisms.

More recently, his work includes higher amounts of keyframed animation and masking, and often contains some form of storyline. His animated work is also notable for its distinctly cartoonish feel and the lack of general poopisms, outside of the sources used and some small references.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software


  • Nintendo
  • CD-i
  • Animated or story-based YTPs
  • Cartooning
  • Animation
  • Referring to himself in third person for the purposes of a more formal sounding article


  • People taking YTP too seriously
  • Drama
  • A significant amount of his older videos


  • Older content too simplistic
  • High use of slapstick in current videos
  • Inept with effects


  • Gained attention of some more significant YTPers such as ChickenPika for his earlier videos
  • Gaining more of a following for his recent animated YTPs
  • 3,000 of them subscribers wot people dun wont to get
  • Collabed with Psyneku and Poops4theWorld on one occasion
  • Rosen Venture 9 was met with a lot of praise from the community
  • Made friends and had fun in the YTP community
  • Organised a unique collab story YTP "King and Mick's Bready Adventure" with Mighteyes




  • Main YouTube channel[1]
  • Alt YouTube channel[2]
  • [3]