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Falcon Punch

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The Falcon Punch is a truly incredible attack. It creates a burning phoenix which, on contact, causes the victim to spontaneously combust. Sadly, it has since sold out and become a tired Internet meme, in addition to an energy drink known as "Falcon Punch!®".

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Black Shadow after being hit by a Falcon Punch.





People Who Can Use The Falcon Punch[edit]

People Who Got Killed Over/By A Falcon Punch[edit]

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  • Patented by Captain Falcon.
  • The Engineer has also managed to contain the power of the Falcon Punch, using it as ammo in his guns.
  • Ganondorf has his own variant of the Falcon Punch. However, it's much slower, purple and not Falcon.
  • Ma-Ti, the lame Planeteer with the power of Heart gains this power when the planeteers are lead by either Al Gore or Comrade Planet. May also be activated by time travel to World War II. (See Goldberg1337's work for more information)