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Name: Goofy
Appears In: Goof Troop, Goofy Movie, Kingdom Hearts, and more
Sex: Male
Age: 60
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Who knows...
Played By: Bill Farmer

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Goofy was found ditched as a newborn in 1950 and left at the outskirts of Camden, New Jersy. He was later found by Dr. Rabbit who raised him as his own son. After his adoptive father went a little too far when teaching Goofy how to brush and floss properly, Goofy ran away from home and into Donald's house where he hid himself in the basement's crawlspace.

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Teenage life[edit]

Goofy was a total dunce during his teenager years; he failed to pass any subject and had a horrible social life, but Mickey Mouse bribed the teachers to pass him. He got in fights with Jafar and had Donald as his college roommate. In 1982, his wife gave birth to a child and died six minutes and thirty-six seconds later. She was 29.

Recent years[edit]


Was hired by Mickey, who now controlled a powerful company, to be his royal bodyguard together with Donald. He later met Sora and joined him in his epic quest for... actually, what are they doing anyway?

Goofy currently works as a schoolteacher who unfortunately has to put up with the mischief caused by George the Class Clown. He also owns a Ferrari.


  • Hanging out with Sora.
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It finally happened; Goofy's down in the dumps.


  • Acting normal for a change.
  • Goofy Goober

Hated by[edit]


  • His favorite flavor of ice cream is garlic.
  • He uses shields as weapons, much like Captain America. That's kind of... goofy!
  • He's able to perform the Falcon Punch
  • Stars in educational films about how to do things.