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Scrooge McDuck isn't going to help you; please help clean these articles. This article needs to be cleaned up. You can help by editing it to make it cleaner and pitching suggestions on the discussion page.

These articles are disorganized and messy, and need to be cleaned-up and reorganized (preferable by marv from sin city weilding a chainsaw). To nominate an article as dirty, just place {{Dirty}} in it.

To make your job easier, we've organized the articles in this category by reason for needing cleaning.

  • 0 - Zero - Ignored/not categorized.
  • C - Copyright - It would be very rare, but if necessary, an article would require urgent cleaning from copyright.
  • E - Expanding - This article meets the requirements of both I and T below.
  • G - Grammar - The article's grammar needs to be improved.
  • I - Information - The article needs to include more information. This is for articles that feel majorly weird and can't stand alone without information. Otherwise, use the stub template.
  • M - Miscellaneous - Doesn't directly fit into anything above.
  • S - Spelling - The spelling needs improving.
  • T - Tone - The tone of the article needs improving, usually to be adapted for a pseudo-satirical Wiki.