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Microsoft Home Promotional Video

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Name: Microsoft Home Promotional Video
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Promotional Video
Created By: Microsoft
Year Created: 1995

First Poop: YouTube Poop: Windows 96


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Microsoft Bob was part of Microsoft Home. He was also Clippy's best friend. And now you know why most of Microsoft Home sucks.
{{#ev:youtube|aMmtzmGx1EY|320}}YouTube Poop: Windows 96 by masterghm

A promotional video that supposedly teaches you how Microsoft Home products are good, and are great for anyone. It actually teaches you that alligators eat logos, people are flubber, DOS is going bye-bye, you can untie rope with a Microsoft Natural Keyboard, over-the-top referees are wrong for accusing Microsoft of advertising a product twice, and most importantly, clicking on the right outfit will make you kick ass. However, it can't even teach that stuff properly.

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  • masterstghm
{{#ev:youtube|U6z2zfoi16g|320}}The original video, in all it's glory.

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