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Charlie Sheen

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Name: Charlie Sheen
Sex: Of Course
Age: 45
Nationality: Mexican (Many believe he is American)
Occupation(s): Actor
Played By: Himself

Charlie Sheen is a man who is so called "winning". Though many believe he is bipolar, he is in fact "biwinning". Sources still have not explained who or what he is winning against or for.

He is also in his own house. With 2 women.... yeah....


Charlie Sheen is actually an illegal immigrant from Mexico known as Carlos Irwin Estevez and ran to America and hid on the set of the film Platoon. To keep himself hidden, he created the alias Charlie Sheen, and said he was the son Martin Sheen. The director, believing he was the son of a legend, decided to cast him in Platoon. Not much is known after that, some saying that film either failed or won an Oscar.

After a while, Charlie Sheen wanted to complete his life ambition to become a baseball player. He accidentally came across the set of Major League and was supposedly in that film. He thought the whole time he was actually playing baseball since he was a real crack head.

He took over the lead character roll in Spin City, and it's rating spun out of control until the series was canceled in 2002.

Later in life he would star in Hot Shots and Scary Movie 3 and 4 to get some more cash, even though he was making millions on Two and a Half Men.

He was fired from Two and a Half Men after he said something like CBS sucks or something. He now does a show on UStream, and is probably going to die of either brain malfunction or some disease he got from some girl (I mean do you know how many girls this guy has slept with?!?)

In addition, he is also the brother of the actor Emilio Estevez, who is known from movies such as the Breakfast Club (1985) and the Mighty Ducks (1992).

He also drinks tiger blood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.

Hated by[edit]

  • CBS
  • Denise Richards
  • Emilio Estevez
  • Martin Sheen
  • Mexico Republic
  • You
{{#ev:youtube|mEwt7MKLq88|320}}Here he is!




People not slept with[edit]

  • Men, because he likes the ladies so much that James Bond would be jealous.