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Uncle Phil

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Uncle Phil in all his glory.

Name: Phillip Banks
Appears In: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Sex: Male
Age: 68
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Lawyer, Judge

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Phil couldn't support his children's lives, so he decided to join to the Chocolate Helicoptor's Army.

Uncle Phil (B. 1946, D. 2013) was Will Smith's uncle/father on Family Matters The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


  • "Pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes."
  • "What the heck is this?!"

Important Information[edit]

  • He had a pet pig.
  • He once attempted to murder Will.
  • He doesn't like Christmas lights.
  • He once burned thousands of dollars.
  • He wants some cake.
  • He doesn't want Will to be on Oprah.
  • He is obese.
  • He has not thrown any bums in jail.
  • He has magical powers.
  • He is the best character on Fresh Prince.
  • He is evil.
  • He has a brother who's the father from Family Matters.
  • He acts as a father figure.
  • He actually gave birth to Will, despite Will referring to him as his "uncle."
  • He was invented by Dr. Robotnik.
  • He is a newcomer of Youtube Poop.
  • He used to like James Brown.
  • He got thrown out of his own house.
  • He will calm down if you offer him a Kit-Kat Bar. (Give me a break, Give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar.)
  • He isn't Rick James you fucking bitch!
  • He's obsessed with pillow-y mounds of mashed potatoes, butter-drenched turkey sauce, and tiny onions with dressing of butter cream.
  • He voiced Shredder on TMNT.
  • He does not look like a white guy named Ward.
  • He is from South Carolina.
  • He's sorry that he screwed scientists once.
  • He has copies of Playboy from 1964 in his bathroom.
  • He spent about 8 weeks as a Monk in an undisclosed location.
  • He's been jacking Thanksgiving pies since 1953.
  • Tyler The Creator wants to change his name to Uncle Phil, because every girl he deals and fucks is always against her will.


On December 31, 2013, the actor who played Uncle Phil, James Avery, died from complications of open heart surgery, so Uncle Phil is now dead by connection.