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Dinosaur Adventure

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Name: dinosaur adventure
Country of Origin: Italy
Type of Source: Video Game
Created By: Dingo Pictures/Phoenix Games
Year Created: 2006

Dinosaur Adventure is a PS2 video game taken from a German cartoon movie, just like Animal Soccer World. It is a popular source in Italy, where its characters are known as "Anthropomorphous Dinosaurs (with Ambiguous Voices)".


In a world where dinosaurs cohabit with gorillas and gazelles, two dinosaurs are waiting for their egg to hatch.

When the egg finally hatches, an extra-cute dinosaurs comes out, and they decide to call him "Tio", after their Spanish uncle.

The pedophile pterodactyl Cree starts to fuck Tio every day, and Tio's father, worried about AIDS, orders him not to see Cree anymore. Plus, he enters Tio to old Oro's school. Tio tries to convince Cree to teach him how to fly. Cree initially doesn't agree, but then he pushes Tio down a cliff, causing him a TBI.

When Tio is ok again, he starts to attend Oro's school. Oro is an adorable and totally crazy old guy, who built a machine to foresee earthquakes. All of a sudden, his machine starts to make noises, and he believes an earthquake is coming. No one trust him, and they're right. There is no earthquake incoming, but a volcanic eruption, motherfuckers!

To make it short, the volcano erupts, everyone dies but Tio, Oro, Cree and Tio's girlfriend. They find out some dinosaurs are become carnivorous, and eventually they find Tio's family, who had another baby, called Tio II (read: Tio the Second).


  • Tio: A stupid baby Dino who thinks he can learn to fly.
  • Tio's Parents: Two imbeciles who treat their son like a private.
  • Cree
  • Peek: A stegosaurus who only speaks in rhyme. He's drawn using the ass.
  • Fa: Tio's girlfriend,and later sister.
  • Naked narrator: A featherless bird who tells the story.
  • Pointless black bird: A black bird who listens to the narrator.
  • Ak: A triceratops who became carnivorous.
  • Oro: The crazy teacher

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