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Dr. Rabbit Comes To School

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An AIDS free version of Dr Rabbit exists in this rather extraordinary live puppet version. It was released in 2003.

The video involves a girl named Alphabetty who loves the alphabet(get it???), who sings about Dr Rabbit and makes a sacrifice to the gods to summon him. Doctor is then summoned to the real world to destroy all that exists, all that is life and love. We are all doomed.

In reality, Alphabetty sings a song on the guitar about Doctor Rabbit coming to the school of the children she's singing about. She then asks them to call doctor rabbit, who then appears from behind a box. He then does the predictable- he preaches about brushing your teeth and oral health and blah blah blah... An added bonus is he is also teaching you about the alphabet. Either Dr. Rabbit started to expand his practice or he lost his medical license.

Oh, and there's also Dougan, a "super duper brushing champion."

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  • No one knows where it's from
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