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Powerpuff Girls

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THEY WILL EAT YOUR CHILDREN (well, except for Bubbles)


They were originally supposed to be sugar, spice, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. But then Professor Utonium "accidentally" added Chemical X they turned into evil pubescent thingies that will BITE YOUR HEAD OFF.

The Powerpuff Girls[edit]

Buttercup is always watching you.

Leader of the trio. Often tries to prove that she's pretty much perfect in every way. She even claims to know the secret to the Cave of Uctions. She may have found the cure to Super AIDS, but refuses to tell, because she doesn't find anyone worthy enough to know, except herself.

The dim one in the group. Often squeals nonsense about animals, flowers, and pudding. Occasionally turns into MOJO JOJOJOJOJOJO from time to time and goes batshit crazy whenever somebody says the wrong name, the name being "Bubbles" of course. She is a stereotype of every blonde girl in the real world.

Buttercup The butch one of the group. Often ignored by fans, because they are far too busy drawing hentai of her sisters, which causes her to go into bursts of masculine rage. She is the less likely of the three to grow up into a lesbian, even though they all have good chances of being lesbians themselves.