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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!

Ye probably got CHEESEBURGERS in those gloves, have ye Mac?! -Aran Ryan

No, it's a CHEESEBURGER! -Ronald McDonald

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A cheeseburger.

Cheeseburgers are a type of hamburger that has cheese on it, usually American or Cheddar. They are commonly eaten at burger restaurants around the world with fries and a Coke.

They were first invented in the United States of America, and are a famous American delicacy. As of today, the number 1 fan of cheeseburgers is Aran Ryan, who has cheeseburgers in his gloves.

Toppings That You Can Get on a Cheeseburger

Liked By

Disliked By

  • Vegans
  • Ingrid Newkirk
  • People who want to be healthy.
  • Jewish people - Mixing meat and dairy is un-kosher.
  • Hindus - Cows are very sacred animals to Hindus. They don't mind non-beef cheeseburgers, though.
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Canned cheeseburger.


  • In Germany, they make canned cheeseburgers, which taste like shit.
  • Have to do with LOLcats
  • Can be made of beef, buffalo, ostrich, or any ground meat.
  • Can be grilled, fried, broiled, or even microwaved (though microwaved burgers suck).
  • Eating too many will make one become fat.
  • Sasebo, a city on the west coast of Japan, prides itself on its cheeseburgers, and often promotes itself as "Burger Town".
  • They also make cheeseburger Hot Pockets, which are DELICIOUS.
  • Big City Sliders, a smaller version of a cheeseburger, should be avoided at all costs, as they will attack your family, and cause agonizing discomfort.

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