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This article refers to the prefecture. For the main protagonist of One Punch Man, such an article does not yet exist....

埼玉県のマスコット、コバトン。 1978年のユーチュハンガーゲームズの参加者。[Saitama prefecture's mascot, Kobaton. Also a participant in the Youchew Hunger Games.]

Saitama prefecture [埼県] is a landlocked prefecture in Japan, north of Tokyo. It is the 5th most populated prefecture in Japan, next to Aichi, Osaka, Kanagawa, and Tokyo metropolis.

Saitama is also the setting of many different anime and manga.

埼玉に住む人々 [Characters who live in Saitama][edit]

  • The cast of Lucky Star (Kasukabe/Washimiya)
  • The cast of Crayon Shin-Chan (also Kasukabe)
  • Various Initial D characters
  • The cast of My Neighbour Totoro (Sayama)
  • Various others.

に嫌われた [Disliked By][edit]

トリビア [Trivia][edit]

  • One Punch Man is largely based off of the prefecture; the main character is even named "Saitama".
  • Twinned with the US state of Ohio.
    • In addition, the capital city, also called Saitama, is a sister city of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Honda Motor Company has a large manufacturing presence in Saitama, with plants in Ogawa, Yorii, and Sayama, also shared with Saitama's sister state of Ohio.
  • The prefectural bird is the Eurasian Collared Dove [シラコバト shirakobato].
  • Is known for leeks (mostly around Fukaya and Koshigaya) and sweet potato (mostly Kawagoe).
  • Is the home of the baseball Seibu Lions, and the Saitama Super Arena.
  • Has a rivalry with Chiba prefecture, mostly seen in baseball (against the Chiba Lotte Marines).
  • Is also a large producer of sake.
  • Has several high-performance vehicles in their police fleet, most famously an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, mostly intended for highway patrol duties.
  • Was the venue of the 45th Youchew Hunger Games, at the Saitama Super Arena.
  • Asteroid 5618 Saitama, discovered in 1990, is named after Saitama.