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Nintendo 64

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Name of Object: Nintendo 64
Year(s) Made: 1996
Use(s): Game System
Country of Origin: Japan

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Two alternately-coloured Nintendo 64s. These particular colour schemes were released only in Japan and Europe.

The Nintendo 64 was the eighth game system released by Nintendo, and their last home console to use cartridges until the Nintendo Switch. It was released in Japan and the United States in 1996, and Europe and Australia in 1997.

It unfortunately was outsold by the Playstation during its lifespan, to which many cite the use of cartridge-based media as opposed to the Playstation's CD-based media as a contributing factor (CDs meant that games could be much larger in filesize; Nintendo 64 games, in comparison, often had to strip out things such as audio and FMVs to conserve space). Despite this, over time it has been proven to be the most well-remembered of consoles of the generation. Many of the Nintendo 64's games reached "Best of All Time" lists, and some were also remade on newer systems like the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Wii.

Notable Games


  • In Japan, a disk drive add-on (similar to the Famicom Disk System) existed, called the 64DD. Unfortunately, it did so poorly in Japan that an international release never happened.
  • Some games received graphical updates from the usage of an expansion pack, which added extra RAM to the Nintendo 64. A few games required the expansion pack altogether to be played.
  • It was the last Nintendo console in Korea to be sold through Hyundai under the "Comboy" brand. Later systems would be sold in Korea directly by Nintendo.
  • It was the first Nintendo console to support four players from the box. The NES and SNES, granted, had four-player games, but these required special devices like the Four Score.
  • Receives much more credit today than it did back in the day.
  • It was once the subject of a popular internet video, called the Nintendo 64 Kid, which involved a kid flipping his shit over getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.