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Tennisicon.png Dew is a frequent Poop Tennis player.
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A nonbinary trans-woman YTPer who rose to prominence in 2011 and 2012 and accumulated "a very large cult following" of as many as 1,474 subscribers with a total amount of somewhere around 120 solo videos by the end of 2013 and a heavy participator in YTP Tennis, becoming the first to reach 100 completed matches as of this writing, and so far holds the record for this feat accomplished in the shortest amount of time (5 years, 2 months, 2 weeks). She has befriended, collaborated and/or associated with nearly every circle of the YTP Community past and present and is known as the principle organizer and original uploader of The Robotnik Collab III in 2012, the longest major collaboration ever produced at the time. She has been noted by commentators for her unique incorporation of both existing and original music into her videos and the abstract storytelling structure of her latter-day tennis rounds.

She is a considerably skilled musician and artist in addition, continuing to produce new material into the present, although at times a slower pace than in previous years. During her 2014-2016 period, she successfully managed to recapture a following of 1,500+ subscribers. She resumed sporadic video activity once again in June 2018, following a nearly two year hiatus.


{{#ev:youtube|nXlWTtXhDtQ|320}}The first YTPish video dew saw
{{#ev:youtube|eWteqsZk3NQ|320}}Another one of the first seen, this which a much more colorful variety of sources

In June of 2009, almost immediately after graduating middle school, dew was looking on youtube through a series of videos known widely as The Lazer Collections, of which at the time there was only 2, before coming across a number of videos that were jokingly billed as the Lazer Collection 3, or some other relevant title. Characteristically none of these videos used any juvenile stick figure flash animation but instead opted for existing material, which was almost entirely of sources that had withstanding popularity within the world of YTP i.e. Hotel Mario, Super Mario World, Zelda CDI, and AosTH. The first of these he found was one titled simply "It's a Laser Collection" which featured all of these, and was also the first time he had ever heard WTF BOOM which he thought was incredibly hilarious. Around the same time dew also discovered YTPMV, primarily MrRoboto113's "Doctor Octagonapus 1", and a separate interest toward musically oriented videos/YTPMV in general would develop along the same time as YTP itself though would fizzle out by around 2012-2013 for various reasons.

The interest in this type of videos would continue with the discovery of videos by Link123456, who technically made the first YTP proper that dew would see in "Mario's Silly Words", a video long since gone that dew still wishes to see the eventual return of some day. Others he found were Dexter661994 and his primarily Ed, Edd, and Eddy YTPs, all of which were edited in Movie Maker, as well as big name "Flash YTPers" such as ssbbmaster33, CraaaazyCat113 and a then completely unknown Geibuchan, who would be a long standing favorite and even eventually a great friend and sporadic collaborator, which dew considers this to be a considerable highlight of his overall career. His method of finding new videos to watch at this time would be by primarily searching the front page, and through this he would find MTB710, the first really "fast paced effect heavy" YTPer he had seen by this point (though ssbbmaster33 had elements of this style in his work) and his "Braw Taunts" video would be one he would have much interest in. A major turning point came in November 2009 when he found on the front page a video by a user named DualScreen77 known as "Gaston Slays a Furry", a YTP using largely Beauty and the Beast that had garnered noticable popularity. From the related videos he discovered for the first time Stuart K. Reilly's Youtube Poop News, at the time only 5 months old and still being hosted from YTPnews1, particularly the episode that talked about not only DualScreen's video but also similar ones made by two other YTPers named BillyMorshu and JakeSteel0121, in what was the first collab that dew would ever see. From this point, Stuart's news episodes became his biggest source of information in terms of YTP in general. From it he learned about the fact these kind of videos were made most commonly using Sony Vegas, although other editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker were also known to be used, as well as being able to keep up on some level what seemed to be happening within the supposed nucleus of this community that dew had no idea was around until then. He credits Stu for basically being the reason why he is here today, as he learned the initial essentials of getting started as well as getting introduced to just about everyone he's ever known still knows to this day.

By January 2010 dew had a clear motivation to start making videos like this on his own, though initially it was to be in a more humor-oriented style much like that of those he originally followed. He did not, however, have a clear idea of how to obtain software in order to make these videos; he at this time was completely clueless to the concept of pirating, so he figured that the only way this was to ever happen was if he obtained the software through legal purchase, which he would spend much of this year collecting the money for through various work/chores. In the meantime, he would continue to keep an eye on YTP and watch it evolve and keep up on certain events, finding more YTPers through various collabs and at this time beginning to notice tennis for the first time. He would make the first version of his account on April 30, 2010, to save for the day when he would begin his long journey to be.

Tennis was yet another thing introduced to him through Stuart K. Reilly, as he one day happened what appeared to be a tennis match between him and PresidentofJelybeans(PoJ) that never made it past Round 3. Through simulatenously discovering PoJ at this same time, he found and watched the first ever tennis match that dew would see in the form of him vs. TheChairman45. The idea was immediately attractive to him, as he also proceeded to see matches that happened between them and two other Robotnik-centered YTPers, pilli10 and LieutenantGwo (also found through Stu, as they were all good friends), all four of whom played each other at least once and toward the end of the year attempted a messive Robotnik 4-Way tennis, which never made it past TheChairman's Round 6. At this particular time, dew had the plan to be a tenniser part-time, but in no ways planned to become as involved as he would.

{{#ev:youtube|VMcK_JfGjDI|320}}dew's first video

Come September 2010, dew had accumulated approxamitely 400 dollars, most of which would go toward a theater trip he would take to the city of Ashland, OR with a troupe of rather colorful individuals to see the prestigious Shakespeare festival, which dew thinks of as an absolutely magical and artistically revealing experience. He would cleverly save 100 dollars of his money for his return trip and upon returning would buy a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0; his ticket into the YTP-making scheme. He would rather devastatingly discover however that it could not work on his computer at all, and that it could only be opened in his parents computer, which was a version higher than his at this time (He started with XP, while they had already a Windows 7). Feeling once again stumped, he retreated again to find more alternatives, attempting this time to try to pirate Vegas 8, of which every time was unsuccessful. His first attempt at this would provide his first glimpse at the YouChewPoop forums as he would find the links to the software from it, though he at this time had no plans to join the forum itself.

Finally, in December 2010, Stuart K. Reilly uploaded a new Youtube Poop News episode advertising and praising a newly discovered free editing softweare known as Videopad, and providing a download link to it in the videos description. dew immediately jumped at this opprotunity and at long last could now start making videos. He would produce his first, "MARIO DUHR PLUMBER BECOMES A DISLICENSED ELECTRICIAN", on December 5, and throughout the month make a series of videos using the same editor. Toward the end of the month he would then become interested in joining collabs, and rather ironically join the YouChewPoop forums for the intention of being able to join HotFriedSkadoosh's Jim Henson Muppet Collab, which he was able to do in the nick of time. The account he currently uses now is actually an accidentally made alt account, created for the original purpose that he didn't like how he spelled the username of his first one.


For the first month of 2011 he would experiment with editing with both a combination of VideoPad and Adobe Premiere Elements, which would very easily prove to be incredibly troublesome and the products turned out would be less than satisfactory to him. By the end of January however he would finally get his hands on Sony Vegas 5, and slowly start to make videos that were closer to his vision. His first exposure started to come from the attention that he recieved from a moderately unknown YTPer known as chemistryguy, who would subsequently explode in popularity out of nowhere and also become known as the oldest YTPer in the world at age 41.

{{#ev:youtube|qMEbvuMFhZU|320}}dew's first tennis round

His first foray into tennis came in February, when he accepted within the same week to play 3 different tennis matches, one with Smonge, at the time having yet to be either Moderator or Janitor, one with TheRazorEdge and djninjalovemistake, and one with CaptainStringCheese and Axe995. He would become good friends with all of these players, with some relationships lasting to the present day. He would also start posting in the Tennis Cafe around March, where he would be immediately welcomed by then-regulars NS2, superkoffee and Billion, due in part that the four of them lived in the same state. A four way match between all of them would also be attempted but would prove to overall fall flat. dew would subsequently come to meet superkoffee IRL as of this writing 5 times, the first in 2011 and the most recent in December 2016(in 2012 he would also meet Billion), and still keeping in occasional contact in the present.

Dew developed a heavy interest in more effect heavy tennis after looking into more the videos of Gamebop, MycroProcessor, BSP666c, TheChutley, Kurkop, CorruptionSound, Chrisgendo, AshcrementVII, Metzgorrre and LeSuperKoffee, discovering many effects and editing techniques that he did not expect to see in more effect-heavy tennis, leading him to start going on a search for new effect plugins/software for experimental use. One of these known as VisualJockey he got from a link provided by CorruptionSound, and for a time was a characteristic element of his earlier tennis style. He would also at this time witness videos that would eventually manifest itself into an equal interest and love for more simpler-edited videos, primarily in the works of RAKninja, Crash2991, JazzDanceForChildren, TangerineImpz, and Emperor Ing. His first full "classic styled match" would be started with Diosbabilonia in August 2011, eventually finishing in November. He would also develop a constantly growing interest in Tennis's overall history, and to this day still watches and sometimes reviews tennis matches before his time out of complete curiosity and fascination with the sport.

In May dew hit his first 100 subscribers, and celebrated with a video commending the achievement. Soon afterward, he then joined in a competition started and hosted by Youchew Member/YTPer JoeTheBlueDragon, designed to bring attention to "up-and-coming" YTPers within the community by using classic sources in new ways, which dew thought he fit the description of pretty well. The competition made it through the Rounds for I.M. Meen, Robotnik, Doctor Rabbit, and Mama Luigi, but stagnated and never completed at the Zelda CDI Round, although by the current standings of the player scores dew supposedly had won by an incredible landslide. He had by this point anyway started to become more heavily involved with tennis, though would still try to put out solo work as often as he could.

On September 4, 2011, dew's old computer suddenly experienced an electrical surge that permenantly damaged its functionality, and for most of the month he remained out of service from videos as he eventually had everything transferred over to a brand new Windows 7, which resides as the current system he uses to this day. He resumed his work in October, signing up for his official first Tennis Tournament, the Doubles Cup II, in October, and by complete stroke of luck end up paired alongside pokruk, at the time his absolute favorite tenniser. The tournament would however, in his own words, be "him vs. everyone" for the most part in that pokruk would be questionably cooperative to the point of only making up one second of their last collab round together, in which dew would be forced to secretly impersonate him for most of the video and did not reveal that this took place until sometime in 2013. He was nonetheless able to play all the way to the final match, in which he would face both ChrisGendo and AshcrementVII, with RobochaoXX now stepping in as his new partner, who was able to work much more cooperatively. He played with considerable strength as he at this time wanted very much to win, but would inevitably be defeated by his opponants, who collaborated so cohesively well together that many considered their work together to be rather inspiring. dew would nonetheless be a good sport about it, showing much enthusiasm for the next event.

{{#ev:youtube|DlNIJ_JrIHg|320}}Goofstep 20-11X, one of dew's most cult-famous videos

Halloween 2011 marks the day when dew claims that his videos finally reached a point where he could watch them and easily enjoy them much more than he had before, and the rest of his videos from then to the year's end are some of the first of his most influential work. He would enter in a collab hosted by Therazoredge known as the "buzzing/under one frame stutter collaboration", in which the goal in mind was to primarily feature that particular editing technique, which dew took as "make the ENTIRE VIDEO buzzing". As a result, his entry, titled "buzz" in humorous reference to it being entirely made of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 2, was easily the most popular entry in this collab, and some notable names such as Gamebop and Skrimpish would take positive notice of it.

The last video of the year he would make, "GoofStep 20-11X" would be particularly influential. It was entered into the sequel of a conceptual collab originally started by Smonge, "The Simplicity Collab", of which this sequel was hosted by chemistryguy. The video featured largely very simple edits using the Mickey Mouse cartoon "Moving Day", which was largely centered around Goofy, frequently venturing into segments where movement and clip sequencing was synced to a drum beat, which dew created by recording a drum preset in his newly acquired CASIO Keyboard (a christmas present) through a headset mic (sent to him through mail by superkoffee). The video became the instant favorite of the collab by many people, and it would come to acquire about 2,000 views in its lifetime. Kurkop would make "always beatz" as a tribute to this video, and many people consider it one of dew's all time best. By 2011's end dew had about 540 subscribers.


Video-wise dew would make his most experimental videos both in tennis and in solo work, experimenting with musically driven editing and atmospheric soundcscaping, and ascend to a high point in terms of activity throughout this year, in the process developing many social connections across the forum.

{{#ev:youtube|liXxHae4MHs|320}}dew's own entry to the Robotnik Collab III

He would acquire FL Studio 10 from milessaway, which would replace his CASIO drums officially in the video "flip out the back door", and also serve as a dominant program he currently uses for musical projects. This particular group would also inspire him to experiment with the phenomenon known as "megapoops", or often lengthy videos that dedicated a certain amount of time to editing a certain source, doing this for several sources, sometimes conceptually linking them all to each other. He would also released a "buzz 2" and a Goofstep sequel using his new drum sounds.

A particular highlight of this year was the collaboration with BMATF in the organization and creation of the Robotnik Collab III, which when initially finished, was the longest collab in history. This won dew a signifigant amount of attention both on youtube and on the forum, and also serving to boost his credibility as a YTPer as BMATF would go on to state that the collab was essentially his, even though he was essential in getting the event started. The way he organized the entries of said collab has been regarded by some to be one of the more brilliant aspects of the collab's success.


dew would also create a seminal YTP inspired by a music video a school friend showed him called "EHT", which would use said music video throughout. This would inspire a collaboration between himself, trepmaws and CreepahWeegie, which was also well recieved.


The minute this year began dew hit 1,000 subscribers on his original account. From this point onward, it seemed almost like a "now what?" kind of moment to him; he had met almost all of his heroes, become a well-known name in YTP while also quickly becoming if not already among of the most active tennisers of the period.

{{#ev:youtube|oGL5xerKPYo|320}}buzz 3
{{#ev:youtube|LnZP9Zs8k8Y|320}}THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY, the title of which is taken from a real-life psychedelic band, reflecting a new and creative sense of ideas in technicality with dew's videos

A brief attempt to take a hiatus from tennis was quickly broken when the Triples Tournament was announced, and Bloodis approached him with the proposition that they finally be able to form the team Triple Baka, under the concept that dew play under the guise of Hatsune Miku while Bloodis play under Kasane Teto, with a soon-to-be-found third player (eventually Rillion) playing Akita Neru. Though they only ever played one match together which they lost, it did very much help to keep dew active within the game, as he continued to play although at a slightly slower pace than before.

His solo videos at this time experienced a transformation into a style that deliberately borrowed from a simpler and sillier style that quickly became one of dew's favorite ways to edit videos and it soon characterized his overall style, almost completely displacing his earlier more heavier one. He would regard most of his solo videos in this year as some of his greatest work, particularly a chain of videos that he started in December 2013 using entirely Jim Carrey's Grinch, intended to be an advent calander sort of series where he would upload one video a day to Christmas, but only got to about 14 before he forced himself to stop and catch his breath. He would also come to finish a "buzz 3", made for a sequel to Therazoredge's buzzing collab, which would be his most elaborate in the trilogy, in addition to another experimental "megapoop" video called THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY", which initially started as a regular video but then gradually descend into psychedelic madness, signifying his changing taste in music around this time. During this year dew almost became the last serving Janitor on the site, and also attempted to host his own Tennis Tournament; both would not come to pass. At the end of the year amidst personal issues dew deleted their channel and disappeared from the forums for a spell for the first time.


dew did in fact begrudgingly return for a brief amount of time after about 3 weeks in late January 2014 after becoming aware of the sudden out-pour of surprise by people who all claimed to be inspired/influenced by his videos and were devestated by their disappearance in addition to the concern of a number of people about his well-being, which he thought no one ever cared about in the slightest. He felt in this a bit of emotional redemption, and upon returning reuploaded a majority of his videos (the 'good' ones) onto a new account, while attempting to compile his old tennis matches into single videos on his still existing tennis alt, which he now dominantly used for tennis. He also continued to manage his tournament for another couple of months, continuing to play in it for at least one more match and also making a few new solo videos, but by March it became clear that this wasn't a comfortable position to be in, and dew subsequently disappeared for a longer period.

For the rest of Spring dew lived in a state of pseudo retirement, redirecting his focus to his art and songwriting, often taking long drives to nowhere in particular and enjoying the scenery while also meditating on music, of which he built an extensive collection made up of both CDs and torrented discographies. Aside from now working a part-time job, he would frequently see more friends and reconnect old relationships during this time, helping himself overall feel in a much happier state of mind, although getting there was quite difficult. He would eventually meet someone through another art friend of his that would greatly give him an emotional boost that he needed, as well as greatly inspiring him to become a much better/happier person than he had been, as well as training himself to not be as socially dependent as he had been in the past which had been a factor that had greatly strained a number of his past relationships. At one point he would eventually lose contact with most of the people due to now entering into college for the first time and thus becoming very busy, but it would be at this point that dew felt at the time he finally became the person he had always been trying to become. He returned to the forum completely unannounced in June 2014, and also eventually came to full time resume making solo videos and tennising just as active as he had done before now on new versions of the old accounts. The Grinch YTP series that he started in 2013 was also revived and fully completed by Christmas day as originally intended, creating what dew has called the most elaborate and greatest YTP related project that he would ever create on his own.

{{#ev:youtube|QRS9GoCkR88|320}}"Not All Robotniks", the title a pun on the phrase Not All Men; dew's first video made on the new channel after returning. Upon inspection, one can notice that the traditional Robotnik YTP formula made famous by Boogidyboo/TheChairman45 is intentionally done in reverse


{{#ev:youtube|i8ww_gOBIx0|320}}The first of the Spongebob videos she made in 2015, showcasing her new style

The beginning of this year marked a major change for dew; after about a year of gender questioning she finally began to come out as transgender on January 11 of this year. She began to chart an entirely new and unexpected direction in her videos, reverting now to her own take on being a Spongebob YTPer, making videos using the source which were characterized by very sudden and comical scene cuts, loud distorted audio with particular emphasis on the more absurd looking/sounding parts of the show (she very rarely goes beyond Season 2 when choosing episodes), and the spontaneously musical intersparsing of primarily the works of Frank Zappa, though other artists such as David Bowie and Mannfred Mann's Earth Band would also be featured. This would be reflected in the custom thumbnails made for most of these videos, as youtube had now implemented this feature for all users, by featuring a rather bizarre visual edit of a character (with a preference for Squidward or Mr. Krabs)and an image of Frank Zappa's face from one of his album covers stuck somewhere in the background usually in plain sight. dew has described this as a rather satirical attempt to see if she could reclaim 1000 subscribers a second time, which would succeed in time. She sites this rather uncharacteristic move as greatly influenced by a similar stylistic switch that TheChutley had taken the previous year, which in turn was influenced by the style of GabrielCol/Fiv95. dew also managed to successfully reclaim most of her old material at the beginning of March.

For the next couple of months dew was moderately prolific, beginning to expand the ideas of her new videos by creating a YTP-dedicated tumblr focused on telling tales of happenings within "The Dewniverse", a world made up of media and music frequently ravaged by a benevolent being known as "The Frank Zapper" and his associate "Captin Beef-Hort", and many other characters featuring similarly intentionally silly bastardizations of real life popular music figures, while also showing the newest uploads of material dew would produce. The style of her videos began to veer just slightly, though in not any major way, toward the style that she conceived at the start of her career, currently milling through something of a backlog of many of her first ideas in some of her most recent videos.

{{#ev:youtube|303Qwsx1rkU|320}}RobotNike drinks and goes home

At one point in time 4 consecutive videos were each made in a different house in a different city, from THE AMAZING PLANK to RobotNike Drinks, the latter of which was inspired by a spontaneous video uploaded by LesbianMagnet, in a radically departed style from when he uploaded under

{{#ev:youtube|EhiM7oyjB8o|320}}The first of the BONELORD trilogy

A spontaneous bit of mischief on tumblr between him and a mutual follower whom were talking about underrated disney movies; The Black Cauldron in particular, were the genesis of one of dew’s own personal favorite series of videos. Upon having memories of the ridiculously "dark" villian that was the almighty skeleton man The Horned King, dew posted a slew of snapshots from the Black Cauldron of mostly the Horned King accompanied by ridiculous and humorous captions, later gaining the inspiration to translate this over into YTP form. From there the BONELORD THE MAGNIFICENT trilogy was born, characterised by their return to an abrasively loud SeductiveBaz-esque style and often featuring the music of ABBA in scenes where the Horned King is edited to dance. By complete surprise the videos caught the attention of none other than Ricesnot, who spoke positively of the nostalgic atmosphere the videos envoked as well as expressing great desire in obtaining the source used itself.

Between June and July 2015 dew also put together a compilation of her top 60 personal favorite YTPs featuring videos spanning between 2007-2015, with the newest being Stuart K. Reilly's "Robin Hood puts the Knot in Nottingham" and either DukeofFortuneMan's "A Nature Show of Sorts" or Dexter661994's "Youtube Poop: I changed some dickies!" being the oldest. The #1 choice was a by-comparison relatively unknown Geibuchan video titled "Lumiere's Gang Afflicted Dinner Flambe of Tomfoolery", which dew had by coincidence first watched only minutes after the video had first uploaded - according to her, the thumbnail had not even processed yet. She claims this video is criminally underrated compared to the videos surrounding it, most of which easily surpassed 10,000 views when that video somehow stalled at only 4,000. In an earlier draft of the Top 60 there were no videos representing the year 2012 and only one representing 2013, which was averted when adjusting for the precise amount of videos being shown altogether and also adding in a video in a middle spot that pushed out the video that was originally listed as #60, "YTP - Cookie Monster's Epic Journey" by TheGrumpyGreenGiant(2008), in exchange for lugialga's "Youtube Poop: THERE'S SPAGHETTI AFOOT!! =O" which was originally listed at #59.

{{#ev:youtube|-P9LlAZMRLA|320}}The Gang Gets a Nose Ring

From August to the end of October 2015 many videos were made during this period, the first being "The Gang Gets a Nose Ring" using one of her favorite childhood movies, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, which was a hit among her fans. Her videos would be made in a variety of places around the city she was based; ultamitely she would make 17 videos of the course of this time, and on October 11th, she reached 1,000 subscribers for the second time on her new channel.

On December 3rd Youchew's Design Staff was revived and dew managed to secure a position on it, being among one of only 3 members including Fiddlesticks411 and Combuskenisawesome, both people she was acquainted with, making for a rare all-female staff on the forum for a short time. She made no haste in making sure contributions were made, contributing heavily to a new Christmas skin on the forum as well as a new regular skin recycled from it(surprising herself in the process with the amount of CSS she somehow remembered in accomplishing this) and making other small contributions including the Staff's icon, helping the Design Staff be seen as a successful outlet.


From the start it was evident that dew was now starting to slow down as well as gradually shifting more focus away from videos and more toward personal projects. On the YTP side of things, her recent output has largely been the product of periods involving nothing else to do and relative boredom, otherwise being created through the sudden thought of an idea she has found incredibly funny. This is especially apparent in "yoder", "empero pop machine" and "friend wars: revenge of the friend", which came about as the hype surrounding the recently-released The Force Awakens was at its height and dew like many others had been rewatching the previous films. She currently considers these videos to be among her greatest product, and while she still has a backlog of ideas, she is uncertain if or when she will execute them. On the flipside she has been as active in tennis as ever, although has made frequent mention of retiring, and as such intends for her participation in the Match Voting Tournament, the first tournament in which she had played strictly as a regular participant since 2013, as her last. She became on April 25, 2016 the first tennis player to complete 100 tennis matches, and as such became the first recipient of the associated forum medal, "Live to Tennis", which had sat dormant and unused for nearly 6 years. Dew departed ways with YouChew and YouTube Poop in general around July 2016 and deleted both of her YouTube accounts to focus on her personal life for good. In August 2017, dew sent a majority of the videos she had that hadn’t been reuploaded to the official reupload account run by Valkiriforce to preserve her work; including 5 unreleased/unfinished videos made between 2013-2016.


{{#ev:youtube|LL-QZsebd9s|320}}RETUUUURRRN OF THE MACK(IT IS)

On January 13, 2018, Dew made a surprise return to the YouChew forums, and on June 13th, 2018 she uploaded a brand new poop to a new channel, effectively coming out of retirement and back into the poop scene. Initially her activity was sparse and sporadic, and continued to be until September 2019. Around this time, dew was approached by VidTens443 asking for advice and guidance on the development of a new tennis tournament, a competition titled the Tennis League V, the sequel to an earlier competition dew had made signifigant contributions to, the Tennis League IV, and the first tournament held on Youchew-successor site YTPMania. In addition to providing feedback and guidance on its formation, dew's involvement in the tournament gradually grew and grew until eventually, she was helping to host the tournament and participate in the tournament, effectively coming out of tennis retirement after 3 years. She was also granted a permission on YTPMania's Cafe staff after becoming fully committed to sticking around and help foster a new generation of tennisers on a new forum. She also became heavily involved in the building of through cleaning up the revived wiki and assisting in archiving videos, and today remains active on a level not seen in some time, now with much better time and energy management than in previous years. She has become something more of a senior figure in the community than she has in the past, being at the helm of some of the latest projects and developments meant for the persistence and preservation of Youtube Poop entirely as a creative medium.

One unreleased video, made for a collaboration with close friend Geibuchan and containing material made as early as April 2015 and as late as February 2017, has yet to surface and the collaboration is still in progress, with no certainty as to when it will see completion.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • A lot of things

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • generally chameleonic and never consistent, which can be sometimes a double-edged sword

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Sony Vegas 5 and 8 with WAX up until 2019, when housing instability forced her to rely on using Vegas Pro 13 on a laptop, which she does not mind


  • A Lot of things
  • Blemish by David Sylvian


  • having acid reflux


  • Dew seems to hold something of a subdued but vast influence upon newer generations of YTPers. and has been somtimes been cited for her “out-of-the-box” approach and successful reengaging of older styles to create new and fresh material. Her latter-day spongebob YTPs and the Grinch series are among her most well-known work.
  • Has made multiple appearances on Youchew's monthy "Recommended" lists from July 2011 to August 2018(a total of 8 times), being praised more in the early days for her variety of execution and her later days for her more streamlined and simplified approach, described as:
"out of the box and interesting" (Feb 2014)
"slow, but gripping" (Feb 2014)
"perfectly evened-out so there's always something insane to expect... or better yet, not expect"(Feb 2014)

"simple and sweet, yet show us what kind of pure insanity goes on in [her] head as [she] goes through all the footage in [her] video folder"(Sep 2015)
"It always feels to me that she's thinking in patterns and, being a musician, is unconsciously letting the musical side of her brain leak out onto her videos." -Biodegradable (May 2016)
"Dew's pooping style in general, conjure the image in my mind of her sitting in a tree, strumming her painted guitar only stopping every now and then to tell a joke before plucking away at the strings again." -Biodegradable (May 2016)
  • has been referred to as a "radical minimalist" and "wise and incomparable" in addition to a "Queen of Tennis".
  • considered to be among the first of the new breed of YTPers that developed their style more rapidly than in previous times
  • many have commented on how she makes videos "every few seconds". While she is not this fast, she is considerably quicker at making videos in succession much faster than the average YTPer, sometimes making up to 7 or more videos within only a few days.
  • has been told she has a large influence on YTP overall, though she herself is not quite sure what exactly that constitutes yet.
  • Some have commented on her dedication to YTP Tennis and the amount she has contributed in terms of tournaments, enthusiasm/motivation, and tennis matches in general, being considered a driving force of recent times.
  • Many consider her a very nice friendly and funny individual, even newer members.


Her shift over from more fast paced videos to a more classical "roots" style was alienating to a good chunk of her early fans, and she is sometimes described as having been better during her 2010-2013 phase due to her newer videos being either "too slow" or "uninteresting".

In tennis, she has been considered to be guilty of "overediting" or "showing off" in many of her videos in place of working to respond to the previous round in a more active and thorough way, something that she herself has admitted to. She is as of recently very critical of the bulk of her tennis work, especially pre-2014, for this reason.


  • Organized something called "YTP Tennis Commentary", in which the 3 Way Tournament was reviewed in full by herself and other prominent tennisers who spoke their thoughts and observations of each round over the course of a 3 hour stream. This was also done with the Doubles Cup II and was planned to be done with the Tennis League IV at one time. This is currently being done with each set of the Tennis League V featuring almost an entirely new cast of commentators.
  • credited for the inception of the Multi-Way Tournament and Tennis League IV, although was unable to commit to see either tournament all the way through due to a number of personal reasons. She is very critical of the former tournament and sees it as a major mistake on her part, feeling she was not yet ready for this kind of undertaking.
  • Organized with BMATF the Robotnik Collab III, at the time the longest collab ever produced, and known to be longer than the first two Robotnik collabs combined. dew estimates she gained roughly 200 or more subscribers from its success within the span of a month.
  • Appeared in a Spongebob collab that EmperorLemon hosted in 2015, which was in turn featured on a few "Reaction" videos, resulting in the single largest exposure dew has ever recieved from a single video(the entry for said collab)
  • among avid fans seem to be extremely well-knowns such as Trudermark, cartoonlover98 and SINND_Tragedy, none of which dew is that familiar with on a video basis
  • reached 1,000 subscribers twice, on January 1st, 2013 and October 11th, 2015
  • MrSimon/theelectriccheese said in November 2015 that dew is "the best pooper out there right now" and that "those who believe YouTube Poop is dead has not watched dew's work" and also offered special effects work should she ever need any for a video.
  • She and CorruptionSound are so far the only two people to finish 100 matches in recorded history of Poop Tennis.



  • Geibuchan
  • Imaperson
  • Guysafari
  • CommanderGwonam
  • Stuart K Reilly
  • Lieutenantgwo
  • TheChairman45
  • PoJ
  • pilli10
  • JakeSteel0121
  • Kurkop
  • Metzgorrre
  • TheChutley(his old style)
  • AshcrementVII
  • Chrisgendo
  • therazoredge
  • CorruptionSound
  • Luioigi


  • TheChutley (at his current style)
  • vvaluigi
  • Gamebop
  • MycroProcessor
  • valkiriforce
  • RAKninja
  • NS2
  • Emperor Ing
  • SeductiveBaz
  • RabbitSnore
  • experimental music and art



  • she is currently dating 52ofem! which is kind of amazing
  • came out as not-straight in December 2013
  • came out as trans in January 2015
  • was homeless for an awfully long time
  • has lived on both the west and east coast
  • makes music and is on a label WOAH