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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png 3tp is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.

In Brief[edit]

abstract moving images fueled by adolescent insecurities


around January 2012, I convinced my dad to make me a YouTube channel. I uploaded mostly Lego stop-motion/stick figure videos because that was what I was doing before I started posting my content to YouTube. I also made a lot of Sparta Remixes too, mainly anything I thought was cool when I was 8. naturally, this led me to discover my first YouTube Poop. I assume it was an Iteachvader video, because I probably watched some of his Sparta Remixes, and then stumbled upon his other content. I liked it, but I don't think I made any real "poops" for a while. then I discovered englishGAMER's console bootup YTPs, which inspired me to make my own. I was kind of motivated by views and subs around this time, sort of influenced by and I somehow thought that making YTPs would get me more attention. in May of this year, guitarocker100 posted a collab announcement video for his Powerpuff Girls collab, and I saw this as an opportunity to join, probably to get more subs or something, so I did. I didn't even leave a comment on his video saying that I'd join, but he accepted it anyway. that summer, I also finally got into Tennis, inevitably, by watching a few early tennis rounds by mariobumbo570 (Razerek). I wasn't immediately aware he was stealing piodx's videos, but I was still astounded by the sounds and visuals, and naturally wanted to make stuff like that. I had a short-lived tennis alt channel in July (until my dad made me shut it down) and started a match with guitarocker100. I saw another opportunity when mariobumbo570 posted a serve for anyone to volley to. Being the semi-opportunistic 9 year old that I was, I commented on the video saying I'd take it, and we had a match. I did a lot of tennis for a while afterwards, up until about February 2013. I felt a slight bit of burnout and pooper's block I guess, over making videos so frequently, but then again I was in 4th grade. Life wasn't really that hard or challenging yet, but I still felt burnt out enough that I didn't work on any youtube poops or tennis rounds until the summer ended.

in September, I guess I officially started getting back into the swing of doing tennis matches again. as a 10 year old who didn't want to be isolated, I wanted to talk to the people whose content I admired. so in December 2013, I joined YouChew, without my parents' permission, and tried to hide it for about a week or so before my dad found out one morning. he said he'd ground me from the internet for a month, but eventually eased off because winter break had just started, and he didn't want to be too harsh. so instead of not going on YouChew ever again, I kept doing it anyway. I started making my presence pretty well known (in retrospect, I think my age was not very well hidden, but I still assumed I was mature enough to be on the site), and I really started making friends online, too. I signed up as a replacement for the Multi-Way Tournament, and actually made it on to the next set. eventually, the tennis stuff, and I guess the whole "stress" of being involved in the forum caught up with me, as I was very overwhelmed with the tennis stuff, and I eventually decided I wanted to quit in May 2014. I finished a match with HerpyWhooves, and released one last YTP in January 2015. I gradually started to resent YTP, and I privatized all of my videos on my old account (mainly because in 2012 or so, I told a friend, who turned out to not be a good friend, about my channel and the embarrassment I felt over him having access to my videos made me upset enough that I wanted to get rid of it) sometime in 2017. funnily enough, I still occasionally hung around the Off Topic lounge for music and posted there despite being retired.

around January 2018, I started rewatching a few of AjaxCubed's tennis rounds for nostalgia's sake, and in turn revived my own interest in YTP again, now with a pretentious "I can make this an artistic endeavor" mentality. the next month, I made a relatively unofficial comeback with a few Google Drive YTPs, until I released a video called "What is funny?". The video was mainly born from me trying to make something cool and interesting like that of Peskeh's work, but eventually I decided to go a bit darker with it, which was pretty obviously inspired by Verity Larsen. Despite the pretty obvious imitations, it was still warmly received, and I was welcomed back into the scene again. in March, I made a seperate youtube account from "3triangleproductions" because by that point, my dad probably had forgotten the password to the old account, and I was basically starting over. I got involved with tennis again, reviving one tennis match that i didn't finish in 2014, and so on and so on. I was a bit more self aware than I was 3 years prior, but I still had a bit of ego going into the videos that I made. I didn't like the conventions of YTP, but I didn't really find a great way to break them and make something that I loved. I made a few other YTPs, like "Title" and "a", which were mainly born out of spring break boredom, but yeah, after those videos, I hit a creative block and made mostly tennis for a while. at the end of April, the matches were pretty much all finished, and I felt relatively dissatisfied, with a few other tennis matches that I was involved in, held in suspended animation. I also wasn't extremely involved with the YouChew community, probably because character traits I have in my non-internet life translate into how i behave online. I took a lot of detours with my videos, making a few duds, and then making "obsolete". the title was probably just how I saw my own content at that time, but then again that was probably the depression talking. it was also the beginning of the summer after my freshman year when I made it, and the cabin fever was already starting to bear down on me. I made a bunch of "last video"s for a while afterwards, like "feeling better", which i finished after coming back from vacation, wanting to make something more conventional, "This is a lunatic project" which was another 8 minute experiment with color and other random sources that i finished in September 2018, around the time YouChew was going to "die", "My Funny Hilarious Ball-Busting Stranger THings YTP" which I made, wanting to make something along the lines of JabberCash's last YTPs, but ended up turning out kind of lazy and bloated with its 10 minute runtime, and then in January, "___ is gone! where'd ___ go? where is he?", which was made primarily with the intent of actually finishing off my channel, despite the fact that I continued making videos after that.

I made a shitty April Fools joke video, which I unlisted about a few days after it went up, and didn't post anything until I made "add title". "add title" was made between June and July 2019, mainly out of me continuing to think that I could make a good "conventional" YTP again. it wasn't a bad video, but it wasn't exactly anything impressive, and I felt like it didn't live up to my own "artistic" potential. with that in mind, along with some influence from many different sources. the result of this was "[YTP] You", released in November, which I made with the goal of not being lazy, or leaving anything too untouched. it's probably my favorite video and my most well received video. I don't really plan on making too much more content though, even with the intrigue that comes with the new tennis tournaments, which have seemed very daunting as high school makes itself more important than anything else in my life, but I'm still signed up for a few spots in a couple of "vs everyone" matches, mostly waiting for other people to finish their volleys so they can get to me, but other than that, I probably won't be extremely active. I also wrote here when I was 14 that I've been "having a life" in the time that I'm not checking on this shit, but we all could collectively guess that that's not true.

First Poop Seen[edit]

The King Makes Absolutely No Sense (probably)

First Poop Made[edit]

YTP - The Xbox refuses to bootup


I started off making lazy edits, and I eventually started ripping off piodx and PokeFire50 videos. as the channel progressed I started taking more influence from MycroProcessor, GameBop, AjaxCubed and other technical tennis players. in 2018 I took influence from Verity Larsen's dark, personal and unnerving videos, and fiv95's more chaotic collages of memes and emotional atmosphere. I tried to forge my own style. most of my videos around that time alternated between effects-heavy, and simplistic. I think my imitations of other people's styles were fairly obvious though, but people still enjoy it. I also occasionally have a personal statement or blurb in there too, probably because many of my influences have done it too. I just emulate what other people do and try to assimilate all of those influences in a bowl. what i do is not innovative at all.

Preferred Sources[edit]

usually what's lying around on my computer, or a source that comes to mind.

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0
  • Debugmode Wax 2.0
  • Blender 2.79b
  • Audacity
  • Avidemux



  • listening to music
  • hanging out with friends (but I make ytps so technically I don't have a social life)
  • playing music
  • watching YouTube videos


  • himself :(


my videos are generally acclaimed for their visuals and style of humor, but it's not infrequent for me to upload a video that gets very little attention.


most of this is kind of directed towards myself, but I can get into creative ruts where I get lazy and do what's already worked in the past. my most uninteresting work has come from that.


"What is funny?" actually made it to #4 in the "brainrape" category upon release. many of the people whose content i have found influence from, or admired have subbed to me.


  • I have a few friends on Discord but I don't talk to them that often


  • put yourself here if you really want to

Other Information[edit]


  • I have depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I have only ever tried to kill myself once.
  • joined YouTube at the age of 8
  • joined YouChew at the age of 10
  • I play multiple instruments (yeah, i'm a band nerd)
  • my dad owned my old YouTube channel, and I had to go to him to upload a video. he would watch the video the entire way through, and determine whether or not it could go up online. any time I wanted to post a comment on another person's video, account, or otherwise, I'd have to get him to do it. most of my stuff from 2012-2015 was clean and didn't have any swears because of this, even if i wanted to put more outlandish or profane content in them.
  • most of my taste in music has been influenced by youtube poopers' own tastes