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Ludwig's Thump Castle Hotel

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The hotel, in all its glory.

Ludwig's Thump Castle Hotel is a prestigious holiday resort, located somewhere in California. It has 850 rooms, each with their own bathroom, and other features. Ludwig von Koopa is the hotel's sole proprietor, and he rents rooms to people as long as they can HURRY! The doors to the rooms are known to appear and disappear, which has caused complaints from guests.

Despite the sign clearly saying "Ludwig's Castle Hotel," the hotel is often used for exterior shots of Hyrule Castle.

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The Hotel immediately after crumbling in 1994.


Ludwig's Thump Castle Hotel was first planned in 1987 by Ludwig von Koopa, a German entrepreneur and composer/musician, who had wanted to build a resort with all modern conveniences, yet with the architecture of old times. Groundbreaking was in 1988, with construction of the initial structure lasting from 1988 to 1992. Final construction of the building lasted until 1993. When it was completed, the hotel boasted 850 hotel rooms (including 4 deluxe tower suites); a large, acoustically-constructed concert hall; a 20-lane bowling alley; its own Cricket ground; an Olympic-sized swimming pool complete with multiple water slides; and a large game room.

Unfortunately, before the opening of the hotel, it was taken over by Bowser, the founder's father, who was inspired by its construction to build 6 more in between 1991 and 1993, to be used to destroy the Mario brothers. He then commanded Ludwig himself to defeat these plumbers in his hotel.

Unfortunately, in 1994, the entire hotel, which had taken 6 years and millions of coins to build, crumbled as Fat Mario and Gay Luigi ran from the structure. An estimated 100 staff members perished in its demolition, plus one injured, Ludwig von Koopa himself. Luckily, when the structure had crumbled, the steelwork still remained relatively undamaged, thus allowing for easy rebuilding of the hotel.

The final grand opening of the hotel occurred on March 10, 1997, 9 years after construction had started. As of today, it is the only one of the 7 Koopa hotels still remaining (Roy's Hard Brick Hotel, the other remaining hotel, was finally closed and condemned in 2007, and demolished in early 2008 by wrecking ball).


Ludwig's Thump Castle Resort features 850 hotel rooms, a concert hall, a game room, a bowling alley, a cricket ground, a pool with waterslides, a complete 18-hole golf course, 10 clay tennis courts, plus a classical German-style Steakhouse and microbrewery serving craft beers brewed right on site. In addition, tours of the surrounding desert and mountains are offered in the hotel's specially-equipped Jeep CJ vehicles.


Each of the 850 rooms in the hotel contains 2 King-sized beds; a television set complete with cable, games, an internet browser, pay-per-view features, and free HBO; free high-speed wireless internet; a complete kitchen; and a large bathroom, complete with a complimentary bottle of ghost cologne, plus toiletries.

Fat Mario and Gay Luigi prepare to enjoy a weekend at the hotel. They ain't afraid of no koopas!

The rooms often receive perfect reviews from travel magazines, and often receive positive comments on websites, some lauding the available features, while others praise the cleanliness of the rooms. There are a few complaints, however, of disappearing doors, which frustrates a few of the guests.


  • Whenever Fat Mario and Gay Luigi stay over, the hotel crumbles into bits, leaving the steel structure. No one knows why, but it's always rebuilt in a day or two.
  • Morshu once crashed his plane into the hotel, while the King laughed maniacally.
  • The name of this hotel is a parody of "Trump Towers".
  • A single night's stay in the hotel costs about $599, which also includes a free continental breakfast buffet, free HBO, and free wifi.
  • It's actually haunted by ghosts. Now that's spooky!

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