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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) TVBRobotnik has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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The account(s) TVBPoop has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

Hey how's it goin'? I'm TVBPoop (AKA: TVBRobotnik, TVBRobotnikReturns, MrCheesesCousin, TVBCrap, TVBRetro, TVBGalaxy, TVBIsHayley... and finally TVBForever). I make poops and stuff. Though I wished I had more free time to make more if I didn't had a busy schedule. But I do commentaries on YouTube, as well as music mashups. Yeah, some are crap, so... yeah.


Better known for how he treats his viewers than his actual videos, TVBPoop is actually quite switched on and quite active behind the scenes of culture.

  • AKA: TVBRobotnikReturns, TVBRobotnik, TVBIsHayley, TVBRetro, MrCheesesCousin, ProhibitTheBastard, TheValentineBros & TVB90

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Made himself known on the scene due to his outrageous viewer expectations which provoked a number of vitriolic form responses and perhaps far more criticism than he ever would have had were he just to follow thus usual path a passive behaviour. Such demands made by an unknown newcomer came across as being supremely arrogant which sadly meant the videos themselves were sidelined.

Reproduced here are the original 9 commandments as posted on TVBPoop's youtube profile.

  1. No flaming in my profile or my vids. I'll block you & flag you if you do that.
  2. No comments saying, "You like Barney or the Little Einstiens," because I hate those. I MEAN IT! I'll block you & flag you if you do.
  3. No spams. If I see those, I'll block you/flag you.
  4. Do NOT rate my vids a poor rating. Recently, I saw a guy rating a poor rating. Don't do that. I'll block you/flag you.
  5. Do NOT give me the finger or I'll give you the finger and block/flag you.
  6. Do NOT call me names like, "poopface," "faggot," etc. I hate that! I'll block/flag you if you do that.
  7. Do NOT say I stole some poops from The Electric Cheese, because I hated that! I'll block/flag you if you do!
  8. Do NOT ask me to upload stuff from shows for babies (Barney, Wiggles, Teletubbies, etc.), but if you do, I'll block/flag you!
  9. Be nice to me, or else! I mean it!

source Later in October 26, 2007, he deleted the rules. To this day, he regrets making those rules, but also encourages himself to be made fun of because of this.

  • Also at that era, he has taken to making reverse song videos (along with explanatory subtitles) and claiming these to be poops. These have been excluded from the directory.
  • On his TVBRetro account he has created plenty of Trap Videos masquerading as popular things, such as the first part of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This has netted him plenty of criticism--but hey that's the whole point.
  • He used to have an openly dislike on The Nostalgia Critic and the rest of That Guy with the Glasses. Of course, this has also netted him backlash.



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  • Opps! Hating TVBPoop is ilgeals again! but seriously, rules were made to be broken.
  • He has crappy grammar skills, although has sorta improve his skills over the years.
  • He called his own extension.
  • Both of his accounts are currently suspended by YouTube, but is still active there under another account as of November 2008.


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