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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
Closed.png The account MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK has been Closed.

MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK was a Youtube Pooper from Sydney, Australia. He started uploading his own Youtube Poops in early March 2007 after watching many from 2006 and onward. He started off during the 2006 - 2007 YTPer Boom In Popularity period, that featured sources such as Hotel Mario. The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, The Wand of Gamelon and The Faces of Evil. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK was one of the earliest members on (back then known as during 2007. He was also one of the only YTPer from Australia at the time, although other Australians would soon follow the trending memes later on. His most popular YTP was "Hotel Mario Nouns Replaced with You" which, upon his account termination as of 2012, reached over 75,000 views. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK decided to retire from YTP in 2012 after deciding to shut down his channel. However he has all of his old Youtube Poops still on saved backup hard drives.


He first joined Youtube in July 2006 under the name MarioMurderer91. However, during late 2006 he began to view Youtube Poops made by other people and wanted to make his own. He came up with the name "MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK" because the Hotel Mario source was popular at the time and he couldn't think of anything better of a name. One of his earliest videos "Hotel Mario Nouns Replaced with You", gained up to 75,000 views upon the channel's deletion in July 2012 and remained his most popular video. Back then on Youtube he gained popularity while using the Video Response feature that no longer exists. He would often make Youtube Poops and other meme videos and respond to chain YTPs and fads. He then later started YTPing The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. In 2008, he began to experiment with other sources such as the Zelda CD-I Cutscenes and the infamous I.M. Meen video game. Another source that would later make him a famous YTPer would be the live action segments from The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald cartoon series. There had also been other various videos on Youtube if you search for "MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK" on the site today, some of the "fan videos" still remain. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK also gained further popularity by YTPs of the Mario Head sources as well as the Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon series. In 2011 especially with many changes Youtube was going through MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK started to slow down video uploading and in 2012 decided to retire from making YTPs. He gained a total of 1005 subscribers upon the deletion of his account. In 2017 he made a new Youtube channel which featured YTPs & memes of Lazytown including many uploads of the We Are Number One song but decided to shut the channel down in 2019. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK has all of his old Youtube videos and has kept them all on external hard drives, and even sometimes, has put them on a DVD collection.

First poop seen


First poop made

IT'S A STONE LUIGI in March 2007.

Preferred Sources

"Failed Revival & Retirement Decision"

MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK has tried to revive his account on many occasions. Sometimes, making alternate account for re uploads or new Youtube Poops entirely. Although his modern YTPs did not get as enough interest as his older ones did. He has YTP'd modern sources like Michael Rosen, LazyTown and Donald Trump, for example. In 2017 he decided to start an account called MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK Archives but that was deactivated by himself due to lack of interest. As of 2020 he has retired from YTP making but still enjoys watching them.


Lots of his subscribers still remember who he is who he & he remains friends with most of them to this day, and many notable people have subscribed to him. In 2009, he made a 10 - episode series called Cameron's Fan Mail. He received over 200 letters during this series from his subscribers and interested viewers. There are many videos on Youtube dedicated to him that are still available to view made by his fans and has even been YTP'd by other people. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK has every single YTP that he ever made stored safely. Maybe they will be reloaded one day.

Personal Life

MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK, real name Cameron Hons, is a comedy rock musician and instrumental composer. He has made many solo albums and also enjoyed being in lots of other bands. His main one at the moment is Pirate Party The Band, a comedy metal band based on the Rare video game Sea of Thieves. He has also been in the band The Midnight Helicopters, Meganoise, and Azure Star. He's also a film director and has made several independent movies as well as being the host of the long running series called Cameron's Playhouse from 2008 - present day.

On Youtube Today

MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK continues to use Youtube but not to upload any videos. However, he is an occasional streamer who enjoys popping up on his friends' various channels as guests. He is also known for the guy who does the theme song to the SinceSpacies Youtube Channel & the Since Spacies Show theme for the monthly webcast. He also has a Bandcamp webpage.



  • Gnomebob subscribed to him
  • Imaperson subscribed to him
  • Misselaineous10 subscribed to him
  • Dopply said that he has a good taste in music
  • One of his videos was hailed as better than the Avatar trailer by a fan