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Hollow Bastion

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Inmense steaming castle built over crystalized Anti-Uctions. Many have struggled to control this fotress, because it is a Heartless factory, it gives huge military power. Heartlessmushroom`s current residence.

Hollow Bastion, polluting the air with Anti-Uctions

Owners of Hollow Bastion

In order of ocupation:

  • Ansem-Was once king of that castle but was Murdered by Mama Luigi
  • Mama Luigi- Discovered that she could burn the Anti-Uctions crystals to produce Heartless. Trown of the throne by Wizardheimer when he turned him into Egg Luigi
  • Wizardheimer- Ruled the poop world from there with an iron fist murdering hunderds of people. T.K. and his army subsequently forced him to abdicate in the Great Poop war I
  • T.K.- Suspended the Anti-Uctions harvest, leaving him defenceless, Robotnik came and killed him with his penis.
  • Robotnik- While building a huge army Scratch pulled the wrong lever and blew up half of the castle off, sending Robotnik and his badniks flying away. But before he was removed from office, he created the second Kimera Luigi. Scartch and Grounder`s butts, which were stuck in the explosion, mutated and fused together from the explosion and Scrander was born.
  • Engineer rebuilt it and declared it as the headquarters of team Blu. Heartlessmushroom, with the help of MrDrunkenFox`s military mind, Seized the castle with over 9000 men. Team Blu kept screaming "MEDIC!" making the medic asplode.
  • Heartlessmushroom- Current owner of the castle, where he plots against Halotards, Jocks, High School musical and George Bush. MrDrunkenFox is in another castle due the fact that he doesn't like Kingdom Hearts. Hired Sora, Tommy Turnbull and Dio Brando to be captains of his heartless army

It is said that one Seymour Guado wishs to take over this castle and rule it as his own,he is at this time thinking of the plan.


Besides being an imposing giant fotress of death:

  • It can mine for Anti-Uctions bellow it to make Heartless and sometimes, any kind of AIDS.
  • It has canons that shoots projectiles made of pure concentrated Anti-Uctions.
  • Has an invisibvle lava pit, it isnt of much use though.
  • A giant maze in the dungeon that is the home of the dreaded Bison`s Arse.
  • Has an elevator.
  • It has a Toilet made of frozen Cum which is in a secret room.